Blogging profession: everything you need to know

Blogging profession: everything you need to know

A few years ago, blogging was considered more of a hobby and hobby. Today it is a profession, moreover, one of the most demanded. Successful bloggers make millions per post. But what is hidden behind the outer veneer, is it so easy to be a blogger and what is needed for this? Let’s understand this article.

Is a blogger a profession or a hobby?

Blogging is the new profession of the 21st century that has gained popularity over the past 15 years. And although blogging is not yet taught in universities, it is already a full-fledged specialty that opens up brilliant prospects. We so confidently call blogging a profession, because this activity:

  • requires special skills (and training accordingly);
  • is in demand in society;
  • pays well.

That is, blogging meets all the parameters of the definition of a profession.

We can say that blogging is a modern format of journalism that interests both adults and adolescents. Bloggers are listened to and asked for advice, their videos have long been more popular than television, and their ads are more effective than in traditional media.

Every day this profession is becoming more recognized and in demand. In addition to self-employed bloggers who have monetized their accounts, bloggers have recently begun to appear who are hired by organizations to run their brands’ social media pages.

What it takes to become an Instagram blogger

A blogger is a person who maintains an online diary or blog. Anyone on any topic can create their own blog. Today in the world there are already more than 2 billion bloggers who write about themselves, beauty, nature, travel, cooking … Yes, about anything!

The main thing for a blogger is a willingness to learn, patience, imagination and a lot of free time. The only minimal tool you need to become a popular Instagram blogger is a smartphone with a good camera. But not everything is as simple as it might seem at first glance. Finding your theme, attracting and retaining an audience, you need to try hard.

More than 20 million blogs are created annually in the USA alone, but only 1% of them become really popular enough to make a profit for their owners. The point is that each platform where a blog is created has its own requirements for users and content ranking. Therefore, to become a successful blogger on Instagram, you need:

  • be well versed in the algorithms of social networks,
  • know the basics of marketing,
  • understand your audience,
  • be able to create quality content.

Who is it for and who is definitely not


Blogging is perfect for organized and creative people. This profession is for those who want to realize their creative potential, lead an active lifestyle, or are an expert in any field.

The profession is not suitable for those who are lazy, do not like to communicate with people, are not ready to develop and have no hobbies or hobbies. If a person himself does not fully understand his interests, cannot formulate thoughts, feels constrained in society, and is not ready to devote enough time to blogging, this profession is definitely not for him.

A good blogger is distinguished from a bad one by love for his work, the ability to convey emotions and be useful. An interesting blogger – like a full-fledged television series, publishing house or cool thematic media. But he does not have a team of 100-1000 people to help him in his work. He is his own producer, content manager, marketer and designer. Therefore, the blogger is a versatile person, capable of mastering many skills equally well.

Required knowledge and skills

Blogging does not require a degree or complex skills. But there are qualities that any successful blogger should possess:

  • sociability;
  • perseverance;
  • observation;
  • well-developed fantasy;
  • creative and commercial streak;
  • creativity;
  • commitment and perseverance.

A blogger is a person who, with a creative streak, has excellent endurance and knows the basics of marketing. New blog posts need to be added daily, so only a persistent and responsible person can become a successful blogger.

Certain knowledge and skills are also needed to create quality content. A blogger must be able to express thoughts competently, take high-quality pictures and keep himself well in the frame.

Blogging Training

выбор блогера для сотрудничества

Blogging is not taught at universities or colleges. This profession is a vocation, but a blogger must be literate and well versed in the topics of his online magazine. It will be useful for a beginner influencer to master the following areas of activity :

  • SEO optimization;
  • SMM marketing;
  • time management;
  • graphic design;
  • photo.

You can master these skills on your own on training sites, forums or special courses.

How Instagram Bloggers Make Money

Successful bloggers earn millions of dollars today, but such earnings do not fall from the sky, they are backed by everyday work. The main income comes from advertising. But this is not the only way to monetize activities. Successful influencers can make money on almost anything – consulting, public speaking, ambassadorship, user donations. Let’s look at the main ways to make money.


блогер рекламирует продукт

Each popular blogger has his own loyal audience of subscribers, which trusts him and strives to be like his idol. Ads from bloggers show a high conversion rate, which is why they are so highly valued. Bloggers with an audience of millions can earn up to several thousand dollars per post.

The blogger himself writes advertising posts into his content plan. These can be recommendations in Stories or publications, product reviews, native photos with the product.

Affiliate Programs

Often in popular blogs you can see the phrase “I agreed with a great company for a discount for my subscribers” and the like, along with a link to the store. Naturally, no one negotiates with anyone. The blogger, thus advertising the store, earns on the affiliate program.

The point of affiliate programs is that its members are given a special promo code or referral link, and they receive a percentage of all purchases that were made using the reference. Affiliate program reward percentages range from 5% to 50%.

Consulting, courses

Having their audience and reputation as an expert, bloggers can sell their knowledge by creating, for example, their own online courses, conducting paid consultations or webinars.
Provided the correct submission, blog subscribers can be interested in any unique information. But you need to understand that you must be truly an expert in the field you teach and work hard to create quality teaching materials.

Sale of goods and services

бьюти блог - продажа услуг

Recently, it has become fashionable among blog owners to sell their own products or services, create showrooms, beauty salons or clothing brands. There is also a separate category of bloggers that sell their own merchandise – products with their own logo.

But this way of making money requires serious production costs, so it is mainly used by well-promoted bloggers. In addition, in order to generate interest in the product, the blogger must establish communication with his subscribers for quite a long time.

How much a blogger can earn

A blogger’s earnings depend on his popularity, the number of subscribers and their level of engagement. Also, the size of the blogger’s advertising fee depends on its format and the budget of the advertised company. The key parameter that determines the amount of earnings is number of subscribers . The following categories can be distinguished here:

  • 5000 subscribers – up to 1000 rubles. for publication;
  • 30,000 – up to 5,000 rubles;
  • 100,000 – up to 30,000 rubles;
  • 1,000,000 – up to 100,000 rubles.

Earning from affiliate programs, selling your own trainings, courses and goods depends on how successfully the blogger can organize his activities in this direction.

How to start blogging?

You need to master this activity yourself, and you should start by creating an account . Choose your nickname, fill out your profile, choose an avatar. Your potential audience should understand at first glance who you are, how you can be interesting and what useful information you can give.

The following is a simple but actionable instruction :

  1. Choose a Topic. There are thousands of different blogs that cover sports, art, news, music, food, travel and more. When deciding on a blog topic, assess the level of competition in the niche and your knowledge of the topic. Choose what you are really interested in and what you are ready to develop in.
  2. Come up with your own thing. Do a niche competitor analysis and think about what you can offer to distance yourself from them. It can be a unique design, a creative greeting, an interesting heading.
  3. Design and Optimization. Design is an important part of any blog. Think about how your blog will look, visual and style.
  4. Content concept. What do you want to tell the audience about? Make a list of topics – this will be the content plan for the near future. The blog should have a global purpose and a key message. Take the time to publish quality. Follow your content plan, publish posts, connect with subscribers.
  5. Keep track of statistics. Analyzing statistics will help you see if you are developing correctly and will teach you to better understand your subscribers.

The first results will not be visible immediately. At first, you will have to work for a while for the future, but over time, the blog will begin to attract the first subscribers and gain popularity. Your task is to be patient and engage your audience in communication, respond to their comments, and regularly delight your subscribers with interesting content.

пост в инстаграм

Don’t be afraid to invest not only time but money in content creation. If you don’t have the skills to work with image editors, hire someone to design templates for your posts. Sign up for photography courses, internet marketing. Try different formats, analyze what content your audience likes best.

How to get subscribers to your blog

The hardest part of blogging is to accept two things. Firstly, most users prefer selfies of pretty girls to useful information. Secondly, only bots subscribe in thousands, and live subscribers come slowly, and you need to work on attracting them.

Here are some tips to help you become a famous blogger :

  • Regularity of publications. You need to regularly delight your subscribers with new content. Otherwise, the blog will seem boring and will soon be forgotten.
  • Choose the right time to post. Many posts are left unattended if not posted on time. Track statistics and publish content at the peak of your followers activity.
  • Use hashtags and geotags. This will show your posts to potential target audiences who haven’t followed you yet.
  • Try different content formats. Use Stories, live streams, long and short posts. This will allow you to diversify your content and maximize engagement with your subscribers.
  • Run contests. All kinds of sweepstakes and contests are a great opportunity to attract new subscribers and engage existing ones.
  • Collaborations with bloggers. Collaborate with other bloggers for mutual PR, or joint contests.
  • Communicate with your subscribers. Ask your subscribers for their opinions, answer their questions and comments.
  • Be in trend. New challenges, flash mobs, trends and hot topics appear on social networks every day. Stay tuned for changes and build content based on them.

Remember that the most important thing for blog promotion is the level of engagement . Instagram, like other social networks and platforms, uses smart algorithms to rank content. Users are more likely to be shown the content that has collected more likes and views. Therefore, the more often your subscribers interact with your content, the greater the chance that others will see it.

Don’t buy subscribers. Many novice bloggers, in pursuit of the first subscribers, resort to cheating. But this will not help to become a famous blogger, but rather, on the contrary, will “bury” the account. Bots and non-targeted subscribers do not interact with your content in any way, which reduces the level of engagement, which means the chance that others will notice you.

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Pros and cons of the profession

Blogging has many pluses :

  • opportunity to make money on what you love;
  • remote work on your own schedule;
  • no requirements for age and education;
  • no attachments to start;
  • an opportunity to realize your creative potential.

A blogger does not have a boss, but in order to successfully develop in this area, you still need to work hard and constantly improve. Remember also these disadvantages of the profession:

  • Not all bloggers become successful and paid.
  • You may encounter user hate and sarcastic comments.
  • Lack of stable income.

At first, all bloggers have to work for the future, while no one guarantees that these efforts will pay off in the future. Bloggers’ earnings entirely depend on their actions, efforts and, perhaps, even luck.

Useful accounts to help a beginner blogger

To become a popular blogger, you need to constantly develop and improve your skills. Below is a list of accounts that will be useful for this:

  • Lilia Nilova is a well-known marketer who will share knowledge and advice on promoting an account.
  • Igor Zuevich will tell you how to properly set up your account and set up advertising.
  • From Ramis Yaparov’s blog you can learn a lot about targeting and promotion on Instagram.
  • Yana’s blog will tell you how Instagram works and how you can quickly increase the number of subscribers.


Blogging is a new profession that, in addition to being creative, requires organization, the ability to work with large amounts of information, constant development and improvement. Blogging combines creativity and entrepreneurship, allows you to develop qualities such as competent interaction with the audience, discipline and responsibility. The blogger’s earnings directly depend on the efforts made, therefore, this profession is not for everyone.

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