Community management – what is it and what does SMM have to do with it

The SMM sphere continues to replenish with new tools and directions. Earlier, we wrote about the opportunities offered by advertising integrations with bloggers. Today we will tell you about another new effective direction in SMM – community management.

When this phrase appeared, seasoned SMMs did not immediately understand what it was about. But, upon deeper examination, it became clear that the usual work of organizing the functioning of a public in a social network is now segmented into separate directions.

Community inevitability

It is unclear who was the founder of this Anglicism, but the evolution of marketing in social networks has already “shouted” that publics no longer attract the audience just by the mere fact of the presence of original content. We need provocations, interactivity, reasons for involvement and – yes – a dialogue with the audience.

Even in pubs with very specific topics, one has to observe representatives of various social strata. Which, of course, forces you to find different points of contact with them in the content. The administration of the public must be impartial here and include the notorious management, painstakingly analyzing the portraits of the public’s audiences so that no one is left unattended and benefits in the form of comments, likes and reposts.

Комьюнити-менеджмент — что это и причём здесь SMM

An audience ready to donate their time for idle pastime on social networks is the fuel of the life of any public. With the help of activities, the ratings of a public in the social network itself are raised, which allows its owner to get the attention of new subscribers and attract advertisers. Yes, traditionally, it all comes down to monetization, in one form or another. It can be initially a commercial public, or a public blog, where advertising integrations are ordered.

Of course, there is no universal format for community management that would suit everyone. This set of actions depends not only on the topic of the community, but also on the behavioral characteristics of the audience and its basic data – age, geography and gender emphasis.

The first thing to describe the principles of interaction with the audience is the understanding that classic SMM is fundamentally different from community management with an emphasis on creating communication between the site and its visitors, two-way communication. After all, you can often observe publics in which there is a “one-sided game”. Moreover, the administration of the public does not always come out of it as a winner – it just publishes content, even high-quality, and then “nothing” happens. Sometimes this is really enough. But, if you ask any owner of the public – “Would he like to be active in it?” – definitely, the answer will be yes.

Having come to such conclusions, the SMM manager must divide his work in public into the front and internal settings of life support. Community management takes the first position here. Since, the idea of ​​communication will determine what will be said in posts, on banners, when and what goals it all pursues. This path looks very cumbersome, but if it is optimized, then every impulse emanating from the public will create a dialogue, communication in which there is a benefit for everyone. The subscriber gets the attention it deserves, and the community gets more stats and an extra few units of popularity.

Комьюнити-менеджмент — что это и причём здесь SMM

What skills a community manager should have

The key skill of a good community manager is the ability to get used to the image of the target group subscriber and live his day with the public. Relatively speaking, you need to be a bit of a psychologist – to be able to read a person’s request and give him an up-to-date answer on behalf of the community.

Having become, for a while, a subscriber of his public, a community manager will be able to easily see and model content that will resonate and understand in what style, visually and in meaning to arrange it. And also – how to continue the dialogue with each of the audience subgroups.

At one time, Dale Carnegie noted that a person is primarily interested in himself. The era of blogs and social networks has confirmed the words of the psychologist 100%. People post their photos, videos, repost materials of interest to them – telling about themselves in real time to everyone and everything. This, in turn, is consistent with the fact that, as Carnegie noted further, a person is always pleased when he is interesting not only to himself, but also to those around him. Community management allows you to monetize this “narcissism”. They turn to the user, enter into a “conversation” with him. His life and himself, as an individual, are interesting to others. Of course, such a “kindly attention” user will also trust the goods and services advertised in public. And – to “promote” your favorite public to your friends and other users. That is, without expecting it, to help management – to form and develop a marketing network.

Dmitry Orlov, editor of Exiterra business blog

Everything else is a technical matter, which, given a clear community structure, will automatically create an understanding of how and from what to generate content.

A competent community manager can provide the entire SMM department with ideas and tasks and significantly increase the importance of SMM promotion for any project.

How do you personally assess the prospects of community management?

Рекламные интеграции с блогерами: теория и практика

What areas of promotion in social networks do you consider the most effective and promising? How do you assess the capabilities of the modern SMM sphere? Do you use community management to promote?

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