Brands that partner with bloggers

Brands that partner with bloggers

In the face of high market competition, businesses are constantly looking for new ways to promote products and services. And to attract potential customers and get their message across to new audiences, companies are increasingly turning to influencers. In this article, we’ll take a look at brands that partner with bloggers and provide examples of successful ad campaigns. This information will be useful for bloggers looking for brands to collaborate with as well as marketers conducting a leadership research to demonstrate the benefits of collaborating with influencers.

Companies that order ads from bloggers

Outdoor advertising, mass media, gloss, leaflets – all this works worse and worse every day. As a result, more and more companies are turning to influencer marketing and looking for ways to partner with bloggers.

Today, companies from a wide variety of industries work with opinion leaders. This is because they see how often customers interact with bloggers’ posts and how much they trust their idols compared to traditional advertising methods.


Danone started cooperating with bloggers back in 2016, and currently has several dozen successful advertising campaigns in its case. Danone products are available under several brands. There are lines for children, proper digestion and simply delicious dairy products.

The company cooperates only with those bloggers who lead a healthy lifestyle that resonates with the values ​​and mission of the brand. It is important that the blogger has a positive and trusting image and does not collaborate with competitors.

A cool example of Danone’s ad is “Challenge with Activia 14 days”. For 14 days, selected bloggers received boxes with a healthy breakfast, flowers and wishes at their doors in the morning. In return, they shared their impressions.

The company also maintains a permanent blog for the Activia brand, where it shares tips from famous bloggers.


Oriflame cosmetics brand actively cooperates with bloggers. The company has its own regular product reviewers. For example, Anna Shapiro. The girl maintains a lifestyle blog on Instagram and often shares with her subscribers her impression of the brand’s products, shows the effectiveness of cosmetics in the “before and after” posts.

Ross & Snow

Italian footwear brand Ross & Snow creates stylish collections of boots for men and women, and to promote its products, it attracts influential people with authority in the field of fashion.

The main requirements for bloggers: more than 10 thousand subscribers and the relevant blog topic. For creative assistance in promotion, the company is ready to pay 15% of sales, as well as give gifts at different stages of cooperation.

2020 Sucked

Modern apparel brand 2020 Sucked ranges from T-shirts and hoodies to masks and accessories. And all of them with a loud and bold statement “2020 Sucked”, which vividly reflects the attitude to the year that changed all of us forever.

To promote products, the company cooperates with the same bright and bold influencers. For his work, the influencer receives 10% of sales.


The MyToys online toy store has more than 20 years of history and operates in Russia, Germany, and Ukraine. To increase loyalty and create a positive image around the brand, the company actively attracts bloggers.

There are no strict selection conditions. From influencers, MyToys wants to see just native content that their audience would like. A personal promo code is created for each blogger who collaborates with the brand. For purchases using it, bloggers receive a percentage of sales.

You can apply for cooperation on the official website.


DAKINE is one of the top brands of travel clothing and accessories, as well as products for extreme recreation. Collaborating with influencers is an important part of brand promotion.

The company offers influencers cooperation in several formats. An individual promo code can be created for a blogger, by purchasing it, his subscribers will be able to receive an additional discount. It is possible to receive gifts for the publication or percentage of sales.

More information for bloggers.

Sammy Icon

Sammy Icon is a brand of accessories for people who are not afraid to express their style and emphasize their individuality. The company is always on the lookout for models, photographers, bloggers who can create quality content. There are no hard and fast rules for selecting bloggers.

Detailed information and contact form.


The Kosmetika-proff online store is considered one of the flagships in the Russian professional cosmetics market. The company tries to do everything possible so that its customers receive as much information about the products as possible, and for this it uses not only detailed product descriptions, but also attracts influencers to conduct various reviews and presentations.

For cooperation, the company selects bloggers from the Russian Federation, over 20 years old. Influencers with over 1,000 subscribers can expect to receive free samples in return for content. If the number of subscribers is more than 500 people, then the blogger can get a discount of 40% of the retail price.

Terms of cooperation and contacts for communication.


The company positions itself as a loving and caring brand, whose goal is to make the life of mom and baby carefree and filled with pleasant moments. Pampers is such a well-known brand that it has literally become synonymous with diaper.

Most not less famous media personalities can count on cooperation with world-renowned companies. But Pampers is one of the few big companies that works with both celebrity moms and bloggers with a relatively small audience. Advertising with celebrities increases brand awareness and reputation, but native advertising with regular moms works well for sales and brand loyalty.

You can join a Pampers Ambassador here.


The official representative of the Morakniv brand in Russia – the online store – is sure that people trust more people and their experience than ordinary advertising. Therefore, cooperation with bloggers is one of the main advertising directions of the company.

The brand invites bloggers with varying numbers of subscribers to test the company’s products and share honest reviews. The main blog topics the brand collaborates with are hunting, tourism, fishing.

Learn more about cooperation with the company.


The Ukrainian brand of equipment Pyramida is not inferior, and sometimes even surpasses its foreign competitors in quality. The company has been operating on the market for over 15 years, and has already earned the trust of every third Ukrainian family. And this is not only due to the quality of the products, but also due to the soulful concept of advertising through influencers.

The company is primarily interested in user-generated content from food bloggers.

Sincere Sally

The women’s fashion brand Sincere Sally uses influencer marketing to promote itself. If you love good clothes, travel frequently, explore the world and are good at creating epic shots, then the collaboration with Sincere Sally is for you.

Information for cooperation.


Fashion eyewear brand TopFoxx has long made content from fashion bloggers a part of its marketing program. The company is ready to cooperate with bloggers who have at least 25 thousand followers, who know how to work with fashion brands and take high-quality pictures that can demonstrate products.

TopFoxx influencers can count on discounts, free products. You can read more about collaboration with brands here.


The world famous brand Adidas knows exactly how profitable and effective it is to use bloggers for promotion. This brand has not a single popular Instagram program on its account. At the same time, both celebrities and macro influencers are involved in cooperation.

Breezy Swimwear

Swimwear brand Breezy Swimwear actively collaborates with fashion travelers who can interest their photos from the beach and pool, convey the whole atmosphere of summer.

Partnerships with Breezy Swimwear are rewarded with 15% commission on sales, exclusive products, discounts and gifts. You can learn more about cooperation and apply here.

Dia & Co

Dia & Co women’s clothing brand focuses exclusively on fashionable plus size clothing. The brand was created specifically to inspire curvy girls and give them the opportunity to feel the full power of fashion.

Any curvy beauty with 5,000+ followers mainly from the USA and blogging on fashion topics can become a brand ambassador.

Detailed information on cooperation.


The online store of tableware, accessories and furniture Fismart collaborates with bloggers and interior designers to create high-quality content on social networks. You can leave a request for cooperation on the official website of the store.


The world-renowned Coca-Cola brand has been using influencer marketing to promote itself for several years. The company attracts bloggers of all sizes and from a wide variety of niches to collaborate. Most often, the company cooperates with travel and lifestyle bloggers.

Pink Lily

One of the most popular clothing stores in the US, Pink Lily is looking for vibrant and influential people who blog about fashion and style. The company is ready to consider various proposals for cooperation and encourages its influencers 10% of sales, personal discounts and gifts.

You can apply for cooperation on the official website.


Dexshell is a manufacturer of unique waterproof clothing that can make being outdoors comfortable both in bad weather and on a fine day. The brand often uses user-generated content for its posts. To create honest reviews and testimonials, the company is looking for bloggers working with the following topics:

  • tourism;
  • extreme relaxation;
  • hunting and fishing.

How to build collaboration

Collaborating with brands for bloggers is one of the easiest and most effective ways to monetize your social media account. But, of course, brands are not ready to cooperate with all bloggers. Therefore, before you offer a brand to collaborate or hire a blogger to advertise, you should carefully study its account and audience.

Below we will share a few tips that will help you build productive collaboration for both parties.

General Ideas and Values ​​

The secret to influencer marketing is trust. Therefore, for a productive collaboration, it is important that the brand and the blogger have common ideas and values. Only if the company’s products are really to the liking of the influencer, readers will trust his recommendations.

Audience match

It is important that the bulk of the blog subscribers match the portrait of the brand’s potential customers. Otherwise, the brand will not get the desired response, and non-targeted advertising will only irritate the followers. You can find examples of how brands advertise with bloggers using the Sponsored Posts feature from trendHERO. This will help you understand which side to approach the audience and how best to present your product or service.

рекламные посты

Communication between blogger and brand is important

Feel free to ask brand representatives about what kind of ad they would like to see, what is important to emphasize, and what message to convey. The company, in turn, will not be superfluous to describe in detail to the influencer their vision of the concept and ask them to send a draft of a future publication.

Look for long-term partnerships

This tip applies to both bloggers and brands. One-time advertising posts, contracts for a month or a week, as practice shows, give several times less conversion.

For bloggers, long-term cooperation gives some stability, and also allows them not to waste time constantly studying new brands and collecting materials for them.

Approach cooperation professionally

Be sure to conduct a detailed analysis of your account. Explore the graphs of subscriber growth, audience and their interests. Marketers looking for influencers should definitely check the blogger for cheats before agreeing on cooperation.

Check for cheat free

The trendHERO service will help with a detailed analysis of the account and the detection of cheats. It provides advanced analytics tools to help you:

  • learn more about your audience;
  • check if you meet brand requirements or find the perfect blogger to advertise.

Think about the benefits for the company

Always think about how the brand can benefit from working with you. After all, if the advertising campaign is successful, you will receive both a good profit and a long-term contract.

The easiest way to check if the brand philosophy and its values ​​are in line with yours, as well as to understand what kind of cooperation the brand is counting on, by looking at the previous posts of bloggers. You can find them manually or using the Sponsored Posts tool on trendHERO. In the latter case, the search can be performed by keywords, brand names, account mentions.

рекламные посты

Here’s what you get if you type the query “pampers”:

блогеры, которые рекламируют памперс

If the examples match your regular posts, then you can offer the company your influencer services.

Find out who the blogger is promoting

As practice shows, cooperation with influencers who advertised direct competitors or brands with opposite values ​​does not bring results. Therefore, before cooperation, we recommend that you track all advertising posts published earlier. The easiest way to do this is with the Sponsored Posts tool on trendHERO .

As you can see, many companies are interested in cooperation with influencers today. These are large world famous corporations, and small local brands and shops. Not surprisingly, influencer marketing is one of the best ways to promote a brand to the masses, show products in action, and quickly reach a large number of “warm” audiences on social media.

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