Deferred posting to Instagram and other social networks without problems

Deferred posting to Instagram and other social networks without problems
как пользоваться InSMM

Everyone who works with social networks professionally knows what deferred posting is. If working with social networks is new to you, let us explain: the auto-posting service serves to prepare and schedule publications on social networks in advance. Scheduled posts will be published at the right time, and you do not need to “watch” at the computer and set reminders that it is time to publish this or that post.

In addition, the delayed posting service allows you not to issue a unique post to each social network, if this is not necessary. A post is created by you in the service once, and the service will send it to your pages in all social networks. Saving time and effort for an SMM specialist is evident.

Today, in the review, we will analyze in detail one of the popular delayed posting services –

It should be noted right away that this service is one of the few tools for SMM that you can use for free with no time limit.

The free tariff allows you to run one project, in which you can link one page of each social network. If you plan to run only your own project or the project of your organization, for example, on Instagram and VKontakte, and you are unlikely to publish more than 50 posts and 5 stories per month, the free plan will be enough for you. If your job involves managing multiple projects, working with videos, or a large number of posts and stories, you should look at the paid rates. Their cost starts from 275 rubles per month.

Сервис отложенного постинга Service Function and Interface

InSMM allows you to work with the most popular social networks: Instagram, VKontakte, Telegram, Facebook and Odnoklassniki.

Some functions are universal for all social networks, some can be used only for some. For example, statistics are collected on posts published on all social networks, the first comment on a post can be published automatically for VK and Instagram, and the Content Search function is available only for Instagram (at least at the time of this writing).

Work in any service begins with registration. Everything is simple here: to register, you need to enter your email and phone number, as well as come up with a password. Enter the correct e-mail, it will receive a letter with the account activation code.

Сервис отложенного постинга After confirming your account, you will be taken to a page where you can immediately link the desired social media pages to your first project. However, you can skip this step and link pages later.

как пользоваться InSMMWhen social networks are connected, you can start working.

The main page of the personal account of the service is the publication calendar, which clearly displays published and planned posts and stories. At the top of the page, you can switch between projects. There is also a notification panel and account menu.

Сервис InSMM для соцсетей On the left is the main menu: posts (main page of your personal account), content ideas, project settings, tariffs and background information.

Creating posts

To schedule a post, click on the green Create Post button.

Создание постов в InSMMWhen creating a post, you can choose which pages to publish the post to, or switch to the “Different content and attachments” mode if you need to adapt the post content for each social network separately. In this mode, you can, for example, publish a post with text in pictures in a carousel on Instagram, and for Telegram, publish all information in text format. Complete freedom of action.

Загрузка картинок в InSMMYou can upload pictures for a post either by clicking on a special button or simply by dragging them into the browser window.

Uploaded photos can be edited with a simple built-in photo editor. One of its most useful features is crop photo for Instagram (square, vertical, horizontal). As you know, Instagram has strict restrictions on the aspect ratio of a photo and, if you go beyond the frame, part of the picture will be forcibly cropped by the social network when publishing.

Отложенный постинг в Инстаграм In addition to photos, videos and text, you can attach to posts:

  • tagging users on photos;
  • first comment;
  • geotags;
  • polls;
  • YouTube video;
  • products.

The publication can be published immediately, later at a specified time, or saved to draft if you think it is not ready and still needs to be worked on.

On the right side of the post creation page there is a preview block. It allows you to see how the post will look on a particular social network before publishing, and at the same time check if you did everything right.

обзор InSMM

Creating stories

At the time of writing, InSMM only supports posting stories to Instagram.

You can post a photo or video to a story. If you’re used to making stories in Canva, there’s a nice surprise waiting for you: Canva’s editor is already integrated into InSMM.

редактор от Canva интегрирован в InSMM You can attach stickers for Instagram to the uploaded image:

  • text;
  • test;
  • question;
  • mention;
  • geolocation;
  • hashtag;
  • poll;
  • link;
  • slider;
  • countdown.

The picture uploaded for stories can also be edited in the built-in photo editor.

Content Ideas

Perhaps everyone can face a situation when you need to prepare posts, but there is no inspiration. This is where the Content Ideas functionality comes to the rescue, which includes searching for content on Instagram and a database and more than a thousand news feeds for every day.

Сервис отложенного постинга InSMM.ru0To start a content search, you need to specify either a keyword or the name of a specific account.

Сервис отложенного постинга InSMM.ru1 By selecting the account of interest, you can specify the period of interest and download its posts. Posts can be sorted by date, number of likes or comments.

The posts or news feeds you like can be saved to Favorites so that you can return to them later.

Reports and statistics

InSMM collects statistics on published posts: views, likes, comments. This allows you to quickly find out which post “hit” your audience better, and which received too few reactions.

Сервис отложенного постинга InSMM.ru2If you have to periodically make reports on published materials or coordinate posts with the management, the “Export reports” function, which is located in the project settings, will definitely appeal to you.

Сервис отложенного постинга InSMM.ru3 With its help, you can generate a report on publications for a month (or another period) in a couple of minutes with the statistics of posts. Substantial time savings. This feature is also useful for negotiating a content plan. Posts that have not yet been approved can be saved with the “Draft” status and unloaded separately. You no longer need to take a lot of screenshots and paste them into Word.


In conclusion, we can say the following: this service for working with social networks can be recommended for both beginners and professionals.

Advantages can be singled out separately:

  • free to use;
  • simple and user-friendly interface;
  • technical support in the chat on the site;
  • frequent service updates.

And we will finish with the most pleasant one – a gift. For PRO-SMM readers, the guys from inSMM have prepared an individual promo code: prosmm – it gives a 5% bonus on balance replenishment.

Do you use multiplied posting services?

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