Clubhouse guide: how to become a moderator, speaker and what are bionicles?

Clubhouse guide: how to become a moderator, speaker and what are bionicles?
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Since the beginning of the year, mentions of the Clubhouse have gradually filled the news feeds. The new social network, created by Rohan Seth and Paul Davison, has become the focus of attention of millions of users around the world. And apparently, she has not yet reached the peak of popularity. In the rooms of the Clubhouse, you can not only discuss interesting topics in a convenient format, but also meet such famous people as Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jared Leto. Here they joke, talk, meet and even arrange funny events with thousands of participants. In Russia, only since the beginning of this year, social networks have managed to move from 12th place to 1st in the ranking of the most downloaded applications for IOS. The secret of the success of a social network is the relevance of its model.

Как общаться в Клабхаусе Before Clubhouse appeared, the needs of users for voice communication were partially covered by other social networks, but nowhere was it possible to turn off the video signal and concentrate only on the conversation. The presenters of programs to keep the audience constantly showed something and drew attention to the picture on the screen. The clubhouse became the first online space where users can concentrate on communicating in audio format. The social network also owes its success to a good time to market. In a pandemic, people spend most of their time in isolation, so the quality and format of communication is given increased attention. Due to the peculiarities of the application and registration restrictions for most users, the application is still something unknown. Therefore, today I will tell you how to communicate in the Clubhouse and use all its possibilities.

как общаться в Клабхаус

General Rules for Clubhouse Users

In some ways, the Clubhouse device resembles the functionality of other video conferencing services, but there are differences. The main virtual room for conversations is the room. Depending on the goals and topics, moderators can make them open or closed. In closed rooms, users get access only by invitation or by link. Here you can discuss plans for taking over the castle in an online game with friends or important questions with colleagues from other departments of your company.

Open rooms are more popular due to the unpredictable behavior of participants. Sometimes there can be epic verbal duels between bloggers or fans of TV series. In short, it can be much more interesting than staged shows and films with learned roles.

Tip: When scheduling meetings, pay attention to the number of listeners! The room is spacious, but not rubber. It can contain up to 8 thousand users at the same time.

Participants communicate with each other only by voice. There are no recordings of conversations in the Clubhouse and broadcasts to other sites, so after the end of the session everything disappears. Users can act as speakers, moderators and listeners.

In order to become a speaker of a conversation, you need to create a room yourself or receive an invitation to someone else’s as a speaker. Listeners have fewer rights: they can enter into a conversation only after the approval of the moderator. There are also clubs (associations of interests) on the platform, where you can open thematic rooms. Information about future sessions can be obtained through notifications or invitations. The functionality of the platform makes it possible to make reposts on Twitter and Facebook. With the Clubhouse calendar, you can schedule events.

Правила для пользователей Clubhouse

How to access the Clubhouse

This is perhaps the second most popular search query after “how to speak at the Clubhouse?” The fact is that getting to the platform is not so easy. This is a closed club that only active users can provide access to. It is likely that such a system was introduced to combat bot accounts, from whose raids other social networks are already suffering. Among the possible motives for introducing limited access could also be the desire to create a hype around the new project. The closed platform creates a sense of belonging to an elite society. In addition, attempts by a large number of users to get the coveted invitation attract attention and increase demand.

Each participant has a certain number of invites. At first there were only 2 of them, but later the developers made it possible to invite more friends. In fact, everything turned into an endless auction, where already registered users for a certain amount (on average from 500 to 1000 rubles) sold their invites in chats. A joke even appeared on the network that in this way the owners of the IPhone are trying to get at least some money to pay for a loan for their gadget.

Как получить доступ в Clubhouse When registering, you need to indicate your phone number, first name, last name and nickname. If you already have an invitation, you can immediately use all the platform’s functionality. Otherwise, you will have to wait for someone to send you an invite. When registering without an invitation, the user is put on a “waiting list”. Friends from other social networks see this information and then send an invitation.

Tip: There is a reason to register before receiving an invitation in order to have time to take a free nickname and not add numbers and symbols to it later.

At the very beginning, registration was available only for owners of IPhone (7 and higher), but soon the developers created a version of the application for gadgets with Android OS. For convenience, I advise you to immediately fill out a profile: upload a photo and tell about yourself, as in other social networks. The developers have provided for the use of emoji, so everyone can design their page with the desired degree of seriousness. A correctly filled profile increases the chances of getting into a good party.

How to find rooms and speakers

After activating your account, the system shows you a list of friends who are already registered in the social network. You can also specify priority areas to make it easier for the system to find the rooms that are relevant to you. This is not necessary if you want to find entertainment for yourself. The system will also offer a random list of Clubhouse speakers.

Как найти список спикеров Клабхаус Again, subscribing to someone is optional. After that, the main page of the application with a list of active rooms opens on the screen. You can find out what topic the participants are talking about and how many speakers and listeners are in the room. Click on the card of the room you like and go in. The functionality of the social network does not imply the formation of chats for personal conversation. If you want to be alone with someone, just create a hidden room for you and your interlocutor.

Buttons and Commands

Before you start talking in the Clubhouse, it’s best to understand the controls and learn the basic set of commands. This is not a chat roulette where everyone can say whatever they want without paying attention to the interlocutor. The developers have provided the ability to control the course of the discussion and determine the order of speeches. Most users have their microphones muted during a session while a speaker is speaking. How do I turn the microphone on or off in the Clubhouse?

Как включить или выключить микрофон в Клабхаус To do this, simply touch the microphone image on the screen, as in other similar applications. Using this button, you can send a blink signal to other users while remaining silent. The Raise Hand feature in the Clubhouse also helps to silently signal the speaker that the listener wants to speak up.

Функция поднять руку в Клабхаус After the approval of the moderator, the user can “go on stage”, that is, voice his own remark. It is better to start speaking after silence, so as not to annoy the speakers. Due to the limitations of the audio format, you have to navigate only by sound. However, most users do not pay too much attention to etiquette and leave the room in English using the “Leave with silence” button.

Кнопки и команды в Клабхаус If you want to leave the room politely, you can use the “Leave quietly” button (two fingers up). Swipe to the right is used to sort the rooms: you will see the “Hiden” button to block the room during further search. Swipe to the left to open your friends list. For hooliganism and violation of community rules, you can get a ban, and lose the ability to create rooms. All other options will be available as usual.

How to become a moderator of rooms and clubs in the Clubhouse

A room is a space where conversations take place. It looks quite simple: user accounts are arranged in three rows. In the top row are the Clubhouse speakers and moderators. In the second row, you can see the user accounts that the organizers of the event are subscribed to. That is, they are not random visitors to the room. In the bottom row are the avatars of users who just came to hear what’s going on here.

Как стать модератором комнат и клубов в Clubhouse Who is a Clubhouse Moderator? This is the user who plays a key role in organizing the conversation. He keeps order, turns on and off the microphones of the participants and invites speakers. Multiple moderators may be needed to work with a large audience. This role should only be assigned to those you know personally. Otherwise, it will turn out to be a farce. There are two ways to become a moderator at Clubhouse. The easiest is to create a new room. In the role of the main moderator, you can invite speakers to speak and define topics for discussion. You can also become a moderator in the Clubhouse at the invitation of the organizer. To create a room, set the settings and click “Start a room”.

Как общаться в Клабхаусе 0 They can be of three types: Open, Social and Closed. Rooms like Open are publicly used to discuss something. Anyone can come here. To discuss something in a circle of interested users, use a social room. It is visible and available to all subscribers of the moderator. Closed rooms are used for private conversations with friends. There is also a special type of room that has a green house icon next to its name. These are the so-called club rooms.

Как общаться в Клабхаусе 1 There can be many local chat rooms within a club. The creation of such a union is somewhat more complicated. The fact is that this is still a relatively young option, so it has not been finalized yet. Users can now be members of one club. To create an association, you must submit an application to the forum. When filling out the form, include the name of the club, category from the list, email address, name of the founder and write a description. In addition, you will need to indicate the time zone and days of the sessions. You can also add some interesting question for those wishing to join the club.

Interesting events at the Clubhouse

Despite its relatively young age, the social network has already become a platform for interesting incidents and events in the information space. Old-timers say that one of the first to master the new site was the infocygane. Attempts to increase sales of courses, webinars and methodologies have not met with much success, so now there are a little fewer of them. And yet, there are enough people who want to receive money from sales in the social network in the future. The situation may change radically after the launch of the advertisement.

Another large-scale event, which is more reminiscent of a flash mob, remained a lot of mentions on thematic forums. Until now, the query “Bionicles Clubhouse what is this” appears in the search bar. But first things first. Bionicles are a series of Lego action figures that hit the shelves 20 years ago. Fans of these toys collect them and write interesting stories. In mid-February of this year, Bionicle fans formed a group at the Clubhouse. The avatars had pictures of toy robots, and the participants themselves announced the compilation of a manifesto for the bionicles.

Как общаться в Клабхаусе 2 The purpose of the action was to collect donations to help students who were caught by the police during the February protests in a number of Russian cities. The explosive growth in popularity of the bionicles at the Clubhouse has led to the emergence of an alternative movement of Lego Men. The “confrontation” was accompanied by the creation of many rooms and a surge of internet creativity. Thousands of pictures of bionicles and Lego men have flooded the web.

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Lifehacks Clubhouse

  1. Some users listen to conversations in the background for many hours, not really concentrating on what is happening. I turned off the microphone in the Clubhouse and periodically you catch fragments of conversations coming from the speaker. Such participants are called asleep. Moderators can remove a user from the room to draw attention to what is happening or give them a chance to finally get some sleep.
  2. Chats for exchanging messages or links are not provided by the application functionality. However, users have the option to share textual information with room members. To do this, you need to upload information to the description for your avatar.
  3. After getting to know the platform, users often wonder how to record the broadcast at the Clubhouse. This cannot be done through the application itself. Moreover, other users often do not want their conversations to be recorded. However, recordings of the Clubhouse conversations often appear online. After all, no one forbids using a voice recorder to record sounds from a smartphone.

What’s in the future for Clubhouse?

The social network has very good prospects for development. Its creators managed to understand what exactly the user is missing, and in what form it is best to present a new product. Not the last role in the popularization of Clubhouse was also played by the news about registration of accounts of Elon Musk and other celebrities. Advertising is expected to be launched in the foreseeable future, after which the number of subscribers can be converted into currency. Most likely, the popularity of the network will continue to grow due to the influx of money and professional content makers. This is, however, only one of the possible scenarios.

Experts argue that the innovative service model is at the same time its vulnerability. If other social networks begin to introduce specialized audio chats, then there will be no point in hanging out separately in the Clubhouse. By the way, Facebook and Telegram have already done it. In the future, everything will depend on the mood of the audience and the ability of developers to meet its new requests in time. In the meantime, we will monitor the success of the Clubhouse and enjoy chatting in the rooms.

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