Best Social Media for Business in 2019

Best Social Media for Business in 2019

Disputes on this topic do not subside today. Are classmates for old farts, and instagram for manicure? Let’s take a look at what objective audience statistics exist and which social network is best for your business.

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The first step is to come to terms with the harsh reality:

There are no exact statistics for all social networks. Nowhere.

There is indirect evidence from a third-party researcher MediaScope. Relatively fresh – for 2018. The authors studied the audience in Russian cities with a population of 100 thousand people or more. Let’s take these data as a base, although they do not give a complete picture in numbers.

Studying numbers and comparing statistics in numerous other sources is quite tedious, so I suggest going over the ready-made conclusions about each social network.


VK is not the most “fashionable” social network today. This is a consequence of many factors, one of which is the decline in the popularity of “bulky” social networks such as Facebook and VK. The social world is divided: it is convenient to correspond and read channels on Telegram, share photos and videos on Instagram. These social networks are not overloaded with functionality and generate great engagement and young audience flow.


Vkontakte still demonstrates huge coverage

A very serious user base has been collected here, and they will not go anywhere in the near future. Therefore, Vkontakte remains one of the most popular social networks in SMM. Such a large audience makes it universal, so you should pay attention to VK, whatever your business is.


Instagram, on the other hand, boasts of its relevance. Photo and video content here generates great engagement. Another plus for business is the highly functional advertising tools. From automated promotion services to targeted advertising that includes many options.

Instagram is less versatile than VK, but great if:

  • You are selling a service worth up to 5,000 rubles;
  • Your target audience – generations X and Y (from 13 to 30 years old);
  • If your target audience is women, then the age threshold can be increased even more, because There are a lot of women here.

Also keep in mind that:

Instagram not only for teens

Young people are more likely to be more active, but there are also enough middle-aged people on Instagram.

Instagram is in great demand in business, and the share of this social network in the commercial market is growing. Coming to Instagram, you can be sure that it is relevant not only today, but also tomorrow.


… a social network for pensioners.

No . Judging by the statistics, there is a lot of solvent audience among users – both men and women, aged from 26 to 45 years.

But there are some nuances

The content consumed by Odnoklassniki users is quite specific. Sometimes it seems that the funnier and worse, the better. Therefore, your content from VK or Instagram is unlikely to fit here. For “OK” you will have to draw up a separate content plan.

The advantages of Odnoklassniki for business

They are. You have already heard about the solvent audience. The second trump card is that there is little competition here. The idea that the audience of classmates will not interact with modern Internet advertising is firmly entrenched in the minds of SMM specialists. It is usually not even considered in a marketing strategy. That is why there is little competition there. And if your audience fits into the portrait of the average user from OK, you should definitely try posting your proposals there.


Facebook is a Western relative of VK. By their type, these are the same social networks, but the audience coverage of Vkontakte is much higher. This is beneficial for both targeted advertising and advertising in communities, which are much more in VK.

Facebook also has its advantages :

  • Unified advertising account for Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. This is a whole ecosystem for advertising.
  • Adult audience. The average age of a Russian-speaking user is higher here than on VK.

Also recently, the popularity of Facebook has been growing in Ukraine (After blocking VK and OK).


Yes, yes, this newcomer, who is bursting into the market, deserves a separate section in the article. And not only because of the hype, but because Yandex recently introduced the possibility of advertising within this social network.

The official tool for advertising on TikTok is now available to all CIS advertisers

If your target audience is a lot of teenagers , be sure to experiment with TikTok ads. The influx of an audience of this age group there is very serious, but there will be very little competition so far.

Other social networks


Of course, this is a video hosting service, not a social network. But the reach of the audience on this site and the possibilities of advertising integrations make you pay attention to it. It is difficult for a small business to come to YouTube, because shooting a video is not available to everyone. However, there is always the option to barter with a small blogger.

If you are already on your usual VK / Insta / OK, you can think about contacting an influencer from YouTube. However, making YouTube your first advertising platform, in most cases, is not worth it.


Strictly speaking, this is a messenger. However, social functions in the form of channels are present there. Despite the popularity of Telegram today, as an advertising tool, it remains quite a niche. Advertising opportunities are few, and the risks are high – without experience and knowledge, it is better not to go there with advertising.


Another niche social network. Typically used by federal brands and large businesses. Startups and small businesses have nothing to do here.


As Einstein bequeathed, everything is relative. The best social media platform depends on the target audience. However, VK + Instagram can be considered the “standard minimum set” for promoting small businesses in Russia today. This pair will suit most businesses.

For the rest, study the audience, social networks, trends and advertising tools. Successful sales!

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