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What is Elama? How can Elama be used for advertising? What commercial ads can I run in Elama?

Recently, we talked about services that help automate targeted advertising and greatly simplify the life of both the targeting specialist and the entire agency. Today we want to mention one popular service, the flagship in its niche, which allows you to collect ads managers of all available advertising systems in one cabinet.

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Advantages of Elama resource for digital website promotion

It should be noted right away that this service is ideal for those who deal with large budgets and a pool of customers.

As a rule, a customer in the digital sphere is set up to work on promoting a business by all available Internet methods. The most important and obvious of them are contextual advertising in Yandex and Google search engines and targeted advertising in social networks. Let’s list them, with your permission, to make the Elama service more important – Facebook / Instagram, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, TikTok, MyTarget, Calltouch, Yagla, OneRetarget, Calltracking.ru.

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A more or less large client of a digital agency or a qualified freelancer necessarily has “branches” on all these sites, which means that advertising is needed everywhere. If there are several such clients, then chaotic jumping “from cabinet to cabinet”, “from account to account”, tracking expenditures and replenishment of budgets (often in different currencies) and many others inevitably begins, taking up resources and time. action.

But even if the performer is ready to put up with these difficulties, then sooner or later he will face impossible tasks – the client may ask to issue an invoice to replenish the advertising budget or receive a request from his chief accountant to provide closing documents. PPC services provide them, but social networks are more complicated.

Elama service was created in order to combine the work of several advertising systems in one account and to facilitate work with the client as a whole.

Ресурс Elama — вся коммерческая реклама на одной платформе

The principle of operation is based on the centralization of the advertising budget on the user account and its further distribution among advertising campaigns in each separate system. By the way, here it is necessary to clarify that in Elama you can integrate both existing advertising accounts of the customer and create new ones.

How Elama works for targeted advertising

If we try to simplify the description of the principle of operation, then it looks like this: an account (personal or agent) is registered on the Elama platform, then customer accounts are created. Budgets are replenished to the main account created for registration, then the funds are transferred from the general receipt to clients. There is also the option of direct replenishment by the client of his account.

Ресурс Elama — вся коммерческая реклама на одной платформе

Having completed the correct registration, the account owner receives both professional bonuses in the form of convenience and automation, as well as bonuses from the platform itself. One of the most attractive bonuses is the reward system for the advertising budget spent through Elama. A kind of “cashback”. Also, if the budget turnover is at least 7,500 rubles per month, then using the service on some tariffs is free, but if the turnover is less, then the functionality of the service will be limited or you will need to pay 499 rubles per month.

Having such a handy tool in your hands, you need to remember that convenience also has a price. For example, by running an FB / Instagram advertising campaign on the Elama service and working with a legal entity, you can “lose” 30% of the advertising budget. Hmm, if the budget is conventionally spent 100 thousand rubles per month, and real advertising costs are 70 thousand rubles, then is this service profitable? This is a rhetorical question. A substantive question sounds like this: where do 30% go? The fact is that all funds spent on displaying ads on Facebook or Instagram are automatically subject to VAT, which is already 20%. Also, when ordering closing documents for accounting from Elama, another 10% of the funds spent is written off – this is the condition of this resource. Of course, if the ad is “okay”, spend it on the budget for displaying the ad.

Summing up, we can say that the service has more pluses than minuses. But here you need a scrupulous approach, a miscalculation of profitability and the qualifications of an employee who monitors work efficiency.

We hope that after reading this article, you will research this service and make some important decision to optimize your business.

Ресурс Elama — вся коммерческая реклама на одной платформе

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