Business promotion on Instagram. Top 15 ways to promote.

Recently, more and more clients have come to us to promote their business on Instagram. Therefore, in today’s article I want to share with you the ways to promote your business on Instagram, as well as give recommendations on how to apply them correctly. Well, let’s go)

1. Account registration + linking to FB

Your page should be designed competently and efficiently. The page should contain short answers to the questions: who? What? For whom? Contacts can be specified when there is a place. If there is no space, then you can transfer the account to the “business account” and specify all the necessary contacts there. And yes, do not forget to provide a link to the site if you receive orders from the site (always with a tag!). Business promotion on Instagram also do not forget to link your account to FB.

2. Account avatar

Even such a trifle as an avatar in your Instagram account can significantly increase the conversion to a subscription. I recommend placing on the avatar not a company logo, but a photo of the founder or an expert on whose experience the company was founded.

3. Content

Content rules. Instagram is trying to show less and less advertising publications with selling headlines on banners and texts. And the FB often does not allow them to promote in the news feed. Therefore, try to publish content “from the kitchen of your business” more often: how you work, who works, how you serve customers, the specifics of your work, reviews and, most importantly, be sure to share useful content that will help your target audience disinterestedly! Trust me, it works)

4. Hashtags

The time for the pursuit of popular hashtags is long gone. If you want a high-quality audience, create your own unique hashtags by which your target audience will find publications on certain topics. We recommend placing no more than 5-7 hashtags.

5. Live streams and stories

Have you noticed that the more often you watch the stories of one account, the more often its posts appear in the news feed? So, the more often your target audience looks at your stories (and broadcasts), the more often they will see your posts in the news feed! Don’t forget about it)

6. Business page or regular account

The FB policy is this: if you use a business page, then pay money so that your target audience can see the posts. If a regular account – his posts are seen more often. Yes, pay attention to this point!

7. Chatting with subscribers

Have you noticed that many of your friends watch your news, but don’t like your posts? This also happens with new subscribers to your account! Be sure to communicate with them in the comments, respond to their comments. They need to see that you are available for communication and not closed. Then there will be more comments and likes, and the communication with your company and brand will be warmer.

8. Geo-targeting

Do not forget to indicate the location of publications in your publications. This will grab the attention of local users.

9. Exchanges with related niches

If your product or service does not include absolutely the entire line of products and services, exchange posts and recommendations with funny niches.

10. Advertising with bloggers or crops

Well, everything is clear – look for bloggers, negotiate advertising in their accounts. By the way, don’t chase the top bloggers. There are always bloggers with quality accounts, but who have a slightly smaller audience. They have less queue for advertising (or no queue at all) and they are much more responsible for the quality of ad placement. And yes, don’t expect a million orders after a single placement. Everything needs to be tested.

11. Barter

Everything is simple here – look for a blogger, send him goods by barter, and he advertises you.

12. Contests

Set up contests for your subscribers. But, before starting, be sure to work them out correctly so as not to burn out your target audience with stupid contests.

13. Video

Facebook is very good at promoting videos! In addition, if your video is of high quality, then it will spread very quickly in the news feed. The video also increases the credibility of the company. Nuance! Most often, videos are watched without sound on mobile phones – write captions on the video, yeah))

14. Targeted advertising

Nobody canceled official advertising. But here the ode needs to correctly understand who your target audience is and what kind of post will be very useful and interesting for her! Here I recommend contacting specialists, because without experience you can drain the budget, and FB loves it))

15. Following and massliking

There are different attitudes towards these mechanics. But, personally, they always work for us. The most important thing here is to link your account to a phone number, to mail, and enable two-factor authentication. Today it is a very good growth tool. Yes, until now)

Well, I have described the main ways to promote on Instagram, without going into details. A little later, after all, I will write a separate article for each method or shoot a video.

And that’s all for today. Thanks for attention! Your VK.
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