Creating perfect Instagram Stories: all the useful tips

Creating perfect Instagram Stories: all the useful tips

Creating perfect Instagram Stories has incredible potential for profile growth: with beautiful graphics they can bring great results. And that’s why we have prepared a little guide for you on how to make the most of them.

Let’s start by sharing a post in the stories.

Being able to share an Instagram post in Stories is a great way to increase engagement on your posts.
But the plus part complex is to create a chromatic harmony between the post and the story.
Don’t worry, in the guide we will also give you some tips on design, to maintain the top aesthetics.

How to share a post in Instagram stories.

Sharing an Instagram post in the story is a great way to get more impressions about your content.
The steps are super simple:
1-Tap the paper plane icon (share button) under the post
2-Select “Add post to your story”
3-Edit the post in your Instagram Story: you can move, rotate and tap the image.
Instagram Stories: come renderle più accattivanti

The photo shared in the stories becomes a clickable sticker , to create a direct link to the original Instagram post.
The name will appear under the image user.
The whole process takes less than 10 seconds!
This content is both trending and an extremely useful marketing strategy for brands, so being able to share an Instagram post that fits the aesthetic of Instagram Stories could prove to be the recipe for success!

Several alternatives for successful editing for Instagram Stories

1: Once you’ve shared the feed post in the story, use the brush tool to make the Instagram story as consistent as possible with your brand or feed colors.
This is a quick fix: just select the brush tool, choose any color (or use the picker to sample a color from the post) and hold the background for 1-3 seconds.
Instagram Stories: come renderle più accattivanti

2: Use the editing stories apps: there are many editing stories apps in the App Store.
Use an editing application like Over , StoryBoost , Unfold , Mojo or Storyluxe. Choose an Instagram Story design and work on that. Once complete, save your creation to your camera roll.
Here’s an example of an Instagram Story template quick design from Unfold.
Editor per le storie Instagram

Above this story you can add extra text, Gifs and Music
3: Use Instagram Overlay Stickers : overlay stickers are one of the trends of 2019: a quick and easy way to add different content to your Instagram Stories.
4: Creating a Collage effect in Instagram Stories is possible. The easiest and fastest way, just Copy and Paste of Images

Creating a picture collage on Instagram is already a popular trend.

5: Even without any design secrets, you can achieve a super creative story with the tools of the Instagram Stories editor, such as GIFs, music, temperature and the emoji slider .
Storie Instagram belle

These tools can turn a simple post into captivating and engaging content.
With these tips for a top design of Instagram Stories you can give space to your creativity and create super content: start having fun now!

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