Best Affiliate Programs for Instagram Bloggers

Best Affiliate Programs for Instagram Bloggers

Most users don’t even know how to monetize their Instagram profile. It’s all the fault of stereotypical thinking. “Only millionaire bloggers make money”, “advertisers themselves find a platform for their product”, “at the initial stages, you need to invest a lot of money in promotion” – these are the myths that are often found on the Internet.

In today’s article, we will understand what affiliate programs for bloggers exist, as well as answer the most common questions for newbies.

What are affiliate programs and how do they work?

Wikipedia says that affiliate programs are a type of business cooperation between sellers and partners, the main purpose of which is to attract potential buyers and expand the target audience.

Now let’s understand this issue in more detail. If you sell goods (services) to a company, you are guaranteed to receive a fixed percentage of sales. For example, the owner of an online store contacts you with a request to become his partner. The conditions are simple – you place a direct link to a specific product in the profile header and receive dividends for each click. This is the most common scenario.

The reality is that the lion’s share of brands prefer not to focus on “old-school” promotion methods. Standard advertising from bloggers with clear conditions and deadlines has faded into the background, so now most companies work on CPA.

Here are some goodies of this method:

  • For advertisers . In affiliate marketing, a blogger is rewarded exclusively for actions performed (following a link, click, purchase, subscription). This automatically solves the problem of measuring the effectiveness of an advertising campaign (how much you sell – so much you get). It is easier for the customer to plan expenses and income, since he initially includes the share of dividends in the total cost of the goods.
  • For blogger . Freedom of choice is the main benefit of affiliate marketing for influencers. You register on the exchange, choose an advertiser and apply for a connection. After successful moderation, the blogger only needs to select the product (or service) that he plans to promote.
  • Nativeness . Most often, customers give bloggers complete freedom of action. Influencers independently develop promotional materials and write texts, which means they can customize the content to the tastes of their audience as much as possible.
  • Channel size . This point completely destroys the myth that only millionaire bloggers can make money on advertising. Yes, some minimum still exists, but even if you have only 2 thousand subscribers, this is not a reason to refuse to participate in the affiliate program (customers first of all look not at the number, but at the conversion).


The affiliate marketing scheme works through affiliate links. Simply put, the blogger receives a personal link with a “tag”, which the customer can use to track which influencer the customer came from.

And here there are several snags at once. First, when clicking on a link from Instagram, the link is “cleared” of cookies, which means that it becomes impossible to track the attribution of the order. Secondly, while the social network allows you to post only one active link, so you will not be able to advertise several products at once.

партнерский маркетинг

Types of affiliate programs

In 2020, the most popular payment formats are :

  • Pay per click . The blogger places special advertising materials on his page and receives a reward only if the follower clicks on them and goes to the site.
  • Pay for impressions. The owner of the site receives money for the number of displays of promotional materials. Often, you are billed for every thousand views.
  • Pay Per Sale . When clicking on the referral link, a potential buyer gets to the customer’s website. In this case, the influencer gets a percentage of the total purchase amount.
  • Pay for Action . In order for a blogger to receive his commission, the client must perform certain actions on the advertiser’s website. For example, register on the platform, watch a video or take a survey.

How to find and join affiliate programs?

There are basically two types of programs – seller programs with self-posting links and programs in the partner network.

If you want to connect through an affiliate network (for example,, then use the following algorithm :

  • go to the directory and select the program you want to connect to (you can use the filter on the left);
  • маркетинг

  • to go to the program page and read the terms, click “More” ;
  • if you see the “Connect” button on the program page, it means that auto-connection is configured in it;
  • read the rules of the program, put a tick (if you agree with them) and click “Connect” again. If your site (blog, forum, online store) meets the specified parameters, then it will immediately be connected to the program;
  • after that you will receive an affiliate link, which must be placed on your resource.

Terms of connection for bloggers

Yes, not only millionaire bloggers, but also ordinary users can make money on affiliate programs. True, this does not mean at all that you need to fold your arms and wait for the weather by the sea. In order for customers to see you as a potential partner, you need to work on a portfolio.

Practice shows that, first of all, a brand is interested in the following indicators :

  • Topic . The more specific the blog topic, the better you can realize yourself in the field of affiliate marketing. Brands are not eager to partner with influencers who are atomized and unable to align themselves with one niche.
  • Target audience . Not quantity, but quality is the main motto of affiliate marketing. Before entrusting an influencer with an affiliate link, customers will carefully analyze their target audience. Naturally, if you are a travel blogger, then no one will trust you to advertise matte lipstick. It will look very messy.
  • Geography . This aspect is also often flashed in the conditions of affiliate programs. True, it is not as significant as, for example, the audience and account traffic.
  • Attendance . Some of the affiliate programs cannot be connected due to low page views.

партнерские сети

Best Affiliate Networks for Bloggers

Think of the affiliate network as a quick dating service . They bring influencers looking to monetize a blog and companies looking to promote and increase sales into one giant online room and let them mix. The affiliate network serves as an intermediary between numerous bloggers and affiliate marketing programs.

By connecting to an affiliate network, you get access to hundreds of programs at once. This greatly simplifies the search for goods and services that will suit the interests of your audience.

Below is a list of the best networks for newbies and seasoned bloggers:

  • Rakuten. An affiliate network with 24 years of experience. More than 1,000 companies and well-known brands are registered on the platform (among them you can find New Balance, Ray-Ban and Sephora). The main advantages of the network are its intuitive interface and the ability to create interactive banners.
  • CJ. A fairly large partner network that pays partners approximately $ 1.8 billion annually. If you want to work with large companies (for example, Priceline or GoPro), then be sure to register on CJ.
  • Shareasale. The partner network includes over 3,500 brands and about 1 million partners. It is for this reason that the company is the undisputed market leader. The main directions are fashion, drinks, food, landscaping, cosmetics.
  • Awin. An excellent affiliate program designed for lifestyle bloggers. If your blog is about beauty and style, then you are welcome. The biggest benefit of being a member of the Awin network is being able to partner with Etsy.
  • MaxBounty. A huge partner network with over a thousand programs. Fashion, business, fitness, travel, dating, food and animals are just a few of the available topics. Convenient dashboard, user interface and responsive support staff are just a few of the advantages of MaxBounty.
  • FlexOffers. The network cooperates with well-known brands such as: Gap, Calvin Klein, Dockers, Nike, Reebok, Asics, McAfee, Norton, Avon . Yes, this list can be continued for a long time, so we recommend registering and independently verify the effectiveness of the affiliate program.


How to choose the best affiliate network?

These are the points that we recommend to pay attention to when choosing an affiliate network:

  • Number of sellers . Some affiliate programs specialize in a narrow range of topics. If you are a blogger belonging to a certain niche, make sure that a sufficient number of sellers are registered in the affiliate network whose product matches the interests of your target audience.
  • Make sure the network is free. You don’t have to pay money to participate in an affiliate network. These sites already make money from sellers. If you were offered to pay off any commissions or deposit funds for joining, then bypass the network by the tenth road.
  • Choose sellers who pay well . After you decide on an affiliate network, pay attention to the commission sizes (on average, bloggers get from 2% to 30%).
  • Pay attention to support . If you have just started trying your hand at affiliate marketing, then choose networks with round-the-clock and multilingual technical support.

партнерка картинка

Top Affiliate Programs

Fashion & Style

If you are interested in collaborating with popular fashion brands, then the following affiliate programs are ideal for you.


SHEIN is a unique online store of branded clothing and accessories.

The main advantages of cooperation with the company: 10% ~ 20% commission from each brought sale, an additional bonus for the distribution of promotions, 30-day cookies, regular updates of banners and coupons, as well as the presence of thematic collections.


BELLE YOU is a popular lingerie brand that offers affiliates 15% off every order made through a custom affiliate link.

Benefits of the program: a wide range of permitted types of traffic, regular monthly payments, a high rate per order among clothing stores.


Adidas is a legendary sports brand with a number of undeniable advantages: a constantly updated assortment, a high percentage of remuneration for a paid order (up to 11%), its own retail network and a profitable bonus program.


Cosmetics and care

For bloggers whose activities are inextricably linked with the beauty industry, we also have a selection of effective affiliate programs with good conditions and big bonuses.

NYX Professional Makeup

The world-famous NYX Professional Makeup cosmetics brand began to be produced back in 1999.

The company is happy to attract new partners, promising them the following privileges: permanent promotions and coupons for partners, a reward of 10% for each paid purchase, excellent conversion and access to all types of traffic.


The company is one of the largest online stores of luxury cosmetics and perfumes. To become a partner of the site, you need to go through a simple registration procedure and accept the terms of the partnership program agreement.

You will receive a personal link that you will need to post on your blog. Payment for the action is 1.85 rubles, for the sale of goods – 3% of the total order amount. The minimum withdrawal amount is 370 rubles.


The “Perfumery” online store offers its partners good commissions. For example, you can get 5% of the amount of each paid order made by the customers you refer.

If you attract not only clients, but also partners, then you will additionally receive 2% (reward is charged if your referral’s clients made an order).


Revline is an online store offering customers a huge selection of products for nail design and extension.

How the affiliate program works: you register on the site and receive an individual affiliate identifier, which will allow you to post links not only on your blog, but also on the resources you visit.

The partner receives his remuneration after the buyer who came through the link has completed and paid for the order. Initially, the commission is set at 4% of the order amount and increases depending on the value of the partner for the company.

косметика и уход


If you are a travel blogger with a loyal audience, then you can recommend hotels, airlines, hotels, excursions and insurance services to your followers, making good money on it.


A good affiliate program to monetize your travel blog. Now the platform has over 240,000 registered users and more than 60 partner travel programs are available. Extensive work experience (the network has been operating since 2011), operational support service, transparent statistics and exclusive tools – this is not the whole list of Travelpayouts advantages.

The company’s affiliate marketing platform offers up to 8% commissions (1.6% for airline tickets and 6% for hotel bookings). The cookie duration is 30 days.


A popular travel site known for its helpful reviews of hotels, restaurants and attractions, as well as a wealth of honest reviews from seasoned travelers.

The site offers more than 5% commission on earnings. Cookie duration is 14 days.


The Hotels affiliate program is designed for sites that want to use this brand to successfully monetize Internet traffic. Thanks to a profitable business model based on a commission system, you will receive dividends for every booking made by your customers. All partners receive a special trekking link with a unique ID .

Commission (in the amount of 4%) is paid after the date of the end of the client’s stay and confirmation by the hotel of his departure.


By joining this affiliate program, you will have access to over 2 million properties. To date, the company has attracted over 12,000 affiliate partners who earn a decent commission (4%) for every booking made through their website.




The trendHERO affiliate program from the service for searching and checking bloggers for cheating offers partners a payment of 20% of all expenses of the attracted client during the year. After a year, the amount of payments is reduced to 10%. The remuneration is paid for life.


Probably the world’s most famous e-commerce website builder with over 400,000 brands and stores. Affiliate payments are 200% of the companies’ tariffs.


A great way to earn extra money for freelancers, entrepreneurs, startups and bloggers. Every active social media user can get good commissions simply by recommending a useful service for creating creative logos to their clients, colleagues or followers.

Partners receive a reward of 30% of the purchase amount of each client who came to the company’s website using a special referral link.

A lot of promotional materials, bonuses after registration and a convenient payment system are the indisputable advantages of this affiliate program.


PeerFly has one of the largest affiliate networks. The main advantage of the site is its innovative tracking system.

In order for you to receive a commission, the client must take some action (go to the site, buy, join the free trial).


If your followers are interested in SEO topics, then we recommend joining this affiliate program. SemRush pays for traffic and sales made through you on their platform. For each referral sale, the partner receives a reward of 40%.

The site offers 3 types of pricing plans: Pro ($ 99.95 per month), Guru ($ 199.95 per month), and Business Plan ($ 399.95 per month).


Printful is a clothing printing company, so this affiliate program is perfect for influencers whose blog is related to entrepreneurship.

First, you need to create an account on the site, fill out the registration form, and then wait for a response from the moderator (this will take 2-3 days).

Partners are promised up to 10% commission for each referral link.


Affiliate program, which is famous for its strict selection of affiliates (only 30% of applications are approved). But here you will find really big customers.

Real-time reports, a pleasant interface, a simple registration procedure, a special tracking technology and an affiliate link encoder – the list of Avantlink benefits goes on for a long time. The average commission for each sale is 10%, and the minimum withdrawal amount is $ 50.


An industry giant that began its journey back in 1995. The company has an impressive list of brands (over 1.1 billion) for a variety of niches – from fashion to craft products.

This affiliate program will allow you to earn from 50% to 70% (depending on the product category).

преимущества партнерской программы

How to make money on affiliate programs

Let’s talk about the sad first: yes, yes, about the mistakes that beginners often make:

  • Wrong choice of affiliate program. In this case, it is strictly forbidden to rush. If you are a newbie who has only recently taken the affiliate marketing path, then focus on low-cost, high-demand products.
  • Incorrect selection of the number of affiliate programs . Yes, the more orders, the better for your wallet, but you shouldn’t take an overwhelming burden on your shoulders. At the first stages, you should focus on a maximum of two projects, and then gradually expand the network of partner programs.
  • Promotion of an unfamiliar product . Before starting an advertising campaign, carefully analyze the product (service). If necessary, ask the customer to send a sample of the product.
  • Poor text quality . Preparing promotional materials is a difficult task. If you probably know that selling texts is by no means your strong point, then entrust this mission to specialists. Aggressive advertising with rude wording and awkward offers, alas, will only scare customers away. You don’t want to have the opposite effect on your target audience, do you?

Now let’s move on to effective recommendations :

  • Follow the trends. Keeping your finger on the pulse is an important task for any influencer. There is a lot of competition in affiliate marketing, so in order to stand out from the crowd, you need to be aware of new techniques, strategies and trends.
  • Choose your campaigns responsibly. Even if your communication skills are well developed, you will still earn less on a bad product than on one that is popular and useful for the target audience. Waste your precious time and carefully study the demand for the product, so as not to waste your time on small advertising campaigns that do not bring proper feedback.
  • Use multiple sources at once. Test a variety of marketing strategies to clearly track audience reactions. Do not get hung up on the same type of messages, let your imagination run wild.
  • Develop rapport. Become an expert in one area and tailor affiliate campaigns to the interests of your followers. This is the only way you can establish a trusting relationship with your audience, which means you will automatically increase sales.
  • Make the product your own. What does this mean? You will only achieve impressive conversion rates if you yourself feel the benefits of the product being promoted. There are tons of products and services on the Web, so choose only those projects that arouse your genuine interest.

партнерский маркетинг0


Affiliate marketing is a great way to monetize your blog. Even if you have not yet managed to acquire a million followers, this is not a reason to refuse additional earnings.

Just do not expect that crazy profits will fall on you straight from heaven in the first week. This process requires patience and dedication. First, focus on pulling off your initial affiliate sale. As your site grows, set new goals and keep experimenting.

The main rule is to advise your subscribers only high-quality products that match your profile.

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