Effective techniques for designing text on Instagram

Effective techniques for designing text on Instagram
Эфективные приемы оформления текста для постов в Инстаграме

There is a word “usability”. From the English. usability means convenience and ease of use. It is usually applied to websites, but the meaning itself is universal. After all, you can evaluate the convenience, readability and eye-pleasing visual design even in relation to the text. Take a book in your hands, open it on any page and see how comfortable it is for your eyes to run through the rows. If the text is formatted and easy to read, then this adds value to this book to its semantic load.

In this article, I will share with you life hacks for formatting the text of your posts on Instagram.

By the way, if you want your entire profile to look harmonious, then be sure to read our article on creating an account in the same style. In addition to this article, also take a look at the articles:

Post starts with heading

If you think of a post as a small article from a newspaper, then it always has a headline. It is needed in order for the reader to “peck” at one sentence, and then read the entire fragment in its entirety. Television news programs work the same way. First you hear a “teaser”, and then a more detailed version of the news. Writing headlines is worth learning from journalists. And about how you can highlight them against the background of all the text, I’ll tell you now:

  • The easiest and fastest way to style a headline is to write it in capital letters. It’s simple, turn on CAPS LOCK and tap the keyboard with your fingers.
  • Strikethrough or mirrored font can be used. I’ll tell you more about this below.
  • It looks interesting to place the heading clearly in the center, using spaces.
  • Use dashes, emoticons, and other characters to highlight the heading.
  • An invisible character will help you separate the title from the rest of the text and break the text into paragraphs.

Now let’s go over each technique in detail.

Strikethrough text

To write text that attracts attention, you need to use different techniques. For example, ̶z̶a̶ch̶e̶r̶k̶n̶u̶t̶̶ ̶t̶e̶k̶s̶t̶. This trick is easily accomplished using online services such as Renotes or Spectrox.

They work on the principle of 2 windows. In the left window, you write plain text, and in the right window, the service gives you the crossed out version. The functionality of the services also allows you to highlight text in italics or bold, as well as to mirror it.

Divide the text into paragraphs

For now, open Notes on your phone and save the new entry, because you will have to refer to it often. You need to keep the invisible space (always in quotes) “⠀”. You can use it to divide text into paragraphs. To do this, you need:

  • Remove extra space between paragraphs. This is important for everything to work properly.
  • Press Enter or Enter.
  • Paste the invisible space “⠀” copied to your phone. Have it in your Notes and always at hand.
  • Press Enter again or Enter on the keyboard.
  • Save the entry.

Using this magic symbol, you can write beautiful and formatted texts for your posts right on your phone wherever you like.

You can also use emoticons to add “beauty” to paragraph text. An emoticon can be inserted at the beginning of each paragraph to indicate emotions and highlight key messages. They are also good for defining numbering. Just do not insert too many emoticons, otherwise your text will look like a “hodgepodge” of emoji and letters, which does not make the text easier to read. On the contrary, it will complicate its readability.

Center text alignment on Instagram

You can use this technique for centering the text in the header of a profile, heading or text for the post itself. You will have to manually align the text in the center. To do this, you will need the same invisible space “⠀”. After all, it’s not for nothing that I asked you to keep it on my phone so that it is always at hand. Use as many characters as needed for nice formatting. But be sure to check the final version in order to make adjustments if necessary. Centered text can only be seen from the phone. If a person sits on Instagram from the computer version, then he will not see this chip. But as practice shows, 9 out of 10 people use their phones on Instagram, so don’t worry about computer users.

Как в Инстаграме выровнять текст по центру

Beautiful fonts in the profile description

Your Instagram profile is a kind of showcase in the store. All shopaholics know that shop windows are often decorated to grab the attention of shoppers. In any big city there is a TSUM, where you can observe it in reality. There is even a separate profession of window dressing and it is called “showcase designer or visual merchandiser”.

Your profile may differ from the rest in the original fonts. To do this, you will have to resort to the help of additional services. There are a lot of them at the moment. I will name a couple of free services: Sprezzkeyboard or FontsForInstagram.

These services work according to the principle: “write your text, choose a font for it, copy it and paste it into the profile header on Instagram.” The only drawback is that they work mainly with the Latin alphabet. Therefore, you will have to write something original in English for your profile.

In case these services do not suit you for some reason, you can always choose a similar and convenient service in the Apple Store or Google Play Market. Hammer into the search “fonts instagram” and install the one you like. Apps can be free or paid, also pay attention to this.

Active link on Instagram

I have never come across a comment that your link in the post text does not work. So it will not work, because it is not provided by Instagram. You cannot add an active link in regular posts . That is, you can insert a link into the text so that people can see the web resource. But they can’t click on it and go to the address you want. Only if copied and opened in a separate browser, which is not very convenient from the user’s point of view.

The only place on Instagram where you can insert any link and it will be active is this is the profile header . You can change the link in the profile header as many times as you like. And in order for people to notice this, you need to inform them about it in the text of the post. The best way to do this is to tag the user with the @ symbol. You can even mention your own profile by adding the @ sign to your nickname. In the same way, you can advertise someone else’s store or a person registered on Instagram. When clicking on the nickname, the reader will be redirected to the specified page and will immediately see the link that you indicate in the post text.


One can argue for a long time that “text wrapping” is not the main thing, unlike its essence. But you must admit that not so many people from all over the planet have read the same Leo Tolstoy “War and Peace” with its real semantic value, which is a classic. And if his text for several volumes in books was unformatted and served as a continuous canvas of text symbols with spaces between words, then few people would read it voluntarily at all. Therefore, take into account my advice, respect the eyes of your readers and remember that the main thing in the text is both the essence and the form of presentation, ideally. Happy promotion!

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