Blocked ad account on Facebook: what to do?

Blocked ad account on Facebook: what to do?
заблокировали рекламный кабинет

Anyone can lose Ads Manager. Even the most respectable advertiser runs the risk of one day discovering that his Facebook ad account has been blocked. Why this is happening and how to “return everything as it was” – read in our article.

Why was the ad account blocked?

There are three main reasons for blocking:

  • you violated Facebook advertising rules;
  • the system considered your use of payment means or account suspicious;
  • the algorithm or operator was wrong.

Violating Facebook rules is a direct road to blocking

Naturally, the social network is trying to protect itself from low-quality, and sometimes even harmful to surrounding ads … Therefore, advertising rooms are under the scrutiny of algorithms and operators.

Your ad should not contradict the laws of the country where you are launching it, should not contain insults, should not scare someone, contain deliberately false information.

There are many reasons why the algorithm can “get to the bottom” of you. For example:

  • excessive enthusiasm for the text in the picture;
  • materials for adults (no exposed breasts, buttocks, or anything else);
  • using personal characteristics of users (for example, the text mentions religion, race, sexual orientation of a person).

A complete list of everything that is not allowed can be found here. Be sure to read this important information so that your ad account is not blocked.

заблокировали рекламный кабинет

Strange behavior of your means of payment – reason for blocking

Facebook cares about the safety of its advertisers’ money. Therefore, if the algorithms have even the slightest suspicion that the attackers were able to reach your budgets, a protective mechanism is triggered – blocking.

заблокировали рекламный кабинет

What could be alarming for algorithms? Yes, a lot of things, but usually it is:

  • connecting to the admin account, whose advertising office is already blocked;
  • you entered the account using a different IP-address;
  • using a card with a different name from your Facebook name;
  • using a card from another country;
  • dramatically increasing the limit for an advertising campaign.

An algorithm error or a human factor can also deprive you of an advertising office

Only those who do nothing are not mistaken. It does little consolation when one day you find out that your ad account has been blocked and that it is not your fault. And there is a hole in Zuckerberg. Usually in such cases, the support will look into the error and apologize.

But it also happens when the account cannot be returned. For example, once a client was blocked, but he could not confirm the information for unblocking, since there was no legal entity or individual entrepreneur.

заблокировали рекламный кабинет

What if your ad account is blocked?

If your ad account is blocked, then you need to contact support. Do you know that you have violated one of the rules of the social network – correct your mistakes. If you think that you are right and have not violated anything, you will have to figure it out.

You may be asked to confirm that you are you and will be asked to upload a photo of your ID. We advise you not to neglect this request. When you click on the support button, you can be sent to assess the quality of your account.

заблокировали рекламный кабинет

There are special forms on Facebook that can help with specific blocking reasons.

If your ad account has been blocked due to suspicious activity

If your advertising account or payment method has been blocked due to suspicious activity, you need to fill out a special form. It is necessary to describe in detail the problem, the reasons and attach a copy of the ID or ID. After waiting for an answer.

заблокировали рекламный кабинет

If your ad account was blocked due to violation of social media policy

Your Did the ad violate Facebook’s policies, or did someone complain about it? If you disagree with this decision – ask for verification. The support has a form for such cases. You can follow the link here.

заблокировали рекламный кабинет

If you have not had serious violations of social network rules or have been blocked by mistake, then most likely your account will return to you

But what is not recommended to do is to immediately create a second account and direct it to the site with scripts, which has already been started by previously blocked ads (the algorithm will track this and block you forever).

Some recommendations so that your ad account is not blocked

If you do not have serious violations of the rules of advertising on Facebook, then most likely you can return your account. But prevention is better than cure, so we recommend that you adhere to certain safety rules.

  • Try not to run ads on the newly created account. Better to fill it with content, photos and information at least two weeks in advance.
  • If you advertise from different countries, we recommend using a VPN – this way you will be able to log in from the IP of one country.
  • Don’t dramatically increase your advertising budget.
  • Do not open access to admins with blocked advertising accounts.
  • Remove ads that have not been moderated.

We hope that you will be able to regain control over your Facebook ads if your ad account is blocked.

If you want us to start promoting your business, please contact us. Managers will answer all questions.

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