Content types: 32 types of social media posts for businesses

Content types: 32 types of social media posts for businesses

Have your own website, social media profiles, but have no idea how to fill them? We will talk about what types of content exist in marketing.

Informational content

People come to the Internet primarily for information. People love not only learning something important to them, but also sharing it with friends and colleagues.

Tasks of informational content:

  • to communicate something new to a person;
  • to give knowledge;
  • to cover the pains of the audience;
  • to achieve company goals.


Lists are one of the most important types of blog content and sites. Firstly, a lot of information can be placed in such articles. And secondly, they are extremely effective in improving the activity on the page. The point is that they are often shared, and headlines are usually boosted by numbers.

Read about what other amplifiers for killer headlines are here.

“How to …”

Such articles and publications on social networks help your subscribers do something right. How-to articles assume that the text in them will describe the process in as much detail as possible.

A practical guide should answer a specific question. Moreover, it is better to write them for the needs of your target audience. A blog dedicated to legal services should not have an article like “How to assemble a stool from scrap materials.”


This is a kind of “how-to”, only the publication is more clearly structured. They are used as a detailed guide to action. Checklists help you focus on the process of completing a task. Sometimes such articles convey algorithms for performing purely utilitarian tasks: from curling hair to connecting a mailing service in social networks.

As a result, well-structured checklists will sort everything out on the shelves, and this will simplify the reader’s task of assimilating information.


This kind of content is useful because you share your impressions with the audience through the prism of your own experience. The “self-tested” principle is more credible than a simple story about a particular product.

A variation of this type of content is a video review. For those who like to watch, not read, this is a great option.

Reviews focus on the product, highlighting its advantages and disadvantages. An honest review is watched with pleasure, conclusions are drawn with its help, and if it is also created creatively, it is shared.


This type of publication tells in detail and step by step what need to be done to solve the problem. In order for a person to thoroughly understand this guide, you can and should add examples of how to do something for which the article or video was created.

виды контента


Guides are publications that will help you make the right choice anything. Such articles will tell you about the products, their pros and cons, consider many options so that the reader chooses what he needs.

A good guide will solve the problem of the target audience and show your expertise.

Questions answered

Often users have questions about a product or company. Sometimes they appear in the comments on social networks, sometimes they are asked by sales managers. Answering questions like these can help build brand credibility and defuse objections. For example, you sell handmade furniture and subscribers often ask: “What materials do you make tables from?”, “How long to wait for an order?”, “Do you make children’s furniture?” As a result, you can gather a group of such questions and record the broadcast, write a detailed article where you answer these questions, record a separate video for each question.

виды контента

Master classes

People from an early age are used to trusting teachers … It has stuck in our subcortex since elementary school. Remember – “the teacher will not teach bad”? Therefore, master classes are another type of publication that will help you build the trust of your audience. This is because when you teach your users something, you automatically become a teacher. You not only teach people how to use your product, but you also explain to your page visitors how to solve their problem.

Such content is also good for promotion services. For example, the stylist decided to please his followers on the social network with a master class on drawing perfect arrows. The interested audience will save this in their bookmarks so that in the evening they can repeat and learn the skill they learned from the stylist.

Selling content

As the name suggests, this is content is needed in order to sell. It is desirable that it be no more than 10-15% of the rest of the content. He must influence the user in such a way that he wants to buy a product or use a service.

Presentation publications

The presentation post tells about the company and the product in more detail. How to use the product, how long have you been on the market, what services you provide – all this can and should not only be described, but also a video on this topic, and good photos to be taken.

There are several questions that your presentation post or publication should answer first of all:

  • Who are you and what are you doing?
  • By what geography are you working?
  • What are your achievements?

It is also important to provide such a post with a beautiful photo or video. The main characters of the visual can be employees or products.


Selling page

A selling page is the page on the site that created for maximum conversion to leads and sales.

Usually it contains:

  • a unique selling proposition;
  • the advantages of a product or service;
  • lead magnet ;
  • CTA (call to action).

Company numbers can be a great addition to remove the objection. Don’t forget to add them to your landing page.


Promo postings

Promo postings should look as seductive as possible for clients. They must be relevant and timely. For example, you should not offer promotions with the offer “buy a swimsuit and get skis as a gift”. A good dinner spoon.

Promotional post components:

  • offer;
  • limitation (by time or by quantity of goods);
  • call to action.

You can read more about how to make shares in social networks in our other article.

Publications with messages about discounts

Discounts are something that both shopaholics and thrifty people like. The most captivating picture and a message about what percentage of discounts await your customers and customers. Often, discounts are tied to any event: “spring discounts”, “New Year’s discounts”, “discounts for the day of the teacher / defender of the fatherland / tinsmith.”


Before / After posts

Posts with this kind of content attract attention, because they are forced to compare. Remember the puzzles from our childhood: “find the ten differences”? So it is with similar publications – the user looks at two pictures and finds changes.

In addition, before / after photos remove the audience’s objections, as they clearly show what happened before the client turned to you and what happened after you solved his problem.


Sales proposal

This type of selling content is a business letter, which contains advertisements.

There are two types of commercial offers:

  • cold (sent in bulk);
  • hot (sent to those with whom managers have already communicated).

Compred components:

  • off-header ;
  • introduction;
  • closing an objection;
  • price (according to the situation);
  • call to action.

Entertaining content

social network was not boring. The main goal is to attract interest through entertainment.

Tasks of entertainment content:

  • to interest the user;
  • increase activity.

Riddles and puzzles

Remember, once upon a time, back in the Mesozoic, people bought paper newspapers? And they usually printed scanwords, crosswords and rebuses on the last page. So, people sometimes like to solve something simple in order to strain their brain a little and enjoy the intellectual game. Puzzles, riddles, tests on websites and in social networks are analogs of such newspaper entertainment.



The joke is dead. And, most likely, this genre of folk fun creativity died due to the fact that memes burst into life. Why tell a story with your mouth and strain when you can joke with a picture.

In addition, if the meme is successful, subscribers will share it with their friends. And this will have a positive effect on the activity of your social networks.

Memes are usually made for a public theme. Often, to make a cool meme, you just need to catch a wave of a popular image on the social network. For example, from the TV series.



This type of entertainment content also helps to engage your audience. He can also motivate people to buy. For example, comics that talk about a problem and how your product can solve it.


Of course, creating this kind of content requires creativity and some practical skills. If possible, you can delegate this to an artist and copywriter, who will draw all of this and provide the pictures with appropriate text. If not, then the network has services for creating comics. For example, Risovach, Comica, Makebeliefscomix.


Beautifully designed quotes on topics of interest to the target audience can, on the one hand, interest subscribers, and on the other hand, make them share the content they like.


Fun Packs

Movies, music, performances, cartoons, books – there is a lot of all this. It is sometimes difficult to choose suitable entertainment among such an abundance. Collections can help subscribers solve this problem. For example, thematic.


If you are promoting a business in the clothing niche, you can post a selection of films about the modeling business. You may be running an auto-themed blog. Create a selection of movies about street racers, etc. etc.

Fun Facts

Fun Facts are what people love to share. First, it is cognitive. Secondly, it is entertaining. Now it has become fashionable to post facts in cards, and at the end add a picture with a call to action – “share” or “subscribe”.


Engaging content

This kind of content is required to increase the engagement of your profile or pages in social networks. Activity in a profile or group should be stimulated as this increases viral reach.

Objectives of engaging content:

  • increase activity;
  • attract new users;
  • retain those subscribers that already exist.

Publications on “hot” topics

The mega-cool rapper donated 666 666 rubles to the social program? Famous former ballerina splits and tore pants? Popular blogger hammered someone with a tripod on Red Square? Why not write your opinion about it. Everyone is catching the hype. If you are not afraid to catch a hate, take a chance. Tell us what you think about this and wait for a reaction. Someone will express their dissatisfaction, someone will agree with your opinion, someone will make a howl in the comments. But subscribers will have fun.



People love to be asked for their opinion. Polls are a popular way to boost audience engagement.

Choose your survey topic carefully. You need to know the needs of the target audience.

Read our article about a tool to help you explore your audience inside and out. A step-by-step example of creating a mind map is on our website.



One of the best motivators is to do what something simple and get something you need for it. Therefore, we need to encourage people to be active.

The competition needs:

  • a cool catchy headline;
  • a detailed description of the conditions;
  • a call to action.

Collection Articles

saved? Then give people something that will be useful for them to have at hand. For example – a selection of services. Or a selection of places to visit. Or a selection of things to buy for your vacation. The topic should be of interest to your target audience.



Infographics can also have a great impact on engagement. This type of content helps you quickly understand a specific topic. The picture is easy to share, and people will want to save it if it’s useful, of course.


“Ask an expert”

Ask subscribers to ask you questions. Announce that you are ready to answer them. First, it will highlight your expertise. Secondly, it will increase engagement on your page.


Reputational content

Reputation content is necessary for to ensure that customers or buyers believe you. Tasks:

  • remove objections;
  • fight negativity;
  • build trust.


Cases help people believe that you or your team can solve his problem. A detailed description of how you do your work, how you get out of difficult situations and get the desired result, remove the objections of the target audience.

You need to add a document and screenshots to the cases to confirm your results. It would also be nice to add a screen with a feedback from a satisfied client here.

By the way, you can see our cases for various niches here.



Testimonials from satisfied customers and customers are a great way to clear objections audience. Being the first is not always pleasant. For example, which doctor do you want to see – a newbie who has no reviews, or an experienced specialist who has been given a bunch of stars and words of gratitude on the website of a medical facility? The answer is obvious. Therefore, asking your customers and customers for reviews will help you get new customers.


As for customer reviews of your product, but with your authorship – there may be ethical issues. On the one hand, if you process a real review and post it on a review site, that’s one thing. The client really liked everything, and you just want to tell the world about it. But, if you just dashed off a fake review – this is not only bad, but can also harm you. If this fact comes to light, the reputation damage to the brand will be unambiguously inflicted. So we do not recommend that you do that. We at Madwins are against dishonest promotions.

Reviews can be posted on:

Best works

This kind of content works especially well for the beauty industry and luxury handicrafts … This is something that must be shown on your website or social media page. Only photos or videos should be of high quality.


Posts with influencers

Has a celebrity or blogger used your services or products? Ask him or her to cover the event. If you can find a photo of this person on your page, it will inspire the audience’s trust.



What happens behind the scenes may be of interest to the target audience. So open this curtain and show them your “kitchen”. Filmed the workflow? Post it. Is your team going to relax after a hard day’s work in a decent environment? Why not show the happy faces of your employees. People trust people. So show them real people, not a faceless brand.


By the way, backstage is cool content for stories. Try to create interesting photos and videos to tell more interesting things about the company.

Company news

Imagine that you visit the website of a company and see that the news section has not been updated for six months. “Isn’t there anything interesting going on with them,” you might think. Maybe they closed at all? Therefore, company news is the section of the site that needs to be updated regularly.

It’s the same with social networks. Posting good news about a company from time to time will improve your brand’s reputation. Are you recognized as the best company in the industry? Have you won a cool tender? Have your products been used at the cosmodrome? Then feel free to share such facts.


There are many kinds of content. We recommend that you test all types of posts and try to post those that are most relevant to your audience.

If you want us to start promoting your business, please contact us. Managers will answer questions.

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