Effective Tips for Non-Marketers to Improve Instagram Pages

Effective Tips for Non-Marketers to Improve Instagram Pages

Let’s define the terms right away. Absolutely anyone who has a username and password for the page can be administrators of Instagram pages. Ideally, the person running your page should also be a marketer. Or at least understand “the basics of this modern art of sales”.

In my case, I was referring specifically to small business owners who independently promote their products and services on Instagram. They don’t have big budgets to hire an ad agency. These people are usually well versed in their business. But, to be honest, they don’t understand anything about marketing. 9 out of 10 people – that’s right. I once heard that “red does not match at all with green.” And the saddest thing is that it is very difficult for such self-confident businessmen to explain that God has long proved the compatibility of these flowers with the example of strawberries.

If you are a smr, I hope you have not met such clients. And if you’re a self-hosted business owner, these free tips will help you improve your page. In this article, you will learn about express methods for increasing traffic, sales and awareness.

Systematic publications

Ideal smm is when you know that you will publish at least 3 days in advance. When you understand how long it takes to write one post. What and for whom to write this week. I’m not talking about the number of publications in general now. They are important too, though. And about the quality.

Imagine that SMM is like a sport. And your page is your body. In order to keep it in shape, you need to adhere to sports discipline, which includes a variety of training formats, nutrition and recovery modes. If you start to “score” on something, then you have to start from scratch every time and so on from scratch. Therefore, the best option is to plan the time for writing the post in advance. Better yet, throw in “drafts” for a whole week with the ability to adjust for different situations.

How to write regularly:

  • Set yourself this goal. 7 posts a week regardless of the weather, your mood or the situation in the country. Get rid of everything that prevents you from writing posts. Plan time for this in your schedule. Not enough time during the working day? Then start getting up early or write a content plan for the weekend when you’re “taking a break” from your business.
  • Look for post ideas “inside” your business and outside. This means that if you focus on getting an idea for a post to come to your mind, you will definitely get it. For example, your customers often ask a question. Then offer them an answer in the form of a post on your page and update it from time to time. Walking down the street, you saw something interesting to promote your page – write it down in the notes on your phone. Don’t be afraid to be creative and original. If in doubt it is worth writing something or not, let it read to someone from your close circle. They will either dissuade you or support you. In any case, whatever you write is your experience with social networks and readers. The more you have it, the better you will begin to understand how everything works specifically for your page. Because everything on Instagram is individual.
  • How to write posts for non-markitologists? Ask yourself a few questions. Who exactly is this post for? This is called targeting. I am currently writing this article and addressing it primarily to small business owners. This key point is always in my head as I write this article. You should do the same when writing a post. What problem does this post solve? If you have decided on the target audience, now it’s about the main message for this audience. In my case, these are quick tips for improving any community on social networks. If you at least keep these 2 key points in your head in the process of writing posts, then you will not lose your mind and clearly convey it to your readers. Before you start writing, you should already have a structure with conclusions in your head. Or if this is an entertaining post, then a funny comment on the picture.

Write headlines

This advice is relevant if you write at least more than 3 sentences in a post. Why is this needed? If your photo from the first seconds did not “hook” the reader, then there is a chance that the “title” will do it. Remember how many times you have been “led” on them in newspapers that may not correspond at all or be superficial to the content. For example, “The tramp lived six weeks in the Cambridge library, but snoring gave him away” or “In the United States, Chihuachua got into an accident while driving her master’s car.” Sounds crazy? Yes, but it is interesting to read. What prevents you from following the art of journalists to add “fire” to your texts.

Remember, the title should be either intriguing or immediately communicate what will be going on in your post. Just imagine that a person is leafing through the news feed and spends a couple of seconds of his time for each post. In this short moment, you should attract him as much as possible to read the post with a picture and text to it. Or video, depending on the format of your content. Be original, catch on.

Imagine that you are around …

Toilet bowls. I’m serious. This is exactly the advice I received from an experienced speaker who often speaks in public so as not to worry. It works like this. If writing a post and publishing it online equates to public speaking, then you should be a little nervous. The more often you do this, the less stress you will experience. In the meantime, you are new to this business, decide on your target audience and imagine it as toilets where you are standing on stage. And they are sitting in the hall. Then you will always have a smile on your face and your text will be positive. Can you feel me smiling through the letters? Just kidding, I’ve already passed the “toilet bowl” stage for writing texts.

If you didn’t like the idea of ​​toilets, you can imagine that you are sitting at the table with your target audience in your house. You, as the host, feel comfortable. But you also need to make a toast. Therefore, imagine that you are telling that “you feel sorry for the bird” to your close friends who are ready to listen to any of your speeches. This will give you the confidence to write your posts.

Look for your own promotion style

I’m sure that some of the business owners are not at all “friendly” with texts and grammar. And the time for learning the language and repeating the rules is minimal. Not everyone has a penchant for the humanities, and I clearly understand this. If you have ever heard the Ukrainian speech of Prime Minister Azarov, then you will now understand what I mean.

In that case, do what you are good at. Can’t write, but can you speak? Great, then shoot small videos. Or take unique photos that convey the meaning of the post as much as possible, without further explanation. Even if you need it, you can still write one or two sentences.

Smm “like a woman” or a bunch of emoticons

Sometimes the eyes are dazzled by the amount of emoji in the text. Usually “Girls, there are a couple of windows for manicure” suffer from this. I am not saying that this should not be at all. But the main thing is to make your text easy to read. Check out the paragraphs. And you can and should use emoji in such cases:

  • header selection.
  • label for a list or list.
  • pinpoint focus on a proposal or call to action.
  • when you think that emoticons in this case are just musthave.

Be Real

This means don’t be afraid to share your mistakes, show that they helped you become even cooler. Laugh in your texts, explain correctly, if required, then even swear. But don’t turn into robots that follow the crowd. If everyone writes congratulations on the Day of the Accountant or the Airborne Forces in the news feed, then write a sentimental story about your accountant Lyuba or tell us about the neighbor of the Airborne Forces. But all this should have a direct relationship specifically to your business and target audience. That is, you cannot sell bricks and still write posts about what you saw while driving past the concrete plant. Perhaps it can be very funny and interesting for your friends. But your texts should have at least some association with your business.

Use different forms of content

Each business has its own audience. Each audience, or correctly say its segments, has its own lifestyle and behavior. Someone is sitting in the office and can easily flip through the news feed. For some, podcasts are more suitable for listening. Some people prefer to watch videos on Youtube. Follow her reactions to a particular format and draw conclusions: what your subscribers prefer.

So experiment:

  • post with pictures
  • publish your video
  • add GIFs and memes
  • broadcast live
  • remember to post in Stories


“Reply to direct” is not communication. Communication is when you are asked a question on any topic, and you give a detailed or positive answer. Don’t wait for your readers to start communicating with you on their own. This may not happen at all. They can calmly read your posts, react with likes, but at the same time be silent. Your task is to start communicating with them yourself. You can ask them for feedback on some issue or directly ask a question in the text. Sometimes you can answer it yourself in the first comment to your post. Set an example, so to speak.

Two-way dialogue with subscribers is another step in the process of building a loyal audience around your business on the page. Agree, if you know a person personally, then so that he does not write in the tape, you react more calmly compared to completely strangers. And since you cannot physically get to know each subscriber personally, you can start by communicating online.

Give gifts

In order to receive something, you must first give. This is the law of the universe. By the way, for sure you yourself personally love when you are given something. You can start with small giveaways to all of your followers, or in Stories for “Best Friends” only. Sometimes this is the very reason to get to know a person personally, simply by giving him a small present for participating in a drawing or quiz on your page. So don’t be greedy and play something from time to time, if not valuable, then just for fun. For example, movie tickets. Better yet, even your prizes are relevant to your business. But no one has refused the iPhone XS yet or wrote in the comments: “wow, this is necessary, to trade in bricks, and play the iPhone.” They will be written to you when they find out who you handed it to. Because there will always be those who want to get something really material and valuable in a couple of keystrokes with their fingers. They are called gritters.

Be yourself

Once on television there was an advertisement for either Sprite or some kind of fashionable drink at that time. The first thing you see is a black student with dreadlocks looking for a job. To do this, he cut off his dreadlocks, made a hairstyle “like all decent office workers” and exchanged denim overalls and sneakers for a shirt, dress pants and shoes. He comes to the office, enters the office and sees a chair with its back turned to him.

Guess what his potential boss looked like when the chair turned? It was a dark-skinned man with dreadlocks and casual clothes. Right here is his “copy”, only 15 years older than this. Hired him or not, advertising is silent. But the main message “be yourself in any situations” is obvious to everyone.

Therefore, do not be afraid to sometimes do what your subscribers do not expect from you. Make a joke, tell us about something really useful, launch a viral campaign on social networks. Anything, but don’t be a gray mass.

Conclusions :

Even if your business brings you good income and you can afford to hire an SMM, the difficulty of promotion lies in the fact that a marketer can very rarely do everything without the participation of a customer. You need to understand the business and its tasks from the inside in order to stand out. Another important point here is what kind of business it is. If you sell cosmetics, then it will not be difficult for you to find the right person. But if this is something narrowly focused, then you have to maintain the page yourself. You already know how to do this, then it’s up to practice. Happy promotion!

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