Brand Collabs Manager Facebook: how it works and opportunities for companies

Brand Collabs Manager Facebook: how it works and opportunities for companies

The Facebook Brand Collabs Manager (or Brand Collaborations Manager) is a platform aimed at connecting influencers and brands, so that they can jointly organize communication operations on the social network or on Instagram.

There are two interfaces available namely:

  • the one reserved for influencers allowing Facebook pages & Instagram accounts to be referenced and receiving brand proposals
  • the one reserved for brands making it easier to find influencers based on specific criteria and to propose briefs of collaboration with them

In the context of this article, I will place myself from the point of view of companies seeking to identify new partners via this platform, and will present to you the all the features and opportunities of the Facebook / Instagram Brand Collabs Manager for your business.

1) Access the Brand Collabs Manager platform

Disclaimer: since this article was written from the United States, you may not yet have access to the platform or all of its functionalities in France or in other countries.

If you wish to benefit from the influencer search options offered by Facebook, you will first have to go to this web page then click on “Register as an advertiser ».

You will then be asked to choose a Facebook page with which you will be identified when you come into contact with potential influencer partners, then enter your email address and accept the “Terms of Service”.

2) The features of the Brand Collabs Manager Facebook

Now let’s review all the options available in your Brand Collabs Manager.

Home of the Brand Collabs Manager Facebook

Once connected to the platform, you will arrive on a home page offering:

  • a left side menu allowing access to a search engine, performance statistics for sponsored publications and the list of saved creators (influencers)
  • a main screen highlighting a featured creator, our latest branded content posts, Instagram designer suggestions
  • a right sidebar menu allowing you to start a new brief, boost a branded content publication, search for creators and manage their private messages

Creating a brief

Uploading a brief helps inform certain creators of your desire to carry out an influence communication operation.

In this case, it is like posting a classified ad, listing your project and making it known to people who meet criteria you have defined beforehand.

You will be asked to fill in the following points:

  • brief title
  • due date for responses
  • campaign dates
  • pay range
  • project description
  • examples of similar publications
  • type of portfolio, age group, sex (s), subjects, preferred types of publications, location and number of ‘minimum subscribers

The number of creators matching your criteria will be displayed at the top right of your screen, which will give you good visibility on the potential reach of your brief.

You will then be presented with a summary, and you will have to click on “Publish” to upload your influence project.

Search functionalities

A great expectation from brands is particularly in terms of the search options for new partners, because until now, a manual search without additional paid external tools is extremely time-consuming and is not the most efficient.

So, let’s go over the different ways to find influencers with the Brand Collabs Manager. It will be possible to sort the results according to:

  • his country
  • his gender
  • his age
  • his interests
  • his type of portfolio ( creator or public figure / media editor)
  • his number of subscribers

It will also be possible to search for profiles by hashtag, keyword or name of creator .

As we see above, interesting data about the influencer is presented, such as the number of subscribers and the average interaction rate on posted posts.

The profiles of creators

Once you have done a search, you will be presented with suggestions for influencers, which will take you to their presentation profile.

A lot of information is then displayed here, namely:

  • the presentation of the page in a few lines
  • the number of subscribers
  • the interaction rate
  • the partners (brands) having worked with the creator
  • the latest paid partnership posts
  • fan demographics on the page

If this profile interests you, you will be able to add it to a list with the name of your choice:


It will also be possible to contact the Community Manager or influencer administering the Facebook page or Instagram account:


The performance statistics of branded publications

A section of the Facebook Brand Collabs Manager will be dedicated to grouping together all the branded publications posted on the profiles of influencers with data such as:

  • the date of publication
  • the cover
  • the number of impressions
  • the number of interactions

Lists of creators

Finally, you will be able to manage your lists of influencers potentially partners with your brand, with indications for each of your lists on:

  • the added partners
  • the type of partners
  • the time of the last modification of the list

3) My opinion on the platform

At the time of writing, the Brand Collabs Manager Facebook tool is a good start in the social network’s desire to facilitate partnerships between brands and content creators, but the search engine does not is in my opinion not yet up to par.

The results displayed by interests are not really relevant and the criteria of gender do not seem to be respected at the moment.

It should also be noted that this tool focuses for the moment exclusively on the presentation of Facebook pages and not Instagram accounts, a network on which influential collaborations are extremely numerous and for many Community Managers the present and the future of this type of operation.

On the other hand, where this platform has a real interest, it is in its ability to provide a lot of data on the audience of each of the Facebook pages and Instagram accounts, without having to ask them for them. owners: it saves a lot of time to identify the right partners for your brand, without a doubt.

To go further:


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