Create Animated Instagram Stories: 5 Must-Have Apps

Create Animated Instagram Stories: 5 Must-Have Apps

Wondering how to create animated Instagram Stories ?

Adding animations to your Stories is a great way to create content that captures the attention of your followers, and has been a real trend in social media communication over the past few years.

Fortunately, you don’t need expensive hardware or creative teams to produce Animated Stories – there are plenty of apps out there that will let you achieve great results with just a few clicks.

I’ll take stock of 5 of them throughout this article, some of the simplest and most powerful on the market, all with great free features.

1) Instories

Instories includes lots of pre-designed Stories templates, over 100 different fonts, icons, stickers and effects to make sure your followers don’t skip your Stories (too quickly).

To start, select a model. Then you will be able to customize the colors, fonts, animations or borders. A free version is available with already a lot of possibilities.

The application is available on iOs .

2) Storyart

If you are looking for an iOs and Android compatible app with similar functionality, Storyart is a good alternative.

From the home page, models of Animated Stories will be offered to you, according to different categories such as “Popular”, “New”, “Animated”, “Minimal”, “Movies”, “Fresh”, “Elegant” , “Girly”, “Holidays” or “Texts”.

3) Storyboost

With Storyboost, you’ll have access to over 1,000 customizable Story Templates.

The app, available on iOs , also includes stickers, Gifs and fonts to make your content unique.

This is how it looks:

4) Adobe Spark Post

Although Adobe is particularly recognized for its software intended for professionals, Spark makes the production of visual content accessible to everyone, without any real graphic design experience.

It is possible with this tool available on computer or smartphone to be able to add a touch of animation to your text or subtle movements to your visuals.

This app, available on iOs and Android , also offers many templates, with millions of free images, filters and fonts to perfectly align your content with your brand graphic charter.

5) Enlight Pixaloop

This application stands out compared to previous ones in that it allows you to bring your static images to life.

This app, available on iOs and Android , is particularly easy to use.

In the example below, I applied an animated filter to add a dynamic sky instead of the original.

To go further:

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