Business promotion on the TikTok social network? Part 3

2020 was a turning point for TikTok in Russia. A year ago, no one took the new social network seriously: there are only children sitting there, you can only watch dances there.

But the world is changing. And already at the beginning of this year, experts and business realized that in this social network you can find clients and earn money.

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Opportunities for Promotion in TikTok in 2021

First, the audience will continue to grow. The increase is due to adults. And with the arrival of such an audience, the number of business accounts also grows.

Secondly, TikTok will continue to set trends not only within the community, but also outside. I think everyone has already seen videos with a characteristic watermark on other social networks.

Opportunities at TikTok for Experts and Businesses

Business has 2 ways of promotion:

  • Start a blog and sell through it.
  • Launch ads.

Let’s consider each of the options in more detail.

The first way to promote your business. Blog at TikTok

It is considered the norm that every company maintains pages on social networks. And TikTok appears among the usual Instagram, Facebook, VK pages.

Which business should create a TikTok page

The answer is short: everyone. TikTok promotes accounts that don’t break the rules for free. This is the main advantage. If it is customary to come to other social networks with an advertising budget in order to promote content, then TikTok provides a way to promote without investment.

Продвижение бизнеса в социальной сети TikTok? Часть 3

The secret of TikTok promotion success

The secret of success at TikTok is Interesting Content that provokes reactions from people. This social network was originally created as a platform for creativity, creativity, acceptance and naturalness. Here people love any content that makes them feel emotion.

Therefore, it is necessary to approach the creation of content thoroughly.

What to shoot on TikTok for promotion

In TikTok, it is better to stick to the rule: one blog – one topic. Also choose 2-3 related topics that will interest a wide range of people.

Let’s look at an example. In the blog, you talk about social media promotion. This is the main theme. Additional will be: time management, how to work with clients, building a personal brand.

The main theme acquaints viewers with expertise, knowledge, shows goods and services. The purpose of additional topics is to attract a new audience that was not interested in your business. It is wrong to show recipes or vacations in other countries in such a blog. For such directions, start a new blog.

What not to film about on TikTok

There are many rumors that you need to dance to be successful. No, you don’t, of course, if you are not a professional dancer.

Lip-sings are not useful either. The term comes from the English expression “lip sync”, which translates as “open your mouth to the soundtrack.” The format attracts with its simplicity, but remember that very few people shoot interesting videos in this style.

Experts and business should not joke if you do not know how, or grimace. Accounts with useful and expert information gain an audience, even if all videos are made in the form of a “talking head”.

Participating in challenges is useful, but choose only those that are relevant to the topic. It makes no sense to shoot all the trends.

Blogging business on TikTok

Videos should be built according to the rules that are typical for TikTok. You will not be able to take content from other social networks.

To sell goods and services, you need to talk about them, and even better show them in videos. Doing this is native. Videos with a direct call to buy don’t get a lot of views.

For example, you show the product, pack it, carry it to the post office and say goodbye to it. This way, viewers will understand that you are selling them.

Leave the mention of the possibility of purchasing at the end, if you cannot do without it, or put it in the description of the video. Encourage people to go to your profile, which will make it a seller.

TikTok business profile

The description is 80 characters long, so try to summarize your blog topic, include information about purchasing goods and services, and where to go to purchase.

Link Instagram and Youtube. So interested viewers will go to other social networks. Indicate the site or another link, for example, to telegram. Adapt the site for a mobile phone.

Продвижение бизнеса в социальной сети TikTok? Часть 3

TikTok VS Instagram. Which social network to promote in 2021

To answer the question, let’s compare on the following points:

  • Reach.
  • On TikTok, videos can get millions of views at any time from any account. Depends on the reaction of people.

    On Instagram, reach depends on the number of followers and ad budgets.

  • How to interact with your audience.
  • TikTok has only video and live broadcasts. Instagram has more photos, posts, iGTV.

  • Subscriber cost.
  • In TikTok is 0 rubles. You know on Instagram.

  • Content.
  • In TikTok, content is the secret of success. On Instagram, the account is backed up by an advertising company, otherwise the content may not be seen.

  • TikTok “downloads” Instagram.
  • In Tiktok, videos are shot in which you invite people to your Instagram page, thus getting subscribers on two social networks.

Conclusion: TikTok is a traffic source for Instagram, website, telegram channel, etc.

TikTok is the beginning of a sales funnel. Take customers to where you are already selling. This will allow integrating TikTok into the company’s marketing strategy.

Продвижение бизнеса в социальной сети TikTok? Часть 3

The second way to promote your business on TikTok. Advertising launch

Let’s figure out what types of advertising are presented.

  • Challenges.
  • Large brands are more often ordered to increase awareness, for example, Pepsi, Stimorol, Pringles, AliExpress. Located in the “Interesting” tab. The start of the challenge, as well as the prices and conditions of the event, are discussed directly with the representatives of TikTok.

  • When the application starts.
  • Ads appear in full screen for 3-4 seconds when the application is launched. Used by big brands.

  • Branded lenses, masks, stickers.
  • Used by big brands.

  • Targeted ads.
  • Appears mixed with rollers in the ribbon. Marked with a semi-transparent sign “Advertising”. Small business uses. The cost is lower compared to other social networks.

    The success of a campaign depends on the quality of the creative. Remove TikTok, not a commercial. The results will be better.

  • Advertise with bloggers.
  • Advertising from opinion leaders is used on social networks, TikTok is no exception.

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TikTok is developing. Let me remind you that this is the most downloaded application for 2 years in a row. The audience is growing and many niches are still free. Therefore, the business will still have time to find customers on TikTok.

And if you have questions about the article, write in the comments. You will be answered directly by the author or a specialist from our state.

Author: Natalya Belousova – entrepreneur, marketer, IT architect, tiktoker.

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