Basic rules for promoting a business online

How long have you remembered the basic rules of promoting a business on the Internet? Let’s do it together.

Today, promotion on the Internet is especially urgent: before making a purchase, people search for information about it remotely, checking the company’s social networks. There are many selling blogs with an audience of thousands of subscribers around, but not even all of them are successful. So that you do not make mistakes due to illiteracy, we will tell you about how to competently promote your business on the Internet.

Visual: why you need visual design

You may be surprised, but many people ask this question. Answer: visual design is needed to attract customers. Social networks are your business card, and your task is to make it memorable. Going into the profile, the buyer immediately pays attention to the visual component: whether the photos were made with high quality, whether they are beautifully arranged in the feed, and often such “analysis” occurs on a subconscious level. If your account did not attract a customer at first sight, the likelihood that he will want to buy a product or service is greatly reduced. Therefore, in the next paragraph, we will find out and explain how to properly design a profile and attract more buyers.

Content visuals

If you want the product to look attractive to the client – “package” it! Standard photographs on a white background are not enough to interest the buyer. The current market is “replete” with all sorts of options for presenting products, so you should try to create a catchy design, otherwise the client will go to a competitor with a brighter picture.

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Ideally, in order to take selling photos, it is worth engaging a photographer to create a visual in the profile, writing down the terms of reference and explaining how you want to show the product. Remember that you need to maintain the composition in the photos, to make them “alive”, so do not hesitate to invite people to take pictures who will be able to concisely complement the shots. It is advisable to take 100-200 such pictures for their subsequent use in order to promote your business.

In addition to this, the audiences “enter” the videos, so they should also diversify the content. If your company is engaged in sewing wedding clothes, edit a video with the creation of a specific product, ask the customer or model to spin around in a dress of your production and tell about the impressions of the purchase. This will help you attract more online attention and increase your competitiveness.

Базовые правила продвижения бизнеса в сети

Online brand promotion and audience engagement

So, before you are seven rules, the observance of which will be beneficial to promoting your business on the Internet:

  • Create a “photo bank”.
  • These are those professional and memorable 100-200 photographs that we talked about earlier. Do not forget about the presence of people in the frame.

  • Design social networks in the same style.
  • For the VKontakte group, you need to make a cover, banner and post templates in a single color scheme. It doesn’t sound too complicated, but if you want the group to look really attractive to future clients, use the services of a designer.

    For an Instagram profile, you should also maintain a single color palette, process photos in the same style, make sure that they look harmonious in the feed.

  • Avoid unnecessary posting with promotions.
  • A large number of pictures with calls to make purchases is more likely to alienate a potential customer: no one likes it when something is imposed on him. Be smart about managing your account, tell the story of your brand in a new post, give the consumer as much information as possible that will be useful and not boring – such content will lead to increased sales.

  • Include reputation content in your feed.
  • People love to look at a business from the inside, so feel free to share more about the employees and the manufacturing process. Conduct an extramural tour of the production for subscribers, filming it on video, tell us more about the work of the master, if you provide services.

  • Post useful content.
  • To win over a client, you need to be helpful. Publish content that will be useful to both the target audience and your business. For example, if you are promoting a pastry shop, create a selection of cakes for a children’s party or other event. Subscribers will be grateful to you, they will have increased respect for your company, which will be beneficial both for you and for them.

  • Don’t forget about news content.
  • Keep your subscribers up to date with what’s happening in your company. Tell them about victories, news and other things – if people follow you, they will be curious about the life of your brand.

  • Of course, include selling content in your feed.
  • Posts in this direction should be succinct so that a potential buyer immediately gets the information he is interested in about the product, without reading a lot of text. Remember, ideally such posts should make up 30% of the content so that it doesn’t overwhelm your subscribers.

    Now that we have told you about how to work with selling content, we will discuss with you lead processing and how to communicate with customers.

Базовые правила продвижения бизнеса в сети

How to work with leads: the structure of communication with a client

We are against communicating with customers using memorized scripts, so we will tell you about the structure of communication with future customers. Here are the rules you should follow for successful lead handling:

  • Processing requests should not exceed 2 hours. Try to immediately win over the buyer to yourself: communicate with him politely and unobtrusively, avoiding excessive formalism, if this does not contradict the policy of your company.
  • Become an initiator, involving the buyer in a dialogue: answer questions in detail, use emoticons. Feel free to ask the client something yourself if he is “hesitant” in his choice.
  • If the client has stopped communicating, resume contact with him in a day. There is no need to overwhelm him with numerous questions, one polite and friendly wording is enough.
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  • Track comments and respond to customers. If a potential buyer is interested in the price, you can reply to him in private messages (or direct), notifying about it in the comments. In a personal dialogue, it will be easier to win over the client. To save time, there are special services and bots that notify you of new comments. For example, there is a Chtotam service for VKontakte.
  • Hire an employee to manually process requests. As practice shows, communication with connected “chat bots” causes a lot of negativity among customers, which leads to a decrease in sales: this service is not able to answer all consumer questions and often answers inappropriately. If you do not have enough budget, start processing leads yourself, but do not spoil your reputation by leaving work with requests for a “chatbot”.

Well, to complete your knowledge of working with clients, we will teach you how to correctly implement mailing lists.

Базовые правила продвижения бизнеса в сети

Newsletters on social networks: how to create a newsletter

Mailings allow you to promptly report on the events of your company: promotions, events, etc. Here it is important not to become intrusive and send no more than 1-2 letters per week.

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Optimize your mailing by leaving only those who are curious about your offer in the mailing list. To do this, you can use the Senler application, which removes people from the mailing for certain keywords. This will also allow you to avoid negativity and misunderstandings when, for example, a person buys your product, and the next day you recommend the same product to him again.

So, our article has come to an end. Today we have analyzed in detail the intricacies of maintaining a business account on the Internet, we hope you will heed our recommendations, and they will help your successful promotion.

And if you have questions about the article, write in the comments. You will be answered directly by the author or a specialist from our state.

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