Best Instagram analytics services 2021

Best Instagram analytics services 2021

Unfortunately, Instagram provides extremely narrow statistics, which are not enough for sensible tracking of indicators of effective profile development. To do this manually is energy-intensive. And if you are an SMM specialist leading several projects at once, then you probably run the risk of getting confused in the abundance of information, because for successful promotion it is important to receive data not only on your account, but also on other people’s pages: competitors, bloggers, leaders in related topics.

In today’s article, we will tell you about which Instagram analytics services allow you to track all the necessary metrics not for all the money in the world.

TOP-7 Instagram analytics services


trendHERO is a useful service that allows you to analyze not only your profile, but also other people’s accounts. The site’s arsenal has a database of 80 million accounts and 90+ metrics for analyzing pages and checking influencers for cheating. With the help of this service, you can make advertising with opinion leaders much more effective. You can sort bloggers by 4 filters: subscribers, demographics, activity and engagement.

There is also a simple affiliate program for those who want to earn extra money by recommending the platform to friends, and the ability to create their own collections of bloggers.

Tools :

  • audience analytics (gender, geo, interests);
  • the ability to track the growth dynamics of subscriptions and subscribers;
  • comparison of the interests of your target audience and the target audience of the influencer you are planning to order advertising from;
  • Checking an influencer for cheating using the “Audience Type” chart;
  • competitor monitoring;
  • the ability to download all data about a blogger in a few clicks;
  • analysis of mentions;
  • reach of likes and followers.

Benefits :

  • you do not need to enter your username and password for your account;
  • you can analyze both your own and someone else’s profiles;
  • basic information about the blogger is provided free of charge (Engagement Rate, subscriber growth graph, adding to favorites);
  • 90+ analytics metrics available.

Cons :

  • the more information you want about the blogger, the more you will have to pay.
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LiveDune is a lifesaver for SMM professionals who need to constantly monitor customer profiles. The main advantage of the platform is that it works not only with Instagram, but also with VKontakte, Facebook, YouTube, Odnoklassniki and even Twitter. Now the monthly traffic of the service exceeds 500 thousand.

With LiveDune, you can check a profile by 40 parameters, including: content quality assessment, analysis of tags and comments, comparison of two profiles.

Tools :

  • handling comments, messages and mentions;
  • auto-posting;
  • checking bloggers for cheating (helps not to drain the advertising budget);
  • the ability to set KPIs for each account and track progress;
  • automatic creation and export of reports to PDF, Excel and Google Slides;
  • tag monitoring.

Benefits :

  • 7-day trial period;
  • hourly analytics collection;
  • share.

Disadvantages :

  • budget rates offer few opportunities;
  • short test period.



Popsters is a simple online service for quick analytics of your own and other people’s profiles. With its help, you can calculate the interests of users, make an advanced analysis of content by tags, text volume, date and time of posting, content and coverage. You shouldn’t expect anything supernatural from the site, but if you need to quickly assess the performance of posts and compare your performance with those of competitors, then this is ideal .

Tools :

  • monitoring both your own profiles and those of your competitors;
  • the ability to upload data in any convenient format;
  • post popularity rating;
  • simultaneous analysis of pages of different companies;
  • data on the total and average performance of posts published at different times, with different hashtags or attachments;
  • analysis of publications that more or less attract the attention of the audience.

Benefits :

  • uploading results in any format with the ability to edit;
  • 7 days for test;
  • collecting statistics from your own and other people’s pages.

Disadvantages :

  • limited functionality for the trial period.



Picalytics is a service that will help you carry out a complete analysis of your Inst accounts. The site has over 36 metrics in its arsenal. Including you can track whether the user is cheating bots, as well as check the profile engagement rate and learn a little more about the interests of the audience.

Tools :

  • subscriber growth dynamics;
  • number of bots;
  • geography of followers;
  • the ability to find out the number of subscribers who are more likely to see your posts;
  • competitor analytics;
  • most popular posts;
  • tag monitoring;
  • uploading reports in any convenient format.


  • you have the ability to analyze competitors’ pages;
  • regardless of the chosen tariff plan, you get full functionality.

Disadvantages :

  • short test period.



FakeLikeInfo is a service that checks Instagram fakes. As a result of the analysis of any insta account, you will be able to find out the exact number of winding up likes, comments and subscribers.

Tools :

  • the number of winding up and real likes;
  • number of live subscribers and bots;
  • real engagement rate;
  • number of comments left by living people.


  • one-time analysis of an account with 500 sublists – free;
  • you can check blogger profiles for cheating.

Disadvantages :

  • few metrics to analyze.



Feedspy will help you understand whether your posts are liked by subscribers and which ones are going viral. This is a very useful feature, especially if you are promoting your profile only through content, taking care of the quality of publications.

Tools :

  • ability to sort posts by likes, time, comments and reposts;
  • hide already viewed posts;
  • download and analyze records for any period of time;
  • search posts by one word or phrase;
  • find the best time to post;
  • see a graph of the growth of subscribers.

Benefits :

  • uploading data in a format convenient for you;
  • a variety of filters to rank posts;
  • create and manage tags by interests.

Disadvantages :

  • no mobile version.

Why use analytics services

Instagram functionality allows you to track standard statistics: the number of likes, comments, reposts and visits, but even this information is not enough to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the profile. You will still need to spend a lot of time to organize the data and put everything together.

Analytics services allow you to automate these processes. They summarize the indicators themselves, determine the dynamics of account development and provide information in the form of convenient graphs.

Analysis is needed if:

  • you have launched a targeting and want to track the effectiveness of your ad;
  • maintain several profiles at once (detailed analysis is simply necessary for SMM-specialists and targetorges);
  • choose a blogger to promote and do not be eager to spend your budget on an unscrupulous influencer with a fancied audience;
  • trying various options for promoting your profile, want to evaluate the results and choose the best option;
  • plan to study competitors with direct access to their statistics.

How to choose an analytics service

We have selected for you 7 best services with decent functionality. Which one to use is up to you. It all depends on the needs, requests and the budget that you are willing to spend on such tools.

Choose any of the proposed services and try it in action. Many resources from our selection give you the opportunity to test their work for several days for free.

For example, Feedspy is suitable for those who care about their content and strive to constantly improve it, and Picalytics is a great option for users who want to check bloggers for cheating.

The most impressive toolkit is trendHERO. With it, you can analyze the audience and track the growth dynamics of subscriptions and subscribers, and even find a suitable influencer for advertising right in the platform’s base.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the answers to the most common questions.

Will your account be banned for using analytics services?

No, it’s completely safe. For example, if you analyze subscribers, you can specify any account and the person will not even know about it.

Do I need to enter a password?

Often, for analysis, you do not need to enter either a username or a password from a profile. For example, trendHERO does not request such data.

What are analytics services for?

These tools will allow you to save time, keep the KPI bar, make advertising campaigns more targeted, control marketing and get more sales.

How will reach grow if bots are cleaned?

For example, you published a post, it is seen by 100 people, 50 of which are bots. Only 50 live profiles (50%) will like the recording. And if you remove the bots, then the post will see all 100% of the “live” accounts. Consequently, the activity will be higher, and Instagram will increase the reach for the activity.


Without high-quality analytics, it is impossible to competently develop an account. By constantly monitoring statistics, you will be able to adjust your promotion strategy, set the correct KPIs, keep up with competitors, learn from your own and others’ mistakes, as well as place ads with effective bloggers who do not abuse cheats and bring really good results.

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