Brand promotion on social networks: where, how and how much it costs

Is your company not on social networks yet? Then our article is coming to you! We will tell you which social networks to pay attention to, how to make content worth a million likes, and how much SMM promotion costs.

In which social networks to promote the brand

There is a temptation to create company pages everywhere and do cross-posting (post the same posts on all social networks). This is an easy and inexpensive way to promote. But the problem is that the audience of social networks is different and each segment needs unique content.

Let’s say you sell building materials. Your audience is professional builders and people who have decided to make repairs to the apartment. The former more often use Instagram as a platform for finding customers, while the latter prefer VKontakte. These audience segments have different levels of knowledge about the product, and their goals are also different. Therefore, one post cannot work for two social networks at once and give equally good results.

Also, the audience of social networks differs by age and gender. For example, women use Instagram more (60%), while Facebook is used by older people (26% over 55).

Below is Mediascope’s statistics on social media users in Russia. To understand where you are promoting, we advise you to determine the age, gender and occupation of the audience. And already based on this, make a decision, and not just create brand profiles in all social networks. If it is impossible to conduct a full-fledged audience research, try to find the pages of your regular customers on VKontakte or Instagram. Write down their age, gender, occupation, what groups they are in, and whether they have children. This will help you compose a portrait of the person you will be targeting.


Продвижение бренда в социальных сетях: где, как и сколько это стоит


Продвижение бренда в социальных сетях: где, как и сколько это стоит


Продвижение бренда в социальных сетях: где, как и сколько это стоит


Продвижение бренда в социальных сетях: где, как и сколько это стоит


Продвижение бренда в социальных сетях: где, как и сколько это стоит

How much does CMM cost

If you want to promote your brand on social media, you can do it in two ways: hire an employee or contact an agency.


A good SMM should not only understand fresh memes, but also be able to:

  • create content (write competent selling posts, photograph products and render visuals in editors such as Photoshop);
  • manage ads (configure, launch, analyze results);
  • communicate with the audience (reply to comments and private messages, process negativity, motivate people to discuss posts);
  • understand the peculiarities of social networks and understand what content each of them needs.

The salary of such a person varies from 25,000 to 55,000 rubles per month. But some well-known specialists charge up to 90,000 rubles a month.

You can also find individual specialists on freelancing who will be responsible for copywriting, design, and posting. But still there must be a person coordinating their work. For example, a marketing manager.

At the agency

If you decide to contact the agency, the cost of services will depend on:

  • monthly number of posts;
  • the social networks you want to work with;
  • goals (how many subscribers, reach, likes are needed);
  • the complexity of the content (whether you need a professional photo shoot or are you ready to provide a photo);
  • reaction time to comments and private messages (the moderator can work only on weekdays or communicate with subscribers 24 hours a day).

Promotion of a brand in social networks by an agency can cost from 30,000 to 500,000 rubles per month. It’s more expensive than hiring a staff member or working with freelancers, but you have a team of professionals at your disposal, and each of them specializes in one thing. They are strategist, copywriter, editor, social media specialist, designer, target and moderator.

Продвижение бренда в социальных сетях: где, как и сколько это стоит

An important point: agencies rarely specialize in any subject. And if you work in a complex area, do not be lazy to train the team on your product. It will help you dive in and make quality content.

Why you shouldn’t save on SMM

A page on a social network is the face of your brand. And how you present yourself can influence sales. And both in a positive and negative way.

For example, the Japanese restaurant chain “Tanuki” used the hashtag # all-roll in the post as an analogy to the Black Lives Matter movement. The post received over 1,000 negative comments, in which people called such ads inappropriate and asked to fire the brand’s creatives.

Продвижение бренда в социальных сетях: где, как и сколько это стоит

A furniture factory from Ryazan decided to compare the new shades of sofa upholstery with the color of the models’ leather. Users criticized the company and accused it of racism. As a result, the post had to be deleted.

Продвижение бренда в социальных сетях: где, как и сколько это стоит

Examples show how easy it is to stumble and incur the ire of users. But this can be avoided by contacting professionals.

How to promote your brand on social media

This can be done through content and ads. Moreover, it is desirable to simultaneously develop both directions. After all, if you do not invest in advertising, no one will see your posts. And even with a big budget, you won’t get a blowout from advertisements if the content in the community is bad.


Develop a brand promotion strategy. It is important to detach yourself from competitors and carry through the posts of the Big idea that you want to broadcast to your subscribers. For example, you are the owner of a craft production of sausages and sausages. Tell them that your products are natural and healthy, not at all the same as in stores. The content should be permeated with this idea. This is a simplified description, and a full-fledged strategy will be drawn up by an SMM agency or an involved freelancer. On its basis, you need to prepare texts and visuals.

We can help you with social media and internet marketing in general. Contact us!

Продвижение бренда в социальных сетях: где, как и сколько это стоит

Texts must be unique and work for a specific purpose: comments, likes, saves, link clicks. You cannot copy them from the site or from competitors.

For visuals, use real photos of products, production, employees. This increases user confidence in the brand. Don’t use stock photos. It is better to take a low-quality picture on a smartphone than download it from the Internet. You may need to conduct a professional photo shoot or create a GIF animation that would clearly demonstrate the process in production.

Продвижение бренда в социальных сетях: где, как и сколько это стоит

Content can be obtained free of charge. Look for publications with your company using hashtags and geotags, and when you find something interesting, feel free to repost it in a feed or story.

Продвижение бренда в социальных сетях: где, как и сколько это стоит0

Social media advertising

  • Organic crops – reposts of your posts in groups related to topics and audience. Crops can be purchased through the VKontakte advertising account or third-party services, for example Sociate.
  • Targeted advertising – displays advertisements to the selected audience. For example, you need women from 20 to 25 years old from Moscow who are interested in design. These parameters are used to set up targeted advertising. In this case, you can both advertise individual posts from the group, and make ads to attract subscribers or leads. The ad formats differ slightly on different social networks, but the principle of working for the selected audience remains the same.
  • Продвижение бренда в социальных сетях: где, как и сколько это стоит1

  • Retargeting. Caught yourself thinking that advertising seems to be following you? The way it is. Advertising on social networks can be targeted to people who have already visited the company’s website or interacted with it in any way (left their phone number, email). Retargeting gives results because ads are seen by an audience that has already been interested in a product or service.
  • Working with bloggers. You can contact influencers and invite them to advertise your product for money. It’s better to choose bloggers whose audience is interested in your topic. For example, if you represent a cosmetics brand, a beauty blogger would be the perfect choice.

Продвижение бренда в социальных сетях: где, как и сколько это стоит2

SMM brands and small businesses: what’s the difference

Large brands are known to the audience even without social networks. They have been on the market for a long time, they have no problems with sales. Therefore, brands use social media to engage audiences and inform them about new products and promotions. Such companies have a strict Tone of Voice, a brand book and a lot of restrictions in content, posts are agreed by several people. Therefore, brands cannot quickly respond to news feeds and include hot topics in their content plan.

For example, the Instagram account of the Borjomi brand. Nice profile with a photo in one color scheme. The content is neutral: atmospheric lifestyle posts, activations for comments, reminders of new products. This is a branding account, the purpose of which is to remind us of the existence of the brand.

Продвижение бренда в социальных сетях: где, как и сколько это стоит3

Of course, there are exceptions, for example the Burger King account. But such bold brands are few.

Продвижение бренда в социальных сетях: где, как и сколько это стоит4

Small businesses usually come to social media for sales. In such companies, there are no strict restrictions on texts, visuals, topics. Therefore, you can create an interesting community in which useful content and selling posts will alternate with humor and games. But people come to social networks for entertainment.

Let’s see some examples. Here is the profile of a nail salon from Tula. There are no stock photos in the account, but you can see examples of the work of the masters, get acquainted with each of them, find out what the interior looks like from the inside. Contests are regularly held in which subscribers can win free services.

Продвижение бренда в социальных сетях: где, как и сколько это стоит5

Veterinary clinic from Gelendzhik. There are photos of baleen patients and evidence that veterinarians regularly upgrade their qualifications.

Продвижение бренда в социальных сетях: где, как и сколько это стоит6

It is easier for small businesses to communicate openly with subscribers: upload photos of the backstage, introduce them to the team, talk about joys and difficulties. People trust this content and get closer to the company.

No matter what size your business is, everyone needs social media. The main thing is to find a platform where your audience is, and create content specifically for it. Social networks are not an official site, here you can and should be funny and honestly talk about your successes and failures. An experienced agency, whose specialists know what will hook the audience, can help with the promotion of social networks.

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