Base of advertising posts. 6 use cases

Base of advertising posts. 6 use cases

We have launched the Sponsored Posts feature.

This is a huge base for finding advertising posts. There are now 130 million Instagram posts with mentions. But the most interesting thing about this function is the huge number of ways to use, from trivial to advanced. Here we will analyze them in this article.

How to search for ads on Instagram?

You can search by keywords, blogger, account that is mentioned. In addition, there are filters and sorting 🙂

Поиск рекламных постов

How do I use Sponsored Post Search?

Let’s start with the most obvious ways and work our way up to the advanced ones.

1. Who is advertising on your topic?

Searching for “bag” and “bags”, we find 10,000 advertising posts mentioning bags.

Реклама Сумок у блогеров

Using filters, you can filter out those who are not needed (for example, more than 2k likes or only Russia).

2. Who is the blogger promoting?

For example, in the “Blogger’s” field we type in lesia_nikituk and get a list of whom Lesya mentioned.

Кого рекламирует Леся Никитюк

There will be posts with ads, her friends and photographers.

What does it give us? First of all, it gives an understanding of what the blogger is advertising. If a blogger is “omnivorous,” that is, he advertises everything, there is a danger that subscribers will skip this ad.

“If I knew, I would never sell advertisements to bookmakers”

We recently saw this idea in an interview with one project. Bookmakers pay a lot and the influencer kind of boosts advertising for everyone. This is another argument for scrutinizing bloggers.

3. Where is the competitor advertised?

Enter lays_russia in the “Whom it mentions” field and we get 759 posts.

У кого рекламируется Lay's

This is how we get a mountain of information:

  • who advertises for. Pay attention to the asterisks next to the names – add interesting ones to your favorites and already there you can filter out the ones you need.
  • micro or macro bloggers. For example, Lace has both these and such.
  • strategy for working with bloggers. Here’s the outreach strategy – for more people to see. Smaller brands will show you how they motivate you to subscribe or run contests.
  • if sorted by date – the date when bloggers’ campaigns were launched (constantly or in waves).

4. Blogger Advertising Effectiveness

According to our data, an ad post gets fewer likes and less reach. But how much? It’s easy to find out now.

For example, let’s take a blogger … I don’t know what to call it. Fashion witch? She usually has 10k likes.

Анализ блогера

We look at her advertising posts. For Laser B, the post has already been deleted, although we have retained the information that it was.

Интеграции с блогером

We see that the blogger has a good approach to integrations. Just look at the image of Snow White for Honor.

In the end, what we can see:

  1. Integration quality (indirectly if posts get likes like regular posts)
  2. How a blogger makes integrations. He bothers or writes that he is given.
  3. How often a blogger makes sponsored posts (if sorted by date).

5. Monitoring posts about yourself

Yes, you can see who tagged you on Instagram. But …

It takes a lot of clicks. To look at the likes, you need to go to the post. Then go to the blogger to see his likes and subscribers … And if you need to do it every day?

It is much easier to do this in trendHERO, immediately adding bloggers to favorites 🙂

You can also see the context in which you are mentioned. It may not only be advertising. The post might go viral or someone else is using your personal brand. For example, this is how Igor Mann is mentioned:

Упоминания Игорь Манн

6. Find advertisers

For example, you have 10k subscribers and want to start selling ads. You can, of course, sit and wait for proposals. But usually these will not be the sweetest offers. You need to take fate into your own hands. I speak like a motivational coach, but it is – if you want to sell advertising you need to be able to offer it.

And here advertising posts will help. It is much easier to sell to those who are already buying.

What are we doing?

  1. Find bloggers similar to you
  2. See who advertised with them
  3. [Optional] Create a manager account, usually something like @alina_cooperation
  4. Write to advertisers with an offer.


Hopefully I’ve been able to prove that Sponsored Posts are a feature with many uses.

We have omitted the specific features, but you can come up with them yourself. For example, journalists can map bloggers’ connections, and my friend was looking for a designer to repair in a map. If you forgot something – write in the comments.

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