Clickbait: what is it in simple words

Clickbait: what is it in simple words
Кликбейт: что это такое простыми словами Today we will tell you in simple words what clickbait is and what it is for. Have you ever been interested in a few lines of text in a post so much that you clicked on the link to finish reading the story? It is click-baiting, an over-the-top method of an advertiser to attract viewers to an ad or sponsored article.

If you are unable to attract visitors to your site, the chances of online success are virtually non-existent. However, over the past couple of years, marketers and small business owners have looked to find an easier way to increase traffic by producing and promoting what they call “bait”. Used wisely and economically, clickbaiting can be an effective marketing tool, but caution is advised.


Clickbait: what it is

Let’s take a closer look at what clickbait is and how it works. As well as spam in the text, this very often annoys many users. Clickbait is web content that aims to generate income from online advertising. It does this by relying on sensational headlines to attract clicks and drive social media uploads to the Internet.

For example, the reader sees the text of sensational news, which is very interesting. He clicks on the “continue reading” button, and instead of a story, he sees an advertisement for an inexpensive SEO-promotion of the site, it’s a shame, isn’t it? The key word to remember here is sensation.

Decoy headlines typically aim to exploit the “curiosity gap” by providing enough information to interest the reader but not enough to satisfy their curiosity without clicking through links to related content.

Кликбейт: что это такое

Clickbaiting techniques can be used with both good intentions and malicious intent. On the good side, you have the promotion of quality content for a large audience. In the middle, you have a viral promotion of average content with the sole purpose of generating income. Finally, on the “dark side” of the spectrum, you get clickbait to promote links to malware, phishing sites, and so on.

Hackers and scammers want to reach as wide an audience as advertisers do. If they can trick you into clicking a link, they can trick you into installing malicious software on your computer. They can also send you to a phishing site or any other number of scam sites.

What is YouTube clickbait

Let’s talk about what YouTube clickbait is and what it looks like. Before opening a video on YouTube, you rely only on its title and preview (cover). The owner of the channel, in order to get views, can put on the cover a more intriguing picture or photo. More often than not, in such cases, the pictures are practically unrelated to the content of the video. The same system applies when writing a title for a video material.

Что такое кликбейт в Ютубе

The oldest and most widespread clickbait on YouTube can be considered the spelling of the words in the video titles: “Rzhaka, tin, watch to the end.” The user will undoubtedly be interested in such a presentation. This is especially true when any famous or media personalities are mentioned in the title.

What is clickbait in Zen

Next, let’s look at what Zen clickbait is and how to define it. If you know what Yandex Zen is and are a reader of the content posted there, this information will be very useful to you. Zen clickbait is centered in the headlines.

Its implementation occurs because the feed of news and other material on this site is endless. The channel owner needs to somehow stand out in order to get traffic and income from users reading his material. This is done by writing catchy and sensational headlines.

Что такое кликбейт в Дзене

To avoid falling for this trick, remember a few signs that characterize a clickbait headline:

  • Hiding the information core, without which it is impossible to understand the true content (it is impossible to believe it, but …);
  • Emotional coloring of phrases that does not make sense (frenzy, rzhaka);
  • Providing exaggerated or distorted information;
  • Appeal to the reader and incline to action;
  • Large number of punctuation marks and capitalization of words.

What is clickbait in VK

Now let’s talk about what clickbait is on VK (social network VKontakte). Often, seeing an interesting story or story in VK, you start reading it, but what do we see? The inscription “continue reading”, following this link, you want to see full for sure. But, to the disappointment of many users, the link will most often direct you to a community to join before reading the story.

Что такое кликбейт в ВК

This is done in order to fraudulently increase the number of subscribers in such communities without paying for advertising. Fortunately, at the moment, due to the huge number of user complaints, such articles are immediately blocked when clickbait is detected.

In summary, it’s worth reiterating that clickbait is content that is deliberately overrated or misleading. All this is done in order to attract users to the website for ordering the creation of business card sites, for example, with the help of a sensational headline, while not meeting the user’s expectations.

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