Business on Instagram: the most complete guide 2021

Business on Instagram: the most complete guide 2021

Business on Instagram is gaining momentum. According to official statistics, more than 200 million Instagrammers visit at least one business profile a day, and about 60% of all users use Instagram to find information about goods and services. Having declared themselves through Instagram, brands get a powerful tool for sales and loyalty support, they can get closer to their customers and reach a new audience. Isn’t your company on Instagram yet? Now is the time to fix it.

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Where to start

The first thing to start with is creating a profile and learning about a social network. Instagram is primarily a mobile social network, so first you need to download the Instagram app. It is presented for all operating systems:

If you prefer to use a PC, there is also a web version of the social network – Choose a convenient option for yourself and proceed to registration. To create an account, you will need to provide an email address, provide a name, nickname and password, or log in with Facebook.

Any business needs start-up capital, and if we talk about a business on Instagram, it is an active developed account with a dozen publications and a few first subscribers.

Begin maintaining your account before any commercial activity begins. Let it serve as a blog for the first time, where you can post posts that allow users to get a first impression of your profile, learn the philosophy of your brand, or watch the process of getting ready to launch a business.

The experience of running an account will help you figure out how to do business through Instagram, how this social network works and what its users like. With experience, skills are consolidated, and mistakes that invariably arise at first will not become an obstacle to business development.

How to start a business on Instagram

By creating an Instagram account for business, you become the owner of the page and can use it at your discretion. Formally, of course, everything belongs to the developers, but you are in charge of everything.

This can be compared to renting an apartment. It has a different owner, but you live in it, and only you decide how to arrange everything. With Instagram too, no one needs to pay. On the contrary, if you can create an attractive and popular page, you can make money yourself. But for this, your “rented apartment” needs to be properly furnished.

Choosing a Niche

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Business on Instagram starts with choosing a niche. Think about what topic you would like to devote to your account, and what you will offer subscribers. The niche you choose should not be too generalized, but not overly narrow either. For example, just a page dedicated to entertainment is too general. The page about the Rammstein group is too narrow. But about rock music – just right.

Choosing too narrow a niche will lead to the fact that you simply will not have enough materials for publications. If you choose an overly generalized niche, you may have problems attracting targeted subscribers.

Strategy creation

Today, Instagram can successfully develop in three scenarios, adjusting them for yourself:

  • Blog development. To grab the attention of users, you need gigabytes of unique photos and engaging texts that can hold the attention of subscribers and attract new ones.
  • Showcase creation. The strategy does not aim at creating a loyal community, but at a quick result. An advertisement is launched on the created post, through which you can independently regulate coverage, impressions, and engagement. Mostly, the creation of a showcase is suitable for a business that has nothing to do with creating blogs on Instagram. For example, developers, sale of special equipment, transportation.
  • Combined option. This includes blogging with unique, engaging content and periodically running ads to amplify the impact.

Your social media strategy should grow out of the overall marketing strategy of your idea.

Create a business account

Along with personal accounts, Instagram gives users the ability to create business accounts. The latter are distinguished by advanced capabilities. In particular, statistics are available to business profiles, it is possible to launch targeted advertising and attach a clickable link to the profile. All this helps to effectively promote your business on this social network.

Transferring your account to a business profile is completely free, but for this you must have a business page linked on Facebook. Just select “Switch to company profile” in the settings menu and follow the instructions of the social network. Immediately after the transition, new features will become available. Be sure to fill in important information about your company – address, opening hours, phone numbers and more.

Profile decoration

Acquaintance with your business proposal begins with familiarization with the description of the page, its photos, avatars. Looking at your profile, a person should immediately understand who you are, what you do, why you can be useful to him and why you, and not your competitors. Observance of a few simple recommendations for registration will help in this:

  • Nickname. It is best when the nickname matches the name of the company or describes your main activity. Remember that on Instagram, nicknames can only be entered in Latin.
  • Avatar. This is the face of the account by which they will recognize you, fall in love, remember. When choosing, it is important to avoid small details. A company logo is a good option, but you need to make sure that it fits organically into the circle.
  • BIO. Fill out your profile biography. Provide basic information about your UTG and benefits. Let your users understand who you are and why you can be useful to them.
  • Contacts. Add contacts, a clickable website link and your coordinates so customers can easily reach you. If you want to immediately attach links to Whatsapp, Viber, Telegram, Skype, Twitter, Email and other contacts, it is better to attach one multi-link.

It is enough to work on the correct filling of the profile once and you can safely forget about editing it. Although some changes in the process of work still have to be made. For example, the standard BIO can be changed from time to time to inform about current promotions.

Content Planning

All the work done earlier will be effective only if the content plan is properly drawn up. Many people make a mistake and start publishing five posts per hour, simply because they are fired up with an idea, and thereby frighten users off with their obsession. Others forget about subscribers, and as practice shows, they also very quickly forget about the account in response.

Develop your posting standard. For example, there are three publications every day. Decide on a rule and stick to it.

Create a content plan based on your standard. Write down in advance what topics you would like to talk with subscribers, make at least a schematic of how your posts will look and choose the optimal publication time for them. It is recommended to alternate between different types of content. For example, in the morning it is best to publish a small motivational post that would inspire your subscribers. At lunchtime – a promotional post about your product, promotion or discount. In the evening, users come home, have dinner, relax. For an evening publication, humor, philosophical reflections on the main thing, interesting stories are suitable.

It is better to draw up a content plan a month in advance. This will help you not to break the terms of publications and not to rack your brains an hour before the estimated release of the post, but to focus on its quality.

Content Publishing

Be sure to take care of the correct neighborhood of the content and its visual component. Designing a profile just in the same style by using the same filter on all photos is already a bit outdated option, which will surprise no one.

Nowadays, the trend is to visually divide page content into blocks – posting of 9-12 conceptually related images. The pages where posts are selected according to plans and angles look interesting, there is a game with color and shape. The neat look of classic chess is still a good option.

Инстаграм художника

People come to Instagram for inspiration. In commercial accounts, they also want to see bright, inspiring pictures. Concentrate on the visuals and create posts that you yourself would like to admire. Your posts should reflect your approach and give people a feel for your brand philosophy.

How to promote Instagram for business

First and foremost, don’t set yourself a goal to start selling as soon as possible. Remember, your page is about people in the first place. Don’t scare off users at the start with an abundance of ads, because some of them subscribe to a “test period” to assess who you are and what you can offer.

If you give your users copious portions of quality content, they get used to receiving useful information from you and are already much more loyal to ads.

The second important point is attracting subscribers to your page. Of course, if you fill out the profile correctly, enter several key queries in the description and regularly post interesting, attractive content, people will reach out to you themselves. But still, you need to constantly work on attracting user traffic, and there are many ways to do this.



Hashtags are a kind of search queries and keywords on social networks that users can use to find you. And Instagram is one of the social networks where they unleash their full potential.

Make a list of hashtags relevant to your niche and alternate a few under your posts. The functionality of Instagram allows you to place up to 30 hashtags under each post, but it is recommended to post no more than ten to make the post look organic.


Geotags also work well to attract subscribers. You need to mark specific locations where your target audience is. For example, sports clubs, maternity hospitals, museums, restaurants, etc.

By the way, Instagram notifies the owners of establishments that they have been marked. This is a good opportunity for businesses to collect feedback from their customers.



Stories are a powerful marketing tool that cannot be ignored if you want to grow your Instagram business successfully. This section is visited daily by over 500 million users, so it has long ceased to be just a toy for children, or a lifestyle for bloggers.

Stories has many useful features for business:

  • keeps users visible at all times;
  • engages users in activity;
  • allows you to promptly communicate important information;
  • you can duplicate Instagram Stories in Facebook Stories;
  • you can post something that does not fit the format of the main feed;
  • you can run cheaper ads.

Through Stories, you can play with your subscribers by launching various interactions – labyrinths, chains of questions, puzzles, screenshots of predictions. Accounts with more than 10k subscribers can attach active links to Stories. And the most important thing is that you can post an unlimited number of stories, at least 5, at least 10 per day, in addition to the main content plan. This will allow you to always stay visible, attract a new audience and at the same time not bore your subscribers.

Official Advertising

Instagram offers a wide range of targeting ad formats – photo ads, video ads, carousel ads. This is one of the most effective ways to promote on a social network, available exclusively for business accounts.

The cost of targeted advertising depends on the choice of the audience to which you would like to broadcast it. The price is determined in the format of an auction – the more brands claim to be shown to the same audience, the higher the cost.

Advertising with influencers

Placing native ads with opinion leaders of your target audience is the second equally fast and effective way to promote your account. Influencers are people who are trusted by your potential customers. Their ads look like a friendly recommendation and have a high conversion rate.

The main difficulty when working with influencers is choice. There are many bloggers, but there are far fewer good ones with a high-quality engaged audience. Before starting cooperation, you need to carefully analyze the page, its subscribers and their level of trust in the owner.

The main advantage of advertising with influencers is accessibility. Influencer advertising is affordable for businesses of all sizes. It is not at all necessary to order advertising from bloggers of millionaires or celebrities. The trend of the last years is macroinfluencers with an affordable price and albeit a small, but very active audience.

How to attract subscribers through Instaplus?

Instaplus, an automated promotion service, will also help develop a page for an Instagram business. The functionality of the service allows you to promote the page with minimal time costs. You just need to configure and launch Instaplus.


Instaplus features:

  • Automatic search for the target audience by hashtags, geotags, competitors’ followers and affixing likes to them under the photos to attract attention to the page.
  • Automatically subscribe to accounts of the target audience to induce their reciprocity and force them to follow you back.
  • Automatically unsubscribe from non-reciprocal subscribers.
  • Bulk view of stories to increase reach and engagement.
  • Simulate live communication and automatically send comments to users.
  • Collecting lists of target audiences by geotags, hashtags, competitors’ subscribers, and so on.

There is also an option for intelligent promotion, which consists in the simultaneous affixing of likes, comments and subscribing. This allows you to show real interest and thereby increases conversion by 30-40%.

You can promote up to 5 Instagram accounts at the same time through Instaplus. You also get detailed statistics for each account, which allows you to draw up an effective promotion strategy.

Try Instaplus for free

How to do business on Instagram

When running an Instagram business, it is important not to forget that this is primarily a social network created for communication. It is important to give people emotions, show them the face of your business and emphasize your uniqueness.

Instagram has a high level of competition between commercial accounts. If you want to stand out, or at least keep up with your competitors, you need to stick to the right business account model.

Post regularly

Regular posting is the key to success. Don’t let your subscribers get bored, keep them coming back to your page again and again.

Engage with your audience

For successful development, you need to establish contact with your audience. Conduct polls, ask your subscribers for opinion, arrange contests and games for them.

Answer quickly

Try to quickly answer questions and process applications. Most purchases on Instagram are spontaneous and based on emotions. Therefore, the sooner you process the application, the more chances that the client will not jump off.

Connect additional channels

Be sure to add communication channels to the page so people can get in touch with you quickly. These can be links to instant messengers, other social networks, links to a site for purchase.


There are many useful resources on the market today that can facilitate the maintenance of an Instagram account and its promotion.

  • Services, Taplink, help group contacts and create business cards.
  • The Pages mobile application from Facebook and the service will help you collect comments so that you don’t lose sight of anything important.
  • Unfollowgram is a service for tracking unsubscriptions.
  • Livedune is an analytics service that officially collaborates with Instagram.
  • The app allows you to make deep links or spacer links so that ads open in the Instagram app.
  • The Repost for Instagram application allows you to repost other users’ posts to your page.
  • and InstaParserPro are audience parsers.
  • YouScan and Brand Analytics services allow you to manage your online reputation and show everything that others have said about you.
  • Facebook Creator Studio or Boompublic are deferred posting applications.

Why is Instagram good for making money?


Today Instagram is a must-have for everyone. If a business does not have an Instagram profile, the company is missing out on a piece of the market and giving its audience to competitors. This also creates an incredible demand for advertising on the social network.

Here are 7 main reasons why Instagram business is profitable and effective:

  1. Show the face of the brand. With Instagram you can make your connection with your customers more personal.
  2. Expert reputation. Deliver useful information to your audience, earn an expert reputation and thereby increase brand loyalty.
  3. Data collection. The social network provides many tools for collecting data about the target audience and their preferences, which allows you to study your customers and interact with them more subtly.
  4. Traffic generation. Instagram can be an effective source of traffic to your website, blog and other social media accounts.
  5. Active sales. Instagram allows you to effectively communicate USP, promptly notify about promotions, and the possibility of a beautiful presentation encourages users to make impulsive purchases.
  6. High engagement, well-crafted creatives allow you to engage users, create viral content and stay visible.
  7. Impressions in real time. Instagram has the ability to launch live broadcasts, which is useful for many areas of business. In addition, they can be used to conduct quizzes and various competitions.

Instagram is the most dynamically developing social network with a young and active audience. Today, Instagram is visited by over 500 million users, and experts assure that their number will only grow in the future

Business ideas on Instagram

Instagram is open to any business and especially to those who can create attractive visual content from their products. Here are just a few ideas on how you can make money on Instagram:

  • AR masks. Making turnkey AR masks with Spark AR Studio is one of the most appealing niches out there. For the creation of one mask, brands are ready to pay from 2 thousand rubles, and complex work with the development of creatives and promotion is even more expensive.
  • Design. Account design requirements are constantly increasing. Today people are willing to pay for an attractive profile design, conceptualization and branding.
  • Photographer for Instagram. Beautiful photos are very important for successful promotion on this social network, so bloggers and brands are forced to seek the services of professionals.
  • Complex services. Many brands are looking for a ready-made solution to enter the Instagram market. If you know how to draw up a concept, develop ad creatives, develop and administer an account, this niche is for you.
  • Selling your goods and services. It is easy to sell anything on Instagram that can be displayed beautifully.
  • Earnings from advertising. With a well-promoted account, you can earn by placing advertising posts of various brands.
  • Promotion of accounts. Having achieved excellence in the promotion of accounts, you can offer the services of an SMM manager and promote pages to others for a fee.

Tips and tricks

The audience on Instagram is loyal, but you will have to fight for their attention.

  • Share an exclusive. There are a lot of interesting profiles on Instagram. If you want to stand out, you need to be able to surprise.
  • Interact with subscribers. Respond to comments, put likes and comments, ask questions. Remember that this is a social network and it was created for communication.
  • Give gifts. Thank your subscribers for their support by running contests, promotions and sweepstakes for them.
  • Don’t forget about hashtags. You can’t go without hashtags, because they will help you create various categories in your account and attract user traffic to your page.


A huge daily audience of highly engaged users makes Instagram one of the best platforms for business. A user-friendly interface and many useful business tools allow users to start their own business on Instagram with a minimal investment of time and almost no investment. It is only important to delve into the atmosphere of this social network and find your own unique style.

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