Buy Instagram likes | THE MISTAKE DON’T

Buy Instagram likes | THE MISTAKE DON’T

Wondering about buying instagram likes? Looking for how to buy likes, but don’t know how and what impact it can have? We tell you everything in this article.

Since Instagram has changed its algorithm from showing photos chronologically to showing posts from those you interact with the most. Many companies and influencers have complained about the difficulty of gaining followers .

These two groups of users using the platform to generate income. It’s normal for people to worry about their posts losing visibility.

As influencers, many receive money in exchange for sponsored posts set up for their audience. Click here to learn more about influencer compensation. This motivates more than one to want to become an Instagram influencer.

The path to success seems pretty straightforward. You just need to make yourself known to a large audience to be visible to brands. Then conclude a commercial agreement with them, who have the necessary budget for influencer marketing.

But having a large following is not a goal only for influencers. Businesses are also seeing how a number of followers is social proof that encourages others to follow suit.

With such challenges in developing an Instagram account, some people sometimes give in to ease. They can then come to buy Instagram likes . Here we see why you shouldn’t be a part of this. We also present to you the impact this may have on your influencer career or your brand.

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How to buy Instagram likes?

Buying Instagram likes can be done through different platforms and with just a few clicks. You usually just need to select an offer and the number of likes you want. Connect your account and choose the publications you want to boost and pay.

However, this method of artificially increasing your number of Instagram likes (or followers) does nothing to improve interactions. But apart from having a higher number of likes on your Instagram photos, your account will not grow any more. At best, this can encourage some people to like your account, but nothing more.

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The point is that to share your photo on the “Discovery” page, Instagram takes into account the Instagram commitment of your account. High engagement being representative of quality content.

But buying Instagram likes is very easy to see . Multiple fake accounts without photos or interactions from them are a huge red flag and a clear sign of suspicious activity. Which allows Instagram to fight this.

Why you shouldn’t buy Instagram likes

So that you understand the impact this can have on your account, here are the consequences that buying a like on your account can have.

There are many reasons not to buy Instagram likes, but let’s look at three of them in particular:

1. It decreases your Instagram engagement

Instagram engagement is the basis of a quality account. The lower it is, the worse the count. This is analyzed by brands for collaborations and by Instagram to highlight your account or not.

évolution taux d'engagement instagram en fonction des abonnés

In general, the engagement rate decreases as the number of followers increases. But let’s say you come across a profile with 1000 followers who get 2000 likes on each photo. It’s not hard to say that many of them are bogus. And it can be seen by Instagram .

Instagram accounts with less than 1,000 followers have an average engagement rate of 8%, while those with between 1,000 and 10,000 followers have an engagement rate of 4%. Accounts with 10,000 to 100,000 subscribers have an engagement rate of 2.4%, while those with over one million subscribers have an engagement rate of 1.7%. These numbers can be useful in determining who is buying Instagram likes.

On the other hand, if the ratio between the number of likes and followers on a photo seems much too high (more than 7%), it is potentially bought likes. The comparison of the ratio between the number of followers and the number of likes makes it possible to detect false likes .

2. Instagram can remove likes you have purchased

If you buy Instagram likes, be aware that they will be given by fake accounts and that Instagram hates fake accounts . He also makes sure to remove them all as they appear. But when an account is deleted, so are those likes. You will therefore lose likes.

According to Jessica Zollman, former Instagram community evangelist, the Instagram team is dedicated to identifying spam and isn’t afraid to deactivate accounts. Since 2014, Instagram has purged millions of fake accounts on the social network (many celebrities have been hit hard), because they wanted to bring more authenticity to the platform.

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Celebrities like Ariana Grande, Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber have all experienced significant drops in subscribers after the Instagram purge in 2014.

As Instagram is constantly purging fake accounts, you will end up losing the likes you have purchased . It does not matter how much money is allocated to these activities. In doing so, you run the risk of having your account suspended.

3. You won’t make money with fake likes

Fake accounts with purchased likes don’t promote your brand. Simply because this one doesn’t feel real and as said before, it’s easy to see if an Instagram account is buying likes.

With the evolution of social media and influencer marketing , brands have access to more tools and knowledge to distinguish fake from real accounts.

As a result, brands are now smarter. Besides measuring your followers, they also look at engagement rates. Without real audiences, it will be difficult to demonstrate a good engagement rate when trying to work with brands.

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And for businesses looking to use fake likes and followers to establish social proof, they will find that their efforts are wasted if no one actually engages with their content. You won’t be making sales like this.

If Instagram is constantly eliminating fake followers and you constantly buy them to keep up appearances, you will end up lose money and potentially see your account deleted .

The lesson to be learned is clear: it’s better to have a small, active and focused community than an audience of fake followers who will never interact with you or buy anything from you.

Alternatives to buying likes

Despite the fact that these likes purchases are strongly discouraged. There are still alternatives to help you develop your account under the best possible conditions. Here are two solutions you can consider to improve your Instagram results:

Develop your account in a natural way

The development of your account in a natural way remains the best alternative when it comes to Instagram account quality.

However, it is neither the easiest nor the fastest. You are not even sure you can succeed.

However, this remains an accessible solution to anyone who wants to develop their Instagram account . If you’re having trouble boosting your Instagram account, don’t hesitate to learn Instagram.

Automate your activity

The second option is to automate your account . Used properly, this solution can allow you to get quick results by reducing the time you spend managing your account.

This is based on the principle of reciprocity. This one wants that if you subscribe to an account that person visits (out of curiosity) your account.

But imagine you subscribe to thousands of accounts per week. And that you also do personalized likes and comments. Well, automation lets you do that, by autonomously performing actions for you on targeted people . Check out Instagram automation here.

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