Business in What’s App: WhatsApp status and how can marketers use it?

What is status in What’s App? Can I share it? How to set up a status in WhatsApp and upload a photo? How can a marketer use Whatsapp status? Read everything about status in What’s App.

Did you know that WhatsApp has a function called “status”? If not, we are ready to talk about it, because with the help of the status you can tell about life by publishing photos, or use the status for work purposes by posting information about services.

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Is it possible to shoot Stories in WhatsApp: status of What’s App

What is WhatsApp status? This function is similar to Stories on Instagram or VK: a photo, video or text message, which is automatically deleted after a day has passed since the publication. You can find it in the “Status” section of the same name.

Your status is available to people from the phone book, if you wish, you can send it in a personal message to a specific addressee.

The published status is displayed as a circle with an avatar in a stroke, the color of which depends on the availability of views. The statuses that you have viewed have a colorless outline, those that have not been viewed have a colored one.

Statuses are divided into four categories: photos, videos within 30 seconds, text message on a specific background and GIF. In addition, you can diversify the status using the built-in editor.

Please note that the published status is available only to those contacts who also recorded you in the phone book. For example, if you are not registered on the phone with your boss, he will not be able to see your status, but, as mentioned above, you can send the status in a private message.

Бизнес в What's App: статус Вотсап и как его использовать маркетологу?

What’s App photo: how to add a photo or video to a status

Open the “Status” tab and click on the “+” sign next to the avatar (the icon indicates that you have not published any status yet). Also, to post a status, you can click on the icon with a camera in the lower right corner.

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After the previous step is completed, you will find yourself in the camera section. Here everything works the same as in other applications, Votsap does not offer anything new. Again, we draw your attention to the fact that the video is only 30 seconds long, so if you want to publish a video for more than 30 seconds, it will need to be divided into several statuses.

The status also uploads the photos taken earlier and videos from the “Gallery”. Above the central camera button you have a recent media feed, you can scroll through it and select the files you need. If you want to immediately be in the gallery, swipe up and down the screen.

When you select files, a built-in editor will open, which works according to the following principles.

Whatsapp status: how the photo and video status editor works

Бизнес в What's App: статус Вотсап и как его использовать маркетологу?

On the top panel of the editor there are four tools with which you can edit video photos and videos. But here, too, Wotsap did not become wise.

  • Clipping – from the name of the tool it is clear how to use it. You can also use it to flip a movie or photo.
  • Emoticons to add status.
  • Text – needed to create captions on photos and videos. You can add it to any area of ​​the screen, make it larger or smaller, and also choose a color from the palette suggested on the right (slide your finger across it).
  • Pencil – adds and removes the aforementioned color palette. You can use it to change the color of the text.

At the bottom of the editor screen, there is an icon “Swipe up for filter” – you will see a panel with color filters: they can be applied to photos and videos, but not to text.

Under the sign that opens the filters, there is the “Add signature” function, with its help a signature is added to the file uploaded to the status.

If you want to replace the selected photos and videos, click on the two squares icon with “+” in the lower left corner. To publish the status, click on the green icon with a paper airplane in the lower right part of the screen.

Now we’ll show you how to post a text status.

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What’s App status: editor of text statuses in Whatsapp

To open this editor, go to the “Status” section and click on the gray icon with a pencil at the bottom right of the screen. Here you can add any text, and then work with it using the editor itself.

Three tools can be used:

  • Emoticons – like in private messages in WhatsApp. There are also animated emoticons, read about them below.
  • GIF – Animated images that can be opened by selecting the “GIF” button at the bottom of the section with emoticons. The desired GIF image can be selected using the search.

  • Fonts – This section is located in the lower left corner of the screen and is indicated by a “T” icon. Click on it and choose a font from the five suggested.
  • Background color – located in the same corner as the font under the palette icon – click on it to change the color, each time you click you will be offered a new one. There are 21 of them in total.

Бизнес в What's App: статус Вотсап и как его использовать маркетологу?

What’s App statuses settings

Located in the same section “Status” in the upper right corner (under the time) under three dots. Here you can configure who your statuses will be shown to, and enable or disable notifications.

“Confidentiality of status” – in this tab you can hide your status from certain contacts by selecting the item “Contacts, except …”, and also enable automatic sending of the status to specific people in the item “Share with …”.

Settings – To access these, return to the Status section and select Settings under Status Privacy.

When you get to “Settings”, follow the following scheme: “Account” → “Privacy” → “Status”. Here you can do the same with the visibility of the status as in the previous case.

To set up view notifications, select the “Read receipts” section a little below. Move the slider to the right (“on” position) if you want to see how many people have viewed your status.

How to share your status and find out the number of views

You can also share your status with someone from your contact list. To do this, in the tab with statuses, click on the three dots opposite the status. In the new window, select the three points again: now you can forward, share or delete the status. “Forward” will allow you to share the status within the application, and “Share” will allow you to send the status to other messengers or social networks. In the same menu, where you can delete or share the status, statistics on the number of views are displayed. Views are counted only inside the messenger and are shown as a number with an eye icon.

How to view the status of another person

You can see the statuses of your contacts in the “Status” section, in the “Last” subsection, where all the statuses published in 24 hours are displayed. You can also see the status if it was sent to you in a private message.

Option “reply to someone else’s status”

To reply to a status, select it from the statuses tab and slide your finger across the screen from bottom to top (swipe to “Reply” at the bottom of the screen). Then compose your message.

Бизнес в What's App: статус Вотсап и как его использовать маркетологу?

How You Can Use What’s App Status For Marketers

Now that we have learned how to use status in WhatsApp, we can move on to studying its marketing properties. Many people do not even realize that this messenger can be used to attract customers. Of course, after all, it is usually used only to share news with the family, but some use Whatsapp for unobtrusive professional communication.

How to “humanize” a business account for subscribers – effective business promotion on social media

For example, they post a status with an invitation to read a new article. Naturally, gradually the circle of people viewing your status will narrow if you are constantly giving out such content.

Whatsapp’s abilities in terms of status functionality are also far from ideal, but if there are clients in the contact list who have “lost interest” in your work, forgot about cooperation or are in thought, then WhatsApp status is a way to remind you of yourself as specialist.

Since Votsap does not have a professional flair and selling context, as it is a messenger, such content will not feel artificial here, as in the same Instagram.

The functionality of statuses in WhatsApp is similar to the functionality of Stories in social networks. With it, you can share the latest news with family and friends.

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You can now make full use of Whatsapp’s functions And if you have questions about the article, write in the comments. You will be answered directly by the author or a specialized specialist from our state.

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