Auto-posting on Instagram: setup instructions

Auto-posting on Instagram: setup instructions

Want to spend less time on social media but still get better results? Then use auto-posting on Instagram. Yes, now you can simply set the date and time, and the publication will appear in the feed at the appointed time without your help.

What is this miracle, how to set it up correctly, and when is it more appropriate to use it? These are the issues we have to figure out.

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What is autoposting for

Auto-posting on Instagram is a useful option that allows you to customize the publication of content so that new posts appear in the feed without your participation. This tool is especially popular among SMM specialists who promote several accounts at once.

So what is auto-posting for? Here are some reasons :

  • Helps streamline workflows . You no longer need to spend a lot of time every day publishing content (writing text, adding hashtags, and so on). It is enough to set up scheduled publications once a week (or even less often), and devote free time to business development or improvement of other processes.
  • Plan . Alas, without a well-designed plan, you won’t go far, and auto-posting will help make the publication schedule more stable and consistent.
  • Manage multiple profiles at once. Are you actively engaged in SMM? Then there is a possibility that more than one account is in your custody and each of them needs an eye and an eye. Therefore, in order not to rush between profiles and make a post at the same time, you need to set up deferred posting.
  • Work remotely. You have finally fulfilled your old dream and moved to live in Bali, but you still need to post content according to Moscow time? You should not break your biorhythms for the sake of timely publication, because there is automatic posting.

Another plus of postponed posting is that it will save you from a creative crisis and a lack of ideas. You can come up with topics and compose posts in advance, and the free time can be used, for example, to find new sources of inspiration.

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How to set up automatic posting on Instagram

InstaPlus is the best automated service for promoting on Instagram with quite impressive functionality. Massfollowing, masslooking, setting up automatic unsubscribe, data collection – not the whole list of available options.

But today we will dwell on deferred posting in detail and talk about how to set it up:

    • sign up for InstaPlus;
    • add the account you plan to promote;
    • select “Autoposting”;

отложенный постинг

  • from the list of suggested accounts, select the one for which you want to set deferred publication;
  • click “Add Photo” and select a file from the gallery;
  • if you need to edit the photo, click the “Photo Editor” button (it is located under the image);
  • add some accompanying text (as you write, you will see how many characters and tags are left);
  • geotag the post;
  • publish the post now, or schedule a post in the calendar by clicking Queue.

Tips and tricks

Things to remember if you decide to use auto-posting:

  • content should be relevant for each social network (take into account the parameters of the target audience);
  • try not to schedule more than 4 posts per day (for one account);
  • adapt the content to the site format (the same publication can be presented in different versions);
  • track user reactions (reply to comments, quickly respond to negativity, communicate in messages, etc., since no delayed posting services will do this for you);
  • when writing text, observe the number of characters (InstaPlus does this automatically).

And the most important tip – do not forget to monitor the quality of your content. Try not to overwhelm your followers with a lot of meaningless publications, otherwise you risk losing the lion’s share of your loyal audience.


F.A.Q on deferred posting

Why is the first comment and description not added to the postponed post I created?

A similar problem often appears in newly created Instagram profiles or those accounts that have less than 5 posts published. To solve this situation, you need to spend a little time on page promotion, since no delayed posting service can influence the algorithms of the social network.

What is a shadow ban and how to avoid it?

The concept of a shadow ban means a situation in which the hashtags you use become invisible to the audience. You can continue to use them, but then the posts will only be visible to your followers. For the rest of the target audience, new posts from your account will simply cease to exist.

This will inevitably lead to a drop in coverage and difficulties in further promotion.

What can cause shadow blocking?

You can draw the wrath of Instagram developers on yourself if you constantly use the same hashtags (a common phenomenon with delayed posting). In this case, the algorithms of the social network will suspect your page of posting spam and temporarily subject it to shadow blocking.


Auto-posting services are a must-have tool for bloggers, SMM professionals, marketers and companies that publish content on multiple social networks at once. Such services can significantly save time and nerves, as well as avoid a creative crisis and correctly structure your records.

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