Blocked in TikTok: how to restore an account? TikTok Rules

Why was your TikTok account or video blocked? How to recover an account or video on TikTok? In this article you will find the answer to this question, as well as learn how to get out of the shadow ban in TikTok and find out which rules can lead to a TikTok blocking.

Today TikTok is a famous platform for promotion. However, even after gaining popularity in this social network, it is easy to get a profile blocking.

Only in October 2020, the TikTok management announced a number of rules, for non-compliance with which the user’s account can be blocked. Now you don’t have to wait a long time for a response from those. support, we are ready to tell you how to restore your account after blocking.

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Заблокировали в ТикТок: как восстановить аккаунт? Правила TikTok

Blocking in TikTok: views

First, let’s look at the types of blocking: this will help you understand what to do in each case.

1. User account blocking in TikTok

A situation when a TikToker restricts access to their account for another TikToker. For example, if a user is sending spam, it doesn’t matter if he is subscribed to your account, you can go to his profile and click on the three dots icon in the upper right corner – the “Block” function will appear there.

What will such a lock give? A blocked TikToker will no longer be able to watch your videos, send you messages and comments.

How to get out of such a lock? Since you can no longer contact the tiktoker on the current social network, try writing to him on Instagram, VK or another network specified in his profile.

2. Blocking from the administration of TikTok

Such blocking is received by a user who violates the rules of the community. It can touch both a specific video and a profile. If the violations are minor, the “block” will be temporary, however, for a serious deviation from the rules, you can get into the block forever.

This social network also has a shadow ban: you post videos that are available to subscribers and visitors, but they do not get into the recommendations and gain few views. Your videos were popular, but suddenly stopped getting the usual response? This is likely a shadow ban.

3. Self-blocking of your TikTok account

Imagine that Tiktoker himself went into the settings, selected the “account management” tab, and then clicked “delete account”. Unlike other social networks, Tik-Tok deletes the profile forever, and does not temporarily “freeze”. Try not to make rash clicks, because in this case, you won’t be able to restore your account.

Full deletion occurs within 30 days: during this time you cannot register a new profile with a previous login.

Now that we are familiar with the types of blocking, it is time to get to the main question of today’s article.

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Заблокировали в ТикТок: как восстановить аккаунт? Правила TikTok

How to recover a blocked TikTok account

There are two scenarios for the development of events after blocking.

  • TickTok: shadow ban. If you received a shadow ban or were temporarily blocked, you just have to wait. Depending on the severity of the violation, the duration of such a blockage can vary, but on average it is about two weeks. Continue releasing content after finding out the reason for blocking in order to avoid mistakes in new videos.
  • Do not try to republish a video deleted by management – this will lead to permanent account suspension. It is also not worth deleting videos indiscriminately on your own, because such activity raises suspicions among the administration of the social network. It makes more sense to restrict the viewing of the alarming video by making it available only to you through the settings.

  • Having received a permanent ban, you can appeal if you think you were in the bath by accident. Unfortunately, if the violation was still serious, unlocking the profile is hardly possible. Your only option is to create a new account.
  • To avoid trouble, we recommend placing links to other social networks in your profile: this will make it easier to tell the audience about the second account if the main one is blocked. It is not recommended to reload the videos that caused the blocking to a new account.

    If you find yourself in a situation where you want to appeal to unblock your account, please read the next paragraph.

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    Заблокировали в ТикТок: как восстановить аккаунт? Правила TikTok

    TikTok has blocked an account: how to appeal to unblock a profile?

    There are two options: for authorized users and unauthorized users.

    • In the first case, you need to go to TikTok and click on the question mark in the upper right corner. You will find yourself in the “Feedback and assistance” tab, here click on “Account blocked”.
    • The question “Is the problem solved?” will appear on the screen, select “No”. Next, you will be asked to talk about the problem, do it in detail, attaching screenshots as proof of innocence, if appropriate. Write down which account was blocked and why you think it happened by accident. Leave your email address if you wish. mail – so you can probably get a detailed response.

      After that, click on the “Complaint” button and wait for feedback.

    • An authorized user needs to click on the three dots in the upper right corner to open the “Settings”. Select “Report a Problem” (found in the “Support” section). Next, go to the “Account and Profile” tab.
    • Click Login and then Account Locked. Then proceed in the same way as in the first paragraph.

      How long to wait for a response from the TikTok administration

      We have already mentioned that it depends on the severity of the violation: some are answered in a week or a month, others are not answered at all. If you have not received a response within 2 months, consider creating a new profile.

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      Заблокировали в ТикТок: как восстановить аккаунт? Правила TikTok

      Blocked TikTok video

      If this happens, you will receive a notification from TikTok, which will indicate which social network rules the blocked video is violating. A link will also appear next to where you can learn more about the community guidelines. At the bottom of the screen, you need to click “Submit an appeal.”

      To prevent you from getting blocked, here is a list of violations for which the social network blocks users.

      TikTok rules: why are they blocked in TikTok?

      In fact, the list of possible violations is quite long, however, here are the main ones:

      • spam;
      • naked body;
      • items that are contrary to the law – weapons, drugs, extremism, incitement to hatred;
      • videos that violate copyright;
      • misinformation;
      • obvious cheating;

      Practice shows that tiktokers who repeat the same things in videos also get blocked: for example, they urge users to subscribe to an account and related social networks at the end of the video.

      Заблокировали в ТикТок: как восстановить аккаунт? Правила TikTok

      Let’s summarize. To be on the safe side, each Tiktoker should still familiarize himself with the full list of violations, which can be found in the social network settings. Leave links to other social networks where you can be found in order to retain part of the audience after blocking. Be polite in dialogue with those. support, make your appeal competently. Remember that no one is immune from blocking, so you too may find yourself in a situation where you need to register a new account.

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      We are glad if our article helped you get answers to your questions. Don’t be discouraged if your profile is blocked: following the instructions above, you can fix it. Have a nice day!

      If you have reached the end, but did not receive answers to all questions or want to share your thoughts, we invite you to leave a comment below so that the author of the article can answer you personally.

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