Dislikes on Youtube

Dislikes on Youtube

Dislikes are submitted by users who did not like a video. When the amount of dislikes is greater than that of likes, it means that the content is of poor quality, wherever it hurts someone’s interests, which leads to bad statistics.

Dislikes Youtube

The dislikes on Youtube indicate that the public has reacted negatively to a blogger’s work and that the blogger should revisit certain points in his video. However, this is not always the case.

Sometimes people pay to automatically send youtube dislikes.

This can happen in a situation of competition between two small chains. This kind of cheating is almost always easily detectable since a small channel of 10,000 subscribers cannot under a video have 500 likes for 15,000 dislikes, even if it deals with a bad topic or if its quality is poor.

It is important to remember that youtube dislikes promotion should be done based on the target audience of the channel. For a blogger with 100,000 subscribers for example, and having videos with almost 1,500 likes, it will take a promotion of 10,000 dislikes, which on our site will cost 175 dollars.

Les dislikes sur Youtube

Who needs dislikes and why:

  • The hype strings. Sending negative mentions is a great way to draw attention to an original idea and get more views and maybe even like likes. Indeed, Internet users often wonder why a video has so many dislikes. If you can manage to focus their attention on the video itself and not its stats, you will be very successful.
  • Competition. As we have already mentioned, competition arises when two small channels deal with the same subject. This could be video game reviews, or authored content on the same topic. This method cannot be used by famous bloggers who, due to the large number of their subscribers, would be susceptible to exposure.
  • Out of sporting interest, or otherwise. Public figures often organize these kinds of competitions among themselves and want to get a maximum number of likes or subscribers. However it is also possible to use dislikes.

Negative mentions have a stronger impact on the public than positive ones. The reason for this is curiosity. Internet users often postpone watching a video with 100,000 likes, but no one can resist if there are 100,000 dislikes.

From time to time an internet user knowingly uses a dislikes promotion. This is due to three factors:

  • The current statistics of the channel.
  • Reputation.
  • The mood of the public.

If these three factors match, you can now start the cheating process and wait for the result.

In most cases, negative mentions may be necessary in order to restart a channel’s stats when it is doing poorly, and bring them back to normal. If a blogger once had 100,000 views and 2,000 comments per video, he can easily multiply them by 2 or 4.

Playing on the feelings of the audience always works very well. Internet users have short memories and very quickly forget what they have seen. Also the statistical data on views and comments continue to increase as long as the author of the blog has new ideas.

How to promote dislikes on our service?

Don’t ruin your reputation or that of someone else to get negative mentions on your blog. You can buy them on our site and get a guaranteed result.

Depending on your goal, you can promote a variety of dislikes.

  • To beat the competition – 2 to 10 miles
  • To increase the activity of your chain – 15 to 30 miles
  • To get sponsors – 10 to 150 miles

Les dislikes sur Youtube

Some channels fail to come out of the shadows via the Youtube search engine. This is the reason why it is necessary to revive his stats. The best way to do this is to use youtube dislikes, as growing followers and likes doesn’t attract audiences as much as negative ones.

In order to buy negative mentions, follow the following 5 points:

  1. Register on the site: https://fr.all-smm.com/youtube.
  2. Go to the required page.
  3. Select the desired service.
  4. Enter your Youtube data.
  5. Choose the payment method and fill in the required data.

Dislikes will be sent to the channel in question after just 30 minutes.

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