Controlling Instagram followers: the best ways

Controlling Instagram followers: the best ways

All users who at least once attempted to take their account to a new level asked themselves a completely logical question: how to control followers on Instagram? Sitting on the page for hours and monitoring the actions of followers is a very disastrous undertaking.

Modern problems require modern solutions, so we recommend you trendHERO – a unique service that helps you track audience activity. Today the platform has over 90 metrics for analyzing accounts. How to use trendHERO and what are the advantages of the tool? We’ll tell you today.

Brief overview of trendHERO

Service tools and capabilities:

  • Search for bloggers by criteria. More than 12 criteria are available on the platform, by which you can find an influencer that matches the interests of your target audience.
  • Search for similar bloggers. Found the right blogger? How about considering more options? The service will automatically create a selection of 500 identical accounts.
  • Checks for cheats. For advertising to be effective, you need to exclude bloggers who abuse cheats . trendHERO will provide you with detailed data on the quality of the influencer profile – from the level of engagement to the number of bots among followers.
  • Analyzing your account. Do you want to track the development of your own account or analyze the page of a direct competitor? Then you have come to the right place.
  • Advertising monitoring. A tool that allows you to most accurately assess the effectiveness of advertising.


Why monitor subscribers on Instagram

User analytics can help you save money. For example, you decide to order an advertisement from a blogger with a large number of subscribers, hoping for a dizzying result and a wow effect. What will be your surprise when this does not happen, and the budget has already been invested.

Why could this happen? The answer lies on the surface: the influencer has a “dead” audience, low engagement, or a blog topic that doesn’t fit your needs. There can be many reasons. Here the trendHERO service rushes to the rescue, which will provide a detailed report and weed out inappropriate opinion leaders by offering alternative options.

Analysis of your account will determine:

  • target audience preferences;
  • how followers react to content;
  • the most appropriate time to publish materials;
  • post format;
  • promotion methods that will have a tangible effect.

You can also analyze a competitor’s page to understand:

  • its strengths and weaknesses;
  • the ratio of real subscribers to bots;
  • basic statistics;
  • what exactly attracts users to his account.
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How to view subscriber information

How to get information about subscribers? There are several ways: manually, using the standard Instagram metric, or using trendHERO. We will talk about the second in more detail in the following sections.

Official Instagram app

Instagram has a built-in Insights analytics service that is available to business account holders. True, here you will only get superficial information about the audience. Most of the indicators are standard:

  • number of followers;
  • interactions with content (interactions with posts and stories, replies, reposts, popular posts);
  • covered accounts (impressions, profile actions, visits);
  • number of publications and mentions;
  • demographics;
  • engagement and so on.

To view the statistics, go to your page and click on the “View professional resources” button. A list will open in front of you, select the item “View statistics” .

Statistics from trendHERO

The trendHERO service has more than 90 metrics in its arsenal that will help you to analyze in depth not only your own account, but also other people’s profiles. It is enough to enter the user’s nickname in the search bar and the following graphs will open in front of you:

  • audience location and gender;
  • graph of the growth of subscriptions and subscribers;
  • distribution of posts and percentage of likes from followers;
  • distribution of comments by type;
  • interests.

лера бородина


If you are not eager to understand charts and diagrams, the site has a large amount of statistics in numbers:

  • number of subscribers and subscriptions;
  • percentage of quality audience;
  • number of likes and comments per post;
  • number of video views;
  • number of publications per week;
  • average number of likes;
  • engagement rate;
  • authenticity and audience accessibility.

What is trendHERO showing?

Want to know who is following your profile? Then go to the Audience Analysis section.

Audience reach

This metric helps to find out the percentage of followers who are subscribed to less than 1,500 profiles.

The more subscriptions a person has, the less often they will see your posts, and this, most likely, will not please a potential advertiser.

Audience authenticity

Shows the percentage of the real audience. This does not include bots, mass followers signing up for quantity, and questionable profiles.

If you want to monetize your account, then try to attract only “live” subscribers.

Average number of likes

This way you can track the audience’s reaction to advertising posts. The metric also shows how followers perceive the content (which posts they don’t like, and which ones give good feedback).


Demographic characteristics

Here you can see the gender of the audience, its geolocation, as well as main interests. An important role is played not by the region in which the bulk of the followers are concentrated, and not even by the age indicator. First of all, it is important for you to know who is the most active part of the target audience.

This can be clearly demonstrated by the “everyone” and “like” charts. The metrics in both charts must match.

пол аудитории

Audience type

A useful metric in analysis is audience type. The service builds a chart that shows the percentage of different types of subscribers.

The most valuable are real users and commercial accounts. If the percentage of suspicious pages and mass followers prevails on the chart , then you need to cleanse subscribers, otherwise advertisers will quickly notice the lack of feedback and stop working with you.

It is also necessary to take into account the specifics of the page. If you are promoting goods and services in the B2B category, then the number of commercial profiles may be higher.

тип аудитории

Subscribers Growth

trendHERO also shows the increase (or decrease) of followers over the past 4 weeks, which allows you to clearly trace the impact of ads, giveaways and markups.


For example, if you see a sharp spike in subscribers followed by an equally sudden drop, this indicates that the account took part in the giveaway. Users who subscribed to the page only because of the prizes are actively unsubscribed after the end of the competition.


Below is a classic example of using a cheat or advertising launch:


Distribution of posts and percentage of likes from subscribers

On the trendHERO website you will find this graph:


The blue column is for regular posts, the blue column is for posts with a mention.

Hover over a column to see a record. Also, the percentage of likes from subscribers will be available to you.

The graph demonstrates two things:

  • frequency of posts;
  • how many likes from subscribers (in percentage) each post gets.

What is subscriber likes percentage? For example, your last post got 1000 likes, 674 of which are followers’ likes. Therefore, we divide 674 by 1000 and multiply by 100% = 67.4%.

If an influencer runs an ad or gets to the top for a hashtag, then he gets likes from accounts that do not follow his page. It is the likes “from outside” that are shown in this graph.

It’s not cool when a blogger has a lot of likes from “leftist” accounts. This may indicate two circumstances: either he abuses “gray” promotion methods and cheats, or users mainly see his posts in “Interesting”, and this is a cold audience that has not yet had time to gain confidence in the influencer. Therefore, advertising with such a blogger will not bear any fruit.

Let’s take a look at some illustrative examples .

This graph shows that 90% of likes are put by subscribers. It is okay if there is no traffic from “outside”. But the posts that were posted on January 19 and 31 have received a lot more hearts. If you hover over a column, you can see what is the reason for such a surge. For example, a post might contain a popular hashtag or a call to enter a contest.

Why is this not a blogger’s advertisement? It should have influenced the upcoming posts.

лера бородина0

Wave-like statistics with a large number of “outside” likes:

лера бородина1

A similar trend is typical for viners or media people who invest in promotion and attract followers through entertainment content.

It is impossible to exclude cheating, so in this situation you need to look at the diagram of audience type and comments. If the percentage of suspicious accounts exceeds 10%, then we are dealing with a blogger who sins with cheating.

Audience interests

In this case, it is necessary that the main value coincides with the subject of the profile.

How does trendHERO service determine the interests of the target audience? The program selects subscribers and downloads their subscriptions, and then analyzes what categories of accounts they follow.

For example, checking the influencer @katya. Masha and Anton are subscribed to the girl. To understand the interests of these people, we dump their subscriptions, tick the business profiles and define their categories. Thus, we learned that the guy and the girl mostly follow online clothing stores.

лера бородина2

Comments by type

It has become much more difficult to wind up subscribers now, so influencers rushed en masse to cheat comments. Probably, you have come across more than once contests in which you need to leave a laconic comment or tag a friend. This is exactly the situation shown on the graph:

лера бородина3

As you can see, most of the comments are short (these are most likely marks or monosyllabic reactions to the publication), 15% are suspicious, and only 6.5% of the total can be attributed to real ones.

Another convenient metric is the percentage of like and commenting accounts with more than 2000 subscriptions. Sometimes bloggers sit in “activity chats”, leaving comments under the posts of other influencers, restaurants, beauty salons and online stores (mutually, of course).

If your blogger has a large percentage of comments from accounts with more than 2000 followers, this is highly suspicious.

лера бородина4


The graph shows changes in the Engagement Rate of the account. The norm is a chart in waves with fluctuations of 1-2% percentage points.

лера бородина5

On average, an ER of 5% is considered normal. It’s good if the engagement on the account fluctuates between 8-15%.

A low level of engagement signals that: either the blogger has low-quality content, or he buys subscribers who are not showing any activity.

How this indicator is calculated: the service sums up the likes and comments of the last 18 posts, divides by the number of posts, and the resulting number is divided by the number of subscribers in the account.

How to evaluate the quality of subscribers

High-quality audience – real and commercial accounts, as well as influencers who actively interact with your posts, and not just gather dust in subscribers. The term “quality audience” does not include suspicious profiles and mass followers .

Audience types and how to define:

  • Suspicious. This category includes bots and inactive pages. They can be determined by the combination of the following indicators: avatar, number of comments and mentions, quality of content, presence of hashtags and descriptions in the profile header.
  • Commercial. Pages that sell products or services. Here, too, you need to pay attention to external signs (installed avatar, ratio of subscribers and subscriptions, and so on).
  • Mass Followers. People looking for reciprocal subscriptions. The account has more than 1,500 subscriptions. These accounts will most likely not see your posts because their feed is full of posts from thousands of other profiles.
  • Influencers. Profiles with over 100,000 subscribers. For accounts with 5 to 100 thousand followers, it is additionally necessary to check the number of subscriptions and post publishing patterns.
  • Real. Pages that do not fit into any of the above categories.

лера бородина6

How to use trendHERO

Go to the trendHERO website and click on the “Register” button located in the upper right corner.

A special form will open in front of you. Enter your email address and password. Then click “Create an account”.

лера бородина7

After that, you will be taken to a dashboard – an information panel that contains:

  • a field where you must enter your account nickname for verification;
  • browsing history and demo reports (you can see how the service functions on the example of other pages);
  • search for bloggers by specified parameters;
  • tracking (here you can track the growth of subscribers, the effectiveness of posts and ads);
  • sponsored posts;
  • a list of bloggers that can be filtered by the number of subscribers, engagement rate, average number of likes and comments, audience growth rate.

лера бородина8

After you have entered the blogger’s nickname in the search field, you will be presented with a page with brief analysis results. Many important metrics are closed, so the information received will clearly not be enough to sensibly assess the effectiveness of the influencer.

To get a detailed report, you need to debit one unit of the service’s virtual currency from your account (in total, 1 free check is available).

лера бородина9

Only then will you be able to get acquainted with the detailed data – from the level of engagement to the type of audience.

Benefits of trendHERO

Below is just a small part of the advantages of the service:

  • over 90 metrics for analytics;
  • there are over 45 million accounts in the application base;
  • the ability to analyze not only your profile, but also other people’s accounts (a great option for those who plan to order advertising from a blogger);
  • there is a special tool that helps to find similar influencers, thereby significantly reducing the time spent on searches;
  • in just a couple of clicks you can export bloggers to Excel file;
  • all reports are available in PDF format, so you can easily insert statistics into your presentation or use for your portfolio;
  • you can create your own blogger selections using the Favorites & Lists tools;
  • in order to work with the service, you do not need to provide trendHERO with either a username or a password for your account;
  • the program analyzes both personal and business accounts;
  • you can get a list of bloggers who do not sell ads on exchanges.

Tips and nuances

Here are some recommendations on how to act on the analytics and statistics generated by trendHERO:

  • Choose the most suitable time for posting. Now the Instagram feed is formed by a special algorithm, which means that there is simply no ideal time for posting materials. Each profile’s followers are active at different times, so trendHERO analytics can help you identify when your followers are most interested in your content.
  • Optimize content based on demographics. Analyze your audience by gender, age, and location. Find out which posts your followers perceive best: by likes, comments, reach, and engagement. Demographics are extremely important. The content type should be different for men and women.
  • Periodically clean your followers. Bots, mass followers and empty profiles are the enemies of your statistics. The times when everyone was chasing the number of subscribers, fortunately, have sunk into oblivion. Nowadays the quality of the audience is more important to potential advertisers, so we recommend getting rid of “dead” pages.
  • Analyze your competitors. This will help you avoid stepping on the same rake and build your own strategy taking into account other people’s mistakes. Moreover, it is important not to copy competitors, but to do better.


Want to succeed on Instagram? Then pay special attention to subscribers. In this case, trendHERO will help you – a service with a huge number of metrics for in-depth audience analysis.

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