Create and manage a professional advertising account on the Facebook Business Manager

Create and manage a professional advertising account on the Facebook Business Manager

By default, Facebook associates a personal advertising account with each user, allowing you to set up “ publication boost ” type advertisements or complete campaigns allowing the use of all targeting options provided by the social network.

It’s a good start to get started in setting up campaigns on Facebook & Instagram, but the personal account quickly becomes limited when it comes to working with several people inside an advertising account because :

  • the personal advertising account depends on the existence of the profile to which it is attached (disappearance of the account in case of deletion of the profile)
  • it is only possible to create one personal advertising account: in the case of setting up campaigns for different companies, they will all be grouped in the same place without possible segmentation

It is therefore very often recommended to switch to professional advertising account, accessible by creating a business on the Business Manager Facebook .

1) Create a business Business Manager Facebook

To create a business on the Facebook Business Manager, you will need to go to this link .

After having clicked on “Create an account”, a screen will be proposed to you in order to inform:

  • the name of the company
  • your username that will appear in the company
  • your work email address

Once this is done, you will arrive in a space called “Company Settings”, where you will come back regularly when working with other users.

A blue “Add” button will allow you to invite other people working with you within the Business Manager company you have just created.

I recommend that you add these people later, because you will need to add various resources within your company first:

  • your Facebook page (s)
  • your Instagram account (s)
  • create one or more professional advertising account (s)

When you click on the “Add” button in the “Advertising accounts” section of the Business Manager Facebook company, you will be offered several options:

  • add an existing advertising account to move it within your company Business Manager Facebook
  • request access to an advertising account to use it without claiming ownership
  • create an advertising account

In our case, we will start with the creation of a professional advertising account. You will need to give your account a name, set the currency and the corresponding time zone.

Then, Facebook will ask you “for whom” this account will be used, namely your business Business Manager or another:

2) Configure your professional advertising account

Once your professional advertising account is created and linked to your Business Manager Facebook company, it is necessary to perform certain configuration operations.

A) Appoint administrators on the advertising account

The first step may be to name the different people who will need to have access to the account to set up advertising campaigns on it.

To do this, you will need to add these people inside your Business Manager Facebook company:

On this occasion, you will be asked to:

  • enter the e-mail address used by the person to create their personal Facebook account
  • choose the level of power to give to this person, between “administrator” and “employee”

It will then be necessary to assign to this person the various resources to which he will need to have access as part of the implementation of his advertising campaigns, namely:

  • Facebook pages
  • advertising accounts
  • product catalogs
  • applications

People invited this way will receive an email asking them to confirm their registration in your Facebook Business Manager company.

B) Add a means of payment

Of course, for your Facebook advertising campaigns to be delivered, at least one payment method must be entered in your professional advertising account.

To do this, go to the “Invoicing” tool of your Facebook Business Manager, accessible by clicking on the “Menu” button (9 black dots), as we see below:


You will then get a button named “Payment settings” located at the top right of the screen as below:


You can then add a payment method:


Several options will be available to you, namely:

  • credit or debit card
  • paypal
  • online banking
  • Facebook advertising coupon

C) Fill in the billing information

Once your first campaign is launched, Facebook will issue you invoices, most likely intended for your accountant or accounting department.

It is therefore important that these contain the correct billing information, that is to say the mention of your company’s postal address.

You will then have to go to the settings of your advertising account:


An insert will be available to fill in the information to highlight on your invoices:

  • company name
  • postal address
  • country

To go further:


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