Complete instructions for using disappearing photos and videos on Instagram

Complete instructions for using disappearing photos and videos on Instagram
Полная инструкция по использованию исчезающих фото и видео в Инстаграм

Hello friends! Since yesterday, a stream of visitors has poured into my blog with a hot question: “ Do I receive notifications when I take a screenshot on Instagram? “. In view of the fact that this information was not on the site, I decided to create a small news item and make some clarifications on this issue.

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You probably noticed that a new feature appeared on Instagram last week – “ disappearing photos and videos that can be sent via Instagram Direct .

I’ll tell you more about this feature below, but now I want to immediately answer a question that has excited the entire Instagram community so much.

Is an alert sent when you take a screenshot of an Instagram post?

The answer to this question is very simple: “Yes, Instagram now sends a notification to the creator of the disappearing message if someone takes a screenshot of it.”

I will repeat it once more, so that everyone understands once and for sure.

Instagram notifies only if you take a screenshot of a disappearing photo or video that was sent in a personal message, that is, via Instagram Direct .

If you take a screenshot of any public post to save it to your phone, nothing will happen. The author of the publication will not find out about this. The same applies to regular messages in Yandex.Direct. Notifications are sent only for disappearing photos and videos!

Such a decision on Instagram is quite understandable! If you are taking a screenshot of the screen from a regular post, then there is nothing terrible here. And when you receive a “secret” message in Yandex.Direct, problems may arise. Knowing what type of disappearing content made the Snapchat app so popular among young people, I dare to assume that a similar story will begin to develop on Instagram with the advent of “one-time” content. For those who did not understand, I, of course, mean photos and videos of a confidential or erotic nature. If, for example, you send a friend a secret password or a naked photo of yourself, then it is clear that you should know who and when took a screenshot of such a photo.

I hope that after this little clarification, you now better understand why Instagram has undertaken to send notifications about screenshots and that there is nothing wrong with that. This is done to protect the author of the photo or video from unwanted distribution of personal content.

Now let’s take a closer look at this new feature.

What are disappearing Instagram photos and videos?

Since last week, Instagram has a new opportunity to send “disappearing”, “disposable” photos and videos via Instagram Direct . You can send these photos and videos to one user or to a group of people at once.

What is important to know about disappearing Instagram posts?

  • Any Instagram account, be it public, private, or a business profile, can send missing messages. BUT, you can send such messages only to users who follow you or to those who have already received your messages before .
  • A photo or video disappears from the messagebox after the recipient opens it . That is why they are called disappearing ☺️
  • You, as the sender, cannot view your own disappearing messages.

For clarity, I am sharing with you a short promotional video created by Instagram about the new function.

In my opinion, the function of disappearing photos and videos is far from simple and not at all intuitive, so I have prepared small instructions for you, which, I hope, will help you understand the new features and answer your basic questions.

Complete instructions for using disappearing photos and videos on Instagram

How do I send a disappearing photo or video?

As I mentioned above, you can send a disappearing photo or video to one person or a group of people at once.

To submit your disappearing photo or video, follow the instructions below:

Step. 1 Go to the shooting tab, which is located on the home tab (house) of the profile:

Как отправить исчезающее фото или видео в Инстаграм Alternatively, you can swipe right anywhere in your feed (see video above for how to do this).

Step. 2 Tap the circle at the bottom of the screen to take a photo or video. Add effects if needed.

Step. 3 Next, click on the white circle with an arrow, as in the picture below:

Как отправить исчезающее фото или видео в Инстаграм

Step. 4 Now, select the users or user group to whom you want to send the disappearing message:

  • If you select individual users, each of them will receive a separate private message;

  • If you select a group of recipients, then group correspondence will be turned on, in which each user included in this group can receive. To create a new group, tap New group in the upper right corner of the screen, then select users and tap Create .

Step. 5 Click the “ Send ” button at the bottom of the screen to send the message.

Where can I see the disappearing photos and videos I have sent?

Remember that you yourself cannot view the disappearing photos and videos you have sent. However, you will receive a notification that they have been delivered, opened, played (first and again), and that someone has taken a screenshot of your disappearing message .

After submitting your disappearing photo or video, you will see a circled chat at the top of your Inbox folder.

Где посмотреть отправленные мной исчезающие фото и видео

A bit tricky information about the status of correspondence

  • If you sent a message to one person, you will see the status of this message at the bottom of the conversation, for example, Replay, Screenshot.
  • You will see a white check mark under delivered messages and a gray check mark under open and seen messages.
  • For group chats, press and hold the conversation and select the “ View Activity ” option. Here you will see the status of the message for each member of the group.

IMPORTANT! Remember that you can see the status of a conversation only immediately after it has been sent. If someone replies to your message in a group conversation, you will no longer be able to see the status of your first message.

Can I watch the disappearing photo or video again?

If you want to watch the disappearing photo or video again, then you need to do the following:

  1. Go to your private message box. Here we now have a new paper airplane type symbol (see the upper right corner in the photo below).
  2. At the top of your Inbox, touch and hold the message you want to review.
  3. Select the “ Watch Again ” option.
  4. The second option is to completely remove the message from the list.

Можно ли посмотреть исчезающее фото или видео ещё раз

IMPORTANT! Remember that you can only view the photo or video again after receiving . If you close the message, then it will disappear for you forever. Also, do not forget that if you replay the video, the sender will receive a notification about this.

Well, friends, for today I have everything. Hope I was able to help you understand a little about the disappearing photos and videos feature on Instagram.

I wish you a great time of day!

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