Buying advertising from a fashion blogger. Successful example and rake

Buying advertising from a fashion blogger. Successful example and rake

An example of checking for cheating and buying advertising from a stylist blogger.

Stylist and Instagram blogger Ksenia talks about the case of promoting her account: what worked and what could have been done better.

Account for advertising

Good afternoon, my name is Ksenia and I am a stylist 🙂

My Account

Instagram-аккаунт fashion-блогера

In my blog I talk about trends and wardrobe selection, and I can also buy capsule wardrobe guides.

A capsule is a set of things that go together sooooo easily, literally without looking. And this is an incredible thrill.

With a minimum of things, you just get a maximum of combinations. And if you add one more item, for example, a T-shirt, then the number of images increases several times, approximately doubles? For example, 13 items will give more than 60 looks.

Through my blog, I sell guides for composing capsules for your tasks.

What have you done

I reviewed almost a hundred bloggers, wrote to them and bought an ad from a blogger that I liked.

How bloggers were searched for advertising

To be honest, it’s hard to find bloggers to advertise. Especially if you’ve never looked for them.

I was lucky, because then trendHERO just got a feature 500 similar bloggers and in support I was offered to try it. The bottom line is that a list of similar bloggers was collected for my account.

похожие блогеры для fashion

Good news – there were a lot of stylists on the list. This means I have good target followers (I love them).

Bad news stylists don’t like to advertise stylists. I wrote to 80 stylists, in total 20 people answered at least something (25%) and only 3 agreed.

So now I would start differently. I would find among my similar ones someone who specializes in make-up and skin care, and then I would look for similar ones. This way we would not compete, but we would have a similar audience.

Ads that didn’t happen

I don’t want to get the impression that I wrote to the first blogger I came across and ordered an advertisement from him. Naturally, I chose from several bloggers and trendHERO helped.

That is, here is a blogger with 534k subscribers.

пример накрутки Instagram-аккаунта

But if you look at her report in trendHERO, you can immediately see a very low ER and a low quality audience.

But we will dig even further and see this:

Подлинность и доступность аудитории в Instagram

The majority of subscribers are from India, although an active audience is in Russia. Clearly a sign of cheating.

And these charts are finished:

Пол аудитории аккаунта в Инстаграм

Как выглядит накрутка у блогера

Процент лайков от подписчиков

The subscribers are obviously cheated.

In this case, the price bites 5000 rubles per story .

With such statistics, it is very scary that her stories are also twisted and there will be no real audience.

Ads you made

Launched an advertisement for @lunkova_yana

Фешн-блогер в Instagram

She has nicer statistics.

Анализ аудитории в Инстаграм

Демография подписчиков

I also liked that Yana replies in the comments – this is important:

похожие блогеры для fashion0

Not ideal by interests and type of audience, but a solid four:

похожие блогеры для fashion1

похожие блогеры для fashion2

Firstly, there are more than 50% real, which is good. Secondly, suspicious people like, and this is also a normal sign if more than 50% of likes from their subscribers.

How much did the ad cost

6 thousand rubles for 4 stories in a row.

What you got

похожие блогеры для fashion3

Firstly, my guess was confirmed that the number of impressions of stories will be 1.5-2.5 more likes.

Second numbers:

  • Price: 6 thousand rubles
  • Coverage: on average 17 thousand
  • Profile Clicks : 1087 + 661 + 668 (I don’t add up, because these may be the same people, or maybe those who have not checked out from the first Stories)
  • Clicks on the link: 327 (the blogger gave a link to the guides)
  • Arrival : 500-600 people
  • Sales : for 3-4 thousand rubles.

I expected more results.

The blogger did not advertise as she said, so it went worse.

From my experience of previous ads, I know that you can put emphasis in different ways. If the audience is warmer, then you can directly sell the guides. For a less warm audience, you need to offer a blog – I have high-quality content and it will “warm up” interest.

Yana had to focus on the blog, not the guide.

Offtopic: I have 1 blogger stylist who does advertisements for me, but she has the topic of capsules, this is what the guide is about. And there sales not only cover the cost of advertising, but also in the black.

As a result, we agreed to advertise a second time, with blog advertising. As a result, I made an advertisement for a guide))), not a blog). Sales 0, arrival of 100 people.

похожие блогеры для fashion4

Only then I saw that she was still promoting purchases on Ali, perhaps they did not coincide very much in terms of target audience. Since I have an average price segment (I show reviews on my blog). Although the guides are straightforward budget.


Overall, I’m happy with the ads. Especially because I didn’t buy an advertisement from an obviously cheated girl.

But it can be better:

  1. Be sure to check the blogger for cheating. Be sure to look at the percentage of likes from subscribers. If the post went to the top, then there may be likes and not from subscribers. But not every post.
  2. Speak the creative that the blogger will post.
  3. Carefully check who the blogger advertised before me (at the time of advertising, trendHERO did not yet have the Sponsored Posts function, but now it does – it helps a lot).
  4. Concentrate on one product and advertise it, and not run several at once (in my case, a blog and guides).
  5. If competitors do not take on advertising, then look for similar blogs, and not wait for them to respond.

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