Creating a corporate Linkedin page: the complete guide

Creating a corporate Linkedin page: the complete guide

How to create a LinkedIn page for your business?

Linkedin is undoubtedly the go-to social network when it comes to communicating with professionals. In France, nearly 20 million registered users log on regularly to follow the news, look for a job or find new customers.

Throughout this article, I will show you how (and why) to create a Linkedin page for your company, with the highlighting of concrete examples of communication actions of companies from multiple sectors, and I will explain to you how to gain qualified Linkedin subscribers .

What is a corporate Linkedin page?

Your personal profile is very useful for sharing your CV, finding a new job and promoting your personal brand image.

However, at the level of a company, it is necessary to have a specific tool, as is the case on Facebook: the company Linkedin page .

With it, companies can promote their own products & services, post vacancies and much more.

For example, I will use my own corporate Linkedin page to share my different blog posts, and thus demonstrate my expertise on different topics.

Do you need to create a Linkedin page for your business? First, learn about all the benefits that this will bring you.

The advantages of owning a Linkedin Company page

First, let’s take stock of everything that will be possible to do once you have your corporate Linkedin page.

1) Promote your products & services

A corporate Linkedin page will give your company another way to promote your business offering.

For example, you can introduce your products & services, describe their benefits to your subscribers and share links to your website.

Contentsquare has shared a post on its corporate Linkedin page where it offers subscribers to learn more about all of the services offered.

With a company page on Linkedin, you can also create a Linkedin “showcase” page , in order to highlight a specific brand, subsidiary or initiative.

For example, the company Microsoft offers visitors to its corporate Linkedin page other affiliate pages, as seen below on the right:

2) Find candidates for your vacancies

With a company Linkedin page, you will be able to benefit from additional functionalities in order to fill positions within your company.

For example, you can post your various job offers in the form of publications, with a link to your website, so that we can consult the job description in detail.

This is what is regularly offered by the chartered accountant firm Denjean & Associés , as we can see an example below:

The company’s Linkedin pages will also have a section dedicated to recruitment called “Job offers”, where people interested in the company can easily find all the offers to which it is still possible to apply.

/ p>

Beyond simply posting offers, some companies will use their corporate Linkedin page to try to make people want to apply, spontaneously or not, by publishing content aimed at working on their employer brand.

It is therefore, for example, through articles, videos or online conferences, to show how working within the company allows to have a serious mission, with meaning and opportunities for progression.

This is particularly the case for the company L’Oréal , which regularly publishes interviews with its employees, in a desire to emphasize the atmosphere and working conditions .

3) Share useful content

Linkedin is a particularly interesting social network for sharing informative content useful to our network, whether from the personal profile or the company’s Linkedin page.

For example, you can share blog posts, videos or webinars to educate your audience about your products & services, and guide them through the buying cycle.

For example, the Sage company regularly shares videos on its corporate Linkedin page, in order to share expert advice for professionals who can use its software / services.

4) Increase your SEO and overall online presence

Your prospects should be able to find you if they are looking for information about your products / services.

Having a Linkedin page today is comparable to having a website, as it is becoming more and more common for users to search directly in the social network engine.

If you are found following a request, Internet users will then be able to satisfy their curiosity about you, and the nature of your publications will have a fundamental impact on the image you generate.

5) Engage in conversation with your target audience

Particularly important for B2B companies, owning a corporate Linkedin page allows you to interact with your prospects & customers through comments from publications, for example.

6) Launch targeted B2B advertising campaigns

Each owner of a corporate Linkedin page has the possibility to set up advertising campaigns , which can be presented in various ways:

  • sponsored posts to highlight an article, video, white paper or service
  • ads to gain followers on the Linkedin page
  • advertisements to recruit new collaborators

Here is how it can appear in the reception of a Linkedin user:

Before starting, it is essential to check the following potentially blocking points:

  • your personal Linkedin profile must have a first and last name
  • you must complete at least your personal profile to reach the “Intermediate” level
  • you must have at least some contacts

Step n ° 1: create the “Company” page

First, log into your personal Linkedin profile, then click on “Products”. At the bottom of the list, you will have the button “ Create a Linkedin page “:

You will then be asked to choose between different types of Linkedin pages, namely:

  • Small enterprises
  • Medium and large enterprises
  • Showcase page
  • Educational institution

For the purpose of this article, I will go on “Small Business”.

You will then be asked to enter various information about your company on your Linkedin page, namely:

  • his name (if possible use the same name on all of your social networks for more consistency)
  • his public Linkedin URL (this is to avoid having many letters and numbers in the URL of your Linkedin page, and thus personalize it in the colors of your company)
  • sound website

Then, you will be asked to fill in the following points:

  • the sector of activity of your company
  • the size of the company (number of employees)
  • the type of company (legal structure)

Finally, it will be possible to upload your company logo now, and you will have to confirm that you are the legal representative of the company, which gives you the right to create its Linkedin page.

/ p>


Step 2: complete and format your Linkedin “Company” page

If you want your Linkedin page to give a serious image of your business, you will need to polish it by adding various elements to your company colors.

Add a band of cover

Make your page more professional by uploading an image to it that appears at the top. These could be images of your products, a photo of your team, or a larger version of your logo.

You then have multiple options for your cover banner, but make sure that the visual created is at the right dimensions, that is to say 1,584 px by 396 px .

For example, take a look at what the company Sendinblue offers on its Linkedin page : an original visual reflecting its desire to grow its customers’ businesses through e-mail marketing.


You can use tools like Canva for example to create this banner, which will allow you to make sure that your visual is in the right dimensions, with customizable and adjustable models in the colors of your company.

Fill in information on the Linkedin page

To do this, you will need to click on the “Pencil” button at the top of your page.


This will give you access to multiple sections namely:

  • page header information: company name and slogan
  • displaying a custom call-to-action button
  • Company Overview (this is where you can let visitors to your page know what you offer in terms of products & services, and / or why they should work at you)
  • the location (s) of the company
  • community hashtags (hashtags allowing you to interact as a page on publications with these)
  • Suggestions from Linkedin groups (run by your company or in the same industry)

Step 3: regularly share content on your corporate Linkedin page

Now that you’ve formatted your Linkedin page correctly, it’s time to think about posting some content on it.

It is not necessarily necessary to imagine a content strategy exclusively dedicated to Linkedin to liven up your page.

For example, you can publish articles from your corporate blog on your Linkedin page. The method to follow for this is very simple: go to the article of your choice, copy the link of the article in your browser, then paste it in the insert of creation of a new publication. / p>

Here is an example below:


Then, once the thumbnail is loaded (insert with the cover image and title of the article), you can remove the pasted link and then write the caption of your post.


You are then ready to distribute your publication by clicking on the “Publish” button.

In terms of functionality, here is what you can do on a Linkedin “Company” page post:

  • add teaser text with links to other websites, hashtags , photos, videos or PDF presentations
  • identify people or other professional Linkedin pages

It is also often useful to schedule the distribution of publications on a Linkedin business page. For this, it will be necessary to use additional tools external to the social network.

In this context, I can recommend the Hootsuite tool, a solution with a free version, allowing you to program on a personal profile or a “Company” page, for the next few days, weeks and months, which is a real time saver if you can define a long-term content strategy.

Operation is simple: after creating your account on the Hootsuite platform, you will be asked to synchronize at least two social profiles, for example your personal profile and your corporate Linkedin page.

Once done, you will get a green “New post” button located at the top right:


You will then obtain a screen which will offer you to select the profile (s) where to broadcast the message of your choice, with the “Post to” insert. After filling in your content, you can then click on “Schedule for later”, which will give you the possibility to set a date and time for sending your publication, in a completely automated way.


To find out more about the different types of publications that you could post on your Linkedin page, I invite you to consult my dedicated article on this subject: 10 ideas of publications for your corporate Linkedin page .

Step 4: invite contacts from the personal profile to become subscribers

of the Linkedin page

After posting a lot of content on your corporate Linkedin page, now is the time to take it to the next level by inviting people from your personal address book to follow you on the corporate page.

To do this, you need to go to the right column of your Linkedin page, then invite the suggested connections or click on “Invite other connections”.


As your number of invitations is limited each month, make sure you approach your collaborators first, which will then allow you to benefit from an additional visibility option for your content below:


Step 5: harness the potential of community hashtags

As we have seen previously when filling in the company information, it is possible to set up community hashtags, which will be displayed in the right sidebar on the “Company” page.


Concretely, what is the use of these?

If you click, as a Linkedin page administrator, on one of the community hashtags entered, you will be able to interact on the publications with this hashtag, that is to say add a “j ‘like’ or comment as your business.

It is therefore a question here of making your company known to new users, in a possibly very qualified context, because the publications have keywords related to your industry.

You should know that you can have 3 community hashtags simultaneously, but nothing prevents you from changing them at any time.

Step 6: analyze the performance statistics of your company Linkedin page

As soon as you start to publish content on your corporate Linkedin page, and you recruit new subscribers, it will be possible to obtain performance statistics relating to different points of your animation.

You will have access to statistics on:

  • visitors to your page (places, functions, hierarchical levels, sectors of activity, company sizes)
  • the news (publications) of your page (impressions, click-through rate, clicks, reactions, comments)
  • the subscribers of your page (places, functions, hierarchical levels, sectors of activity, company sizes)

Step 7: appoint other administrators on the company’s Linkedin page

It often happens that several of us manage a company’s communication on Linkedin.

In this context, it is out of the question to communicate the codes of his personal profile to his colleagues or even worse, to create a personal account in the name of the company, because this last solution can generate a ban on the part of the social network.

There is an option in the page settings that will allow you to manage administrators. Click on “Administrative Tools” at the top right of your page, then in the list, click “Manage administrators”.


You can then add as many administrators as you wish as you wish, provided you are in contact with the member (s) to be connected.


Step 8: create an event on your corporate Linkedin page

It is possible, by going to the administration tools, to create a Linkedin event, as you would on a Facebook page.

You will be asked to complete the following fields:

  • the name of the event
  • if the event is online or not
  • the broadcast link if the event is online
  • the start and end dates & times
  • the time zone
  • the description
  • the ticketing website
  • the visibility of the event

To go further:


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