Best Instagram Fashion Bloggers 2021

On Instagram, hundreds of bloggers and influencers who cover the latest fashion trends of the season, share everyday outfits, and inspire. It is fashion bloggers who today set the standards for beauty and are style icons. And although in the usual sense bloggers are not stars, they can often be found in the forefront of fashion shows and on television. Many of them collaborate with world famous brands and managed to digest their creativity into a multi-million dollar business. Today we will introduce you to the leading Instagram fashion bloggers, whose images are copied by millions.

The most fashionable bloggers from around the world

Chiara Ferragni @chiaraferragni

Chiara Ferragni is one of the most influential influencers in the industry. Her fashion blog The Blonde Salad was created over 9 years ago, and set the vector for the development of the first wave of fashion blogging. Today Chiara has more than 20 million subscribers and is a welcome guest at Burberry and Christian Dior shows, has repeatedly appeared on glossy covers, for example, in Vogue and Lucky magazines.

In her blog in English, the girl relies not so much on detailed textual analysis of the image as on the visual component. Her illustrative examples of how and where to dress quickly brought the girl popularity. Chiara is not shy about sharing stories from her life and photos with her family. Ferragni’s son is one of the protagonists of her blog. Young mothers from all over the world are also watching its development with interest.

Camila Coelho @camilacoelho

Camila is a famous YouTube and Instagram blogger from Brazil, but at the moment the girl lives with her husband in the USA. Kamila began her path to success in 2010 by creating her first video blog about beauty on YouTube. And at the moment she already has several of them, including an Instagram page, followed by 9 million users.

Camila’s blog is more about beauty, but her fashionable images are imitated by millions. They have also been appreciated by many top brands. She has covers in Glamor, Women’s Health, Cosmopolitan, as well as joint projects with Oscar de la Renta i Lancome. For the latter, the girl has developed a collection of lipsticks. She also became the first influencer to be approached by the brand.

Olivia Palermo @oliviapalermo

Olivia has become famous as one of the most stylish contestants on MTV’s “City” show. This petite girl’s original feminine style is enjoyed by over 6 million followers.

This American socialite shares with her followers not only fashionable looks, but also her personal life, often posting pictures with Johannes Hubble, her husband and model.

Negin Mirsalehi @negin_mirsalehi

Fashion blogger Nigin from the Netherlands has won the recognition of fashionistas from all over the world with her incredibly feminine looks, spontaneity, stylish shots and luxurious curls.

Nigin’s blog only features fashion and style – elegant looks, romantic photos and travel shots. Sometimes she also shares tips for hair and body care.

Aimee Song @aimeesong

Aimee Song is an American fashion blogger and fashion designer. The girl specializes in interior design and even graduated from design school, but her style of clothing attracts no less attention. Aimee created her blog in 2008 and currently has over 5 million subscribers. The girl calls the secret of her success sincerity and the ability to combine expensive brands with public ones.

The girl has collaborated with many famous brands from Louis Vuitton to Laura Mercier. On the blog, Amy demonstrates her style, gives advice on home improvement, personal care, proper nutrition.

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Alexa Chung @alexachung

Alexa Chung works in British Vogue, model, designer and at the same time maintains her own fashion blog. In England, Alex is often called the country’s fashion leader. She often hits the first lines of fashion ratings, won the British Style Awards, and is a real muse for many famous fashion designers.

It seems that Alexa is naturally endowed with a sense of style, which helps her to subtly sense trends. On her blog in English, she shares bright stylish looks, photos of family and interesting people. The girl is already followed by more than 4 million people.

Rachel Zoe @rachelzoe

Rachel is a popular designer and stylist in the USA, whose advice is followed by leading Hollywood stars. Zoey has an amazing talent for choosing elegant looks for the publication, although the girl herself prefers leather jackets and ethnic things.

Rachel travels a lot and shares with her readers not only well-thought-out images, but also extremely sincere family pictures. Zoe is not afraid to touch upon important world problems in his posts.

Lena Perminova @lenaperminova

Fashion critic and model from Novosibirsk Elena Perminova demonstrates an avant-garde and even revolutionary style. She prefers to combine bright colors, non-standard items and shapes. Most of her blog is stills and travel shots. Elena also shares with her subscribers advice on self-care and stories from her personal life.

Elena’s audience consists of both domestic and foreign followers. The girl leads her Instagram in two languages ​​at once – Russian and English.

Pernille Teisbaek @pernilleteisbaek

Stylist and fashion blogger Pernil Teisbek conquered the world with her Scandinavian style and notes of playfulness. The girl started her blog in 2012. Her daring fashion mixes have already collected over 1 million subscribers. Recently, young mothers have also joined the blog audience, with whom Pernil also shares her everyday life as a mother of a newborn baby.

Anna Dello Russo @annadellorusso

Japanese Vogue expert Anna Dello Russo also maintains her fashionable Instagram, which already has about 2 million subscribers. This bright, temperamental Italian woman is already over 50, but she still prefers mini and bright models from the world’s leading houses.

In her publications in English, Anna shares bright images, travel shots, news from the world of fashion and more.

Carine Roitfeld @carineroitfeld

Very often fashion bloggers are people directly associated with the industry. And Karin is such a person. She was once the editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris and is now the “godmother” of CR Fashion Book magazine. Roitfeld has set trends more than once. And today he continues to destroy stereotypes on his Instagram page.

Karin’s images are both classic and daring and shocking. In posts from time to time he covers various social events. This flamboyant 62-year-old Parisian is the undisputed leader of fashion for almost 2 million people.

Accidental Icon @iconaccidental

Without exaggeration, Lin is the most stylish blogger who conquered Instagram at a rather elegant age. By her example, she shows that age is not an obstacle to dictating trends, and not a reason to stop being interested in fashion.

Her blog is a selection of everyday fashion looks mixed with personal care tips and travel photos.

Eleonora Carisi @eleonoracarisi

Fashion blogger Eleanor has gained popularity with her eccentric looks. This temperamental Italian woman developed her own style based on her grandmother’s fashion codes – an abundance of cigarettes, chocolate and chic.

Publishes Karizi’s posts in English, and in addition to stylish feminine images on her page, you can also find interior ideas, gentle family photos and travel pictures.

Emmanuelle Alt @emmanuellealt

In 2011, Emmanuelle Alt, the editor of Vogue in France, who replaced Karin Roitfeld, began to make her way to the top of Fashion Olympus on Instagram.

Emmanuelle’s style is restrained and laconic. It can rightfully be called the standard of street fashion. Viola has absolutely no equal in the selection of simple, but at the same time sophisticated images. You can get acquainted with them, as well as with the seamy side of Vogue magazine, on her blog.

Nicole Warne @nicolewarne

When covering trendy Instagram, it’s impossible not to mention Nicole Warne, a vintage fashionista and owner of her own brand, Gary Pepper Vintage.

Her blog started off with vintage looks. It was this style that brought the girl worldwide popularity. Today, Warne experiments with different styles, elegant dresses and eccentric prints, and in addition to fashionable images, he publishes the everyday life of his newborn son on the page.

Miroslava Duma @miraduma

In just a few years, Miroslava managed to retrain from an ordinary journalist to fashion bloggers. Today, almost 2 million people follow her page, and her everyday looks, combining both democratic brands and haute couture items, are constantly featured in leading fashion magazines.

The girl leads the blog in English, and does not hesitate to share her personal life, pictures from outdoor activities and travel in it. Miroslav also devotes many posts to ecology and social problems.

Jessica Wang @jessicawang

Jessica is one of the most influential fashionistas, widely known in China and New York. The girl skillfully combines fashion trends in her outfits, experiments with different styles and elements to get something unusual and unique.

Her blog is a kind of quintessence of how the Instagram of stylish girls should look like – bright pictures, each of which can be called a masterpiece. Sometimes Wang shares some cozy shots at home, but this is rather rare.

Sonya Esman @sonyaesman

Sonya is from St. Petersburg, but many years ago she moved to Los Angeles and devoted herself to the modeling business. Later, the girl also moved to fashion bloggers and achieved not any success in this environment, sharing with subscribers pictures from filming and shows, as well as daily outfits.

Sofia’s blog is in Russian and English, attracting audiences both from her homeland and from Europe, the USA and Canada.

Anna Russka @annarusska

Producer and publisher Anna Russka does not consider herself a blogger. The girl leads several creative projects and works in a consulting agency for brand creation. But her Instagram page is followed by over 1 million people, for many of whom she has become a style icon.

In her wardrobe, Anna adheres to the classic style, sometimes skillfully combining it with bright elements. On her page there are mostly stylish images, shots from shows, news from the world of fashion and other near-fashion content.

Alina Frendiy @alina_frendiy

Alina Frendiy is one of the best bloggers in Ukraine, to which more than 1 million users have already subscribed. Her blog is both simple and stylish. It is not only about fashion and style, but also about family, relaxation, personal care.

The girl leads the account in Ukrainian, and shares with subscribers not only stylish pictures, but longreads about herself, fashion and life.

Taylor LaShae @taylorlashae

Taylor can be called a new generation influencer. Her blood combines the tenderness of France and the audacity of Colombia. Her Instagram account is made in the style of French cinema of the 70s, and her images are imbued not only with tenderness, but also with audacity.

Sabina Socol @sabinasocol

Sabina Sokol embodies the Parisian style. Her images can be called a modern interpretation of the style of Brigitte Bardot or Jane Birkin, and her blog is the embodiment of romance, tenderness and style.

Sabina shares life shots and stylish daily looks with her followers. Sometimes in her posts you can find tips on furnishing the interior, taking care of yourself.

Yana Fisti @yanafisti

Professional stylist Yana Fisti in her blog not only shares fashionable images, but also gives detailed comments on how to properly assemble the image. Her blog is followed by over half a million people. It can be safely recommended to those who like not only to watch, but also to read.

Yana maintains a page in Russian. The main theme of the blog is fashion and style. It is extremely rare for a girl to deviate from her, talking about personal, or raising social topics.

Cate Underwood @undervoodoo

A talented photographer and model at the same time, Kate Underwood is from Ukraine, but currently lives in the States and stars for Vogue, Bazaar, ELLE. In her blog, the girl shares pictures from everyday life and fashionable images. And maybe Kate is still inferior to many in the number of subscribers, but definitely not in the style and quality of the pictures.

Debora Rosa @deborabrosa

Deborah is a popular fashion blogger, whose page is watched by more than 400 thousand people. In her blog, the girl publishes outfits, tells how she composes images and shares brand finds. In her blog and images, the girl adheres to the classics, sometimes diluting it with bright details.

It is the stylish Instagram bloggers who set the trends today. They are consulted for advice, inspiration and ideas. They are the best helpers when it comes to updating your wardrobe, putting together a stylish look or promoting a brand. This list of fashion bloggers is definitely not complete, but one thing is for sure – influencers have long been an important part of the fashion industry.

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