Best Free Instagram Promotion Methods

Best Free Instagram Promotion Methods

To promote your Instagram in 2021, you will have to try. The competition on the platform is crazy, which means that you will need to constantly experiment, combine and follow the trends. In this article, we will tell you what free methods of promotion on Instagram are, and how to use them wisely.

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Where to start

You need to start by creating an account. Here’s what to look out for first:

  • come up with a simple and memorable nickname (if you have a commercial profile, then a brand name or field of activity will do);
  • in the account name, indicate the essence of the business, and do not duplicate its name;
  • use tags in your profile description;
  • add geolocation;
  • to describe your profile, choose a language that is close to your target audience (give up foreign words and professional terms);
  • specify the communication methods (just not for show, but reliable);
  • use emoticons to shorten and visually highlight structural sections;
  • in the description, tell us what you are doing, list the list of goods, services, write an offer;
  • use multi-link services to create a single link for all the ways to quickly get in touch with you;
  • develop a content strategy, rubricator;
  • write a content plan for at least the next month;
  • create a unique visual (collages, subject photos, text in visual).

TOP-25 free ways to promote on Instagram

Want to promote your Instagram, but don’t want to spend a lot of money on targeting, bloggers and other paid features? Then catch a few working ways that will not only save your budget, but also increase the number of subscribers.

Connect a business account

Even if you are not engaged in commercial activities and are not trying to sell anything, switching to a business account is a mandatory step that will give you access to the advanced features of the social network, namely:

  • additional communication methods (you can add phone, email, directions);
  • category indication;
  • statistics;
  • the ability to run ads.

Подключите бизнес-аккаунт

To go to a business account, in the upper right corner, click on three strips, go to “Settings”, and then to the “Account” section. Click on the bright blue line – “Switch to a professional account.”

Find a relevant title

In addition to username , Instagram offers us to choose a name, which may differ from the login. You can write the name of the niche, the region in which you provide services, or a unique selling proposition. It is by your name that potential clients will be able to find you. For example, if you enter “Kiev cakes” in the line, the profiles that have these words in the name will be highlighted.

Подберите релевантное название

Choose a quality avatar

Avatar – the face of the profile by which you will be recognized. When choosing an avatar, avoid bright colors and small lettering. Ideal is a portrait on a white background (for personal profiles) or a brand logo (for commercial). But here it is important to take into account one nuance: if your company has just entered the market and few people know about it, it is better to bet on a picture that will evoke a strong association with the field of activity.

Do you make swimwear? Great, google the relevant picture or organize a subject shoot. And after a few months, you can think about the logo.

качественный аватар

Don’t forget about hashtags

Hashtags are added to so :

  • the post could be found in the search;
  • the publication was highlighted in the feed of those who subscribed to the tag;
  • group posts by specific topic (for example, # dating with a brand, # secret of success, etc.).

Hashtags are divided into five categories: high, medium, low frequency, brand, and unique.

High Frequency are the ones that everyone uses: #coffee, # rain, #instagram, #sea, #sadness. You yourself understand that they will bring little benefit, since publications with such tags are displayed in batches, which means that you will quickly get lost under the rubble.

Midrange can be related to a specific topic: # Eurovision2021, #blacklivesmatter and so on.

Low-frequency are used extremely rarely: # the thunderstorm begins, # read the books of the Gepelevin, # I love the grapes.

Branded contain the name of the company, and unique are often invented in order to headline a section on a page.

The first three options will be effective for promotion. It is better to add no more than 10 tags to one post and write them in the first comment so as not to distract the attention of followers from the main content.

And here are some more tips:

  • tags should reflect the essence of the post, so don’t mindlessly sculpt everything;
  • do not copy the same set of tags from post to post (to expand your audience, try to diversify the selection).


Use geotags

Geotagging can significantly increase your reach. When you mark a certain location in your publication, it will automatically be included in the collection of records with the same mark. And if a post gets a lot of likes and is more popular than others, then you will be in the top.

This is good advice for offline business owners. For example, your coffee shop is located in a shopping center, where there are many other places that users can mark in their posts. The more content with a mark of your place, the more often the application will offer this location to users who have taken a photo somewhere nearby. By uploading posts with your geolocation, you move it to the top of the list.

Create a lead magnet

In short and to the point, the lead magnet is useful and absolutely free content (service) that the consumer will receive in exchange for a certain action (repost, subscription, mention). You can offer your followers a checklist with life hacks or a nutritional guide. It all depends on the blog format and your capabilities.


Don’t be afraid to use mutual PR

Quid pro quo – this is how this scheme can be described. Find an influencer with a related topic and an equal number of followers by inviting him to do mutual PR. He advertises on his page your profile, and you – his.

A post with overt praise in this case will look too unnatural, so it is better to use a story. The ideal format is an unobtrusive story, which is why your craft colleague is so interested in you. With marks, captions and examples of content.


Share live streams

Live broadcasts help not only to get closer to users, but also to exchange subscribers. The scheme is the same as for mutual PR. Find a blogger with an identical topic, agree in advance what you will discuss during the broadcast, and set a time.

Important : to get rid of awkward pauses, pre-register the broadcast plan.

прямые эфиры

Design interactives

To keep users from getting bored, you need to sometimes throw them entertaining content. Set tasks, arrange polls, quizzes and polls. Interactives are a great way to engage your audience.


Massliking and mass following

Yes, it still works and is quite successful. Massliking is a multiple setting of likes under the posts of users who meet the specified criteria. On average, if you get 100 likes, you can get up to 6 new subscribers.

Massfollowing is a mass subscription to a target audience in order to get relevant subscribers. It is important to choose people with similar interests. Under such conditions, the chance of getting a mutual subscription increases.

In order not to exhaust yourself with routine actions, we recommend using the automated service Instaplus .

Comment on other people’s posts

In this simple way, you can draw additional attention to your account. It is most effective to leave comments under the posts of influencers. Do not be lazy and do not limit yourself to standard phrases from the category: “cool shot”, “excellent” and so on. They will not have the desired effect. Try to write succinct sentences with meaning.


Maintain feedback with followers

Publishing a post or submitting multiple stories is only half the battle. Communicate with your followers to keep them responsive to content. Respond to comments, ask questions, ask for their opinion, and don’t be afraid to express yours. This will significantly increase the level of trust.

Don’t forget about stories

You will definitely not be able to unwind without mastering this tool. Well, people like to stick to 15-second videos or cool photos, and if you also provide them with active links, emoji and gifs, you get a real bomb. In addition, the most popular stories of other users are displayed in the “Search” tab. It’s hard to get to the top, but why not try your luck?


A little blue won’t hurt anyone

Strange advice, but still working. According to research, posts with blue content get 24% more likes than posts with red or orange color.

Подберите релевантное название0Slightly blue “width =” 2048 “height =” 2048 “class =” alignnone size-full wp-image-4177 “>

Add call-to-action

Do you want your audience to be active? Then don’t be afraid to add call-to-action at the end of your posts. For example, you can ask users to leave a comment, like, follow the link in the profile header, or give your opinion.

Organize contests

People love gifts, which means you need to use it. It is worth launching a contest when at least 500 loyal followers are subscribed to your page.

In order for the giveaway to work and bring relevant subscribers (and not freebie lovers who will leave your account immediately after the results are announced), you should follow a few simple rules:

  • Your product or service should be a gift (recommendation for commercial pages). Do not play iPhones and money, as they are only used by hunters for easy prizes.
  • In the contest post, briefly introduce the brand.
  • Generate your best content for the duration of the competition. It is important that there is no bulk unsubscription after summing up.
  • The mechanics of the competition should be simple – subscribe to a profile, like, tag a friend and stuff like that.
  • It should be immediately clear from the picture that a competition is being held here.

Подберите релевантное название1

Don’t be afraid to post often

No, we do not urge you to churn out content of the same type with enviable regularity, thereby annoying followers, but one post per day will be enough to increase the engagement rate. Do not chase after quantity, but also do not forget that the interest of the audience must be constantly warmed up.

Posts should be meaningful, so we advise you to draw up a content plan and write the main points in a thesis.

Use all kinds of content

Don’t be limited to feed posts and stories. Use all formats – as many as 7 are available in 2021:

  • feed posts;
  • story;
  • IGTV;
  • Reels;
  • masks;
  • marketplace;
  • travel guides.

All users have their favorite types of content, and the more variety in your profile, the wider your following will be.

Don’t forget about signatures

The train of meaningless, unsigned photos has long been gone. People enjoy reading and wiggling their brains. It is not necessary to write long stories about your life under each post. Sometimes you can limit yourself to 2-3 sentences, and if you also add a question at the end, you will get a good wave of comments (if you have a loyal audience).

Tag other accounts in the photo

Did you go to a new coffee shop around the corner? Great, post a cool photo and mark the location on the photo. Simply put, whatever you do, whatever you do, and whatever place you visit, be sure to tag all the brands that accompanied the event captured in the picture. In this simple way, you can win over the followers of the company.

Подберите релевантное название2

Motivate and inspire

Do you know why influencers are so popular? They give people the hope that they can do it too. Their stories inspire and move forward.

You can also show your audience expertise in a niche. Submit useful posts, share tips, share your experiences and mistakes.

Design an attractive visual

Yes, content is king, but without a pretty picture, people won’t even look at what is written in the post. A single color space, collages, subject photos, low contrast and a real lack of processing (graininess, smeared elements, glare and bokeh) are the main visual trends of 2021.

Подберите релевантное название3


User generated content is a cool (and free) addition to basic promotion tools. If someone posted a review about you, do not forget to repost it in the story.

The main advantages of UGC:

  • photo infinity and self-renewal;
  • content nativeness;
  • user-friendly language;
  • reaching a new audience (subscribers of the who mentioned the brand + other hashtags).

Post entertainment content

Even if you post super-serious and useful content, this is not a reason to give up humor. Just remember an important rule: it must be appropriate and correct. Themed memes, jokes, funny videos or pictures haven’t hurt anyone yet.

Ask for bookmarks

Instagram algorithms take into account the number of bookmarking for advancement on the news feed. Share your interesting developments with users. According to statistics, recipes, exercises, instructions for photo processing, travel routes, diets most often fall into the saves.


Free methods will help you gain about 2,000 followers in just a few months, but in order to scale the result, you will have to resort to paid tools (advertising from bloggers, targeting, etc.).

The Instaplus platform will significantly simplify monotonous actions. Test the service for free by following this link.

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