Complex SMM. What is complex SMM promotion

Complex SMM. What is complex SMM promotion

Complex SMM. What is complex SMM promotion? In today’s video I will talk about complex SMM promotion on social networks. Complex SMM is often confused with one-off tasks. Therefore, in today’s video I will talk about what Integrated SMM promotion is and what tasks are included in the SMM complex for promoting a business in social networks. Save and share with your friends so as not to lose!

Hello everyone! My name is Vladimir Kazakov, Madwins SMM agency. In today’s video we will talk about complex smm promotion, what it is and what it consists of. Let’s go!

So, you’ve probably often come across such a term as complex smm promotion. Every entrepreneur who is faced with smm promotion has his own concept about the complex. Someone thinks that integrated promotion is when content is made. Someone thinks that complex smm promotion, when they make a target, is only a target. And someone thinks that complex smm promotion is when they do production, generate photos and make videos. But what is complex smm promotion in our understanding, in the understanding of smm agency?

Let’s say a business comes to an agency and needs smm promotion services. But this business at the start stage does not yet have any base and before that there was no smm promotion. In this case, this business needs a comprehensive smm promotion.


This means that: 1 – this business needs to pack all communities on social networks in their corporate identity, make a description, add photos, cover. Next, you need to develop a strategy for positioning this brand in social networks. Naturally, it depends on the level of the company, on its place in the market, whether it is necessary to make a strategy. Personally, I believe that every company should have a strategy in order to understand what it has at the initial stage and where it needs to come in a certain number of years, a certain number of months.

Development of a promotion strategy

Next, 2 – make a promotion strategy. What we will write, how we will convey information to the audience.

3 – how we will generate content and at what stages we will warm up the audience – everything is done in the smm strategy.

I recommend doing the strategy for at least 1 year.

Positioning and content plan

Further, according to the strategy, positioning is developed using the content plan. A content plan is being developed for at least 1 month. After a month, the results and performance indicators of the content are recorded. Further – for two months, three, six months and a year. And every month statistics are carried out – it became, to understand whether the content works or does not work.

Traffic from social networks

Further, after the content, there is traffic, respectively. Let me remind you once again that we are analyzing a completely zero project that has nothing on social networks. First, we pack, develop a strategy, then we impose a content plan on the strategy, then there is a content plan, after the communities begin to be conducted in social networks, we already connect traffic.

You also need to develop a strategy for traffic, therefore that it is not always possible to sell straight to the forehead as soon as you come to smm. The higher your check, the average check for the provision of services, or for a product, the longer it takes for the audience to warm up and build certain chains to warm up, and then the sale.

Therefore, complex smm promotion is the minimum set of certain services, which are necessary in order for a particular business to attract customers from social networks. Further, the complex smm also includes production, video development, photo development and photo sessions.

I recommend using the minimum set in order for your business to attract applications from social networks. Therefore, do not confuse complex concepts. When you contact an smm agency, do not substitute the concept of complex smm. When the agency hears that you have come to a complex smm, the understanding immediately arises that the business needs to do a lot. And this project is very interesting for any agency, because when an agency makes many stages in complex promotion, then this business can already be run for several years and see results from scratch to a certain turnover only from social networks. Including, we in the agency also provide comprehensive smm promotion, both in content and targeted advertising, video and photo production, and also develop a strategy for smm promotion.

That’s all for today, with you was Vladimir Kazakov, now you know what integrated smm promotion is, subscribe to the channel and our social networks, for now.

In integrated SMM promotion, it is important to start with a strategy. In previous videos, I have already talked about how to develop a social media promotion strategy. Therefore, I recommend that you also watch this video here.

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