Conversations in VK: how to create, add, find and delete

Conversations in VK: how to create, add, find and delete
как добавить в беседу в ВК

Sometimes it is very important to correspond with several people at the same time in order to resolve all issues without the effect of a “damaged phone”. If you are an active user of the VKontakte social network, you will need information on how to create a conversation in a VK group. It has enough features so as not to lose to messengers in terms of functionality and to ensure the comfort of communication. Using a practical example, let’s figure out how it works, how to create a conversation in VK and skillfully manage it. On toes for dummies and even full saucepans. Everyone will understand.

Step 1: create a conversation on VK

If you need to correspond with 2 or more contacts at the same time, the conversation format is ideal for this. To create it, take a few simple steps:

  • Click on the pencil leaf symbol in the right corner to start creating a conversation:
    Беседы в ВК
  • Select from the list of contacts the people you want to add to the conversation. Do not worry if someone has not been added, as you can add new participants to the conversation at any time afterwards.
    Беседы в ВК
  • At the same stage, you can add the name of the conversation, upload a photo of the conversation, and then click on the “Create Conversation” button!

Создать беседу ВКCongratulations: now you know exactly how to add to a conversation in VK, but she still needs to learn how to use, which we will do next.

как добавить в беседу в ВК

How to add and exclude a person from a VKontakte conversation?

Let’s figure out how to add and how to remove a person from a conversation in VK. When you hover over 3 dots in the upper right corner of the dialog, you can see a drop-down menu that opens up many possibilities (we’ll talk about them in more detail below). Now we are interested in the item “Add interlocutors”.

Как добавить и исключить человека из беседы ВКонтакте

We select new interlocutors according to the already familiar scheme and add them to a friendly (or not so) party.

Добавить в беседу ВК Do not forget to click on the “Add interlocutor” button at the end!

Добавить в беседу ВКIf you want to remove someone from your interlocutors (out of sight, out of mind, I understand), you can also do this in a couple of clicks:

  • Click on the number of members:
    удалить из беседы ВК

You will see a list of all the participants in the conversation and you can work with it:
Как посмотреть перечень участников беседы

  • By clicking on the “checkmark” a submenu opens, and there is an item “Exclude from conversation” for those who think how to exclude a person from a conversation on VK!

Беседы в ВК0
Here you can also see how to transfer the creator of the conversation to VK, change the administrator. Just make the new member an administrator by clicking on the appropriate first link.

Conversation Control Unit

Let’s take a quick look at managing the conversation. To do this, go to the appropriate item:
Беседы в ВК1 All possible settings will open in front of you to determine which of the participants has what powers.

Беседы в ВК2

How to tag each other in a conversation?

Even in the midst of heated group discussions, it can be important to reach out to a specific person for a productive dialogue. To do this, you need to know how to mark a person in a VK conversation. He will receive a notification about this and will be able to immediately rush into battle. How to do it: enter the @ symbol in the message field, and the social network will offer you users to mark:
Беседы в ВК3This is a very simple option for mentioning a person in a VK conversation without entering his nickname by hand. Also, the internal possibilities of the conversation provide additional opportunities (in the same menu): you can mark those who are online, as well as in the screenshot you can understand how to mark everyone in the VK conversation:
Беседы в ВК4 Let’s imagine that we have selected all the participants in the conversation:
Беседы в ВК5At this time, participants will receive an alert:
Беседы в ВК6

Chat Link: How to Create and Use?

An equally important request is how to send a link to a conversation in VK (for example, in instant messengers) so that people can join without the participation of an administrator. In the “Information” section (click on the number of participants) there is a corresponding item:
Беседы в ВК7 When you click on it, you will clearly understand how to link to a conversation in VK. It is enough just to copy it (you can put a slider so that the last 250 messages are available to “beginners”):
Беседы в ВК8

You can use this link, generated by VKontakte automatically, as an invitation to a conversation in VK. Send it to everyone who is interested so that they do not have to worry about how to find a conversation on VK.

Беседы в ВК9

There is another frequent request from users: how to find out the ID of a conversation in VK. Everything is also very simple here. The main thing is to open the conversation not in the application, but in any browser. There, in the address bar, you will see several numbers that follow the expression “sel = c”:
Беседы в ВК0 In our case, this is 86. Please note that each participant will have a different conversation ID.

How do I create a poll in a group?

The next question on the agenda is how to make a survey in a VK conversation. Sometimes it is necessary to immediately find out the opinion of all participants in order to decide on a decision. It is convenient that even a child can master how to create a poll in a VK conversation. When you hover over a paper clip next to the field for writing a message, you will see several options, among which the most recent will be “Poll”:
Беседы в ВК1 By clicking on this item, you will open an additional window with settings for the poll:
Беседы в ВК2 in a VK conversation, you will fill in all the points step by step (you can even choose a design). Note the additional settings:
Беседы в ВК3

Once you have entered everything into the survey and are ready to send it, click on the “airplane”:
Беседы в ВК4

Now you know how to arrange a survey in a conversation on VK, and it will look something like this:

Беседы в ВК5

How to pin a message in a VKontakte conversation?

If you want to pin a poll in VK in a conversation (or any message from the current correspondence) – for example, you need to have the payment details in plain sight for convenience, this can be done in exactly 2 clicks:

  1. Click on the post you want to pin at the very top:
    Беседы в ВК6
  2. Select the “button” icon on the top panel and click on it:
    Беседы в ВК7

Voila, now you know in practice how to pin a message in a VK conversation by spending 2 clicks on it (and no more).

Calls in conversation on VK

Briefly, we note that calls are available in a VK conversation. You can communicate simultaneously with several interlocutors in the conference format:

  • Select an audio or video call:
    Беседы в ВК8
  • Add people to chat:
    Беседы в ВК9
  • You are on a call!
    Создать беседу ВК0
  • Use calling tools in conversations: raise your hand, get a call link so other participants can join, screen sharing, open chat in parallel:
    Создать беседу ВК1

Music connected us or playlist of VK conversation

If during the correspondence you sent audio files, then you can thus create a full-fledged playlist of conversations in VK. How can I find and open it?

  1. Go to “3 points” and select “Show attachments”:
    Создать беседу ВК2
  2. We are interested in the tab with audio recordings:
    Создать беседу ВК3
  3. Just open the song list and it will be a complete playlist:

    Создать беседу ВК4

Entertainment bots: adding to the conversation

Today there is a new phenomenon – entertaining bots for VK conversations. They can greatly improve the mood in the chat. Let’s analyze this using the example of how to add the bot Kai to a VK conversation in steps:

Создать беседу ВК5

We follow all the recommendations. If everything is done correctly, it will send the following message:

Создать беседу ВК6 You can read the information and use the Bot as conveniently as possible, as it is a great tool for managing a conversation. Loyal Assistant to the Administrator. You can delete participants, throw them into a ban, and so on. Very handy for large conversations:
Создать беседу ВК7

Deleting and restoring VK conversation

In the final, we propose to consider a logical question: how to delete a conversation in VK and how to restore a deleted conversation in VK (for fickle individuals with a sense of cognitive dissonance), if necessary.

If you want to leave the chat, click on the appropriate link:
Создать беседу ВК8

You can bring down all bridges and even delete all messages in the correspondence in parallel with the exit:
Создать беседу ВК9

I can congratulate you: now you are not officially a member of this dialogue, and the question of how to close the conversation in VK has been resolved:
как добавить в беседу в ВК0

If you change your mind and now on dark evenings with a cup of cocoa on the windowsill dream of how to return to a conversation in VK, do not worry, this can be done. Go to the conversation (it remains in the conversation, you just don’t see any new messages) and select the “Return to the conversation” link:
как добавить в беседу в ВК1

Welcome to Neverland! You know how to restore a VK conversation from the dead. If you have completely deleted the conversation when you leave, you can use the link to get back into it.
как добавить в беседу в ВК2

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