Email + SMM: 9 Ways to Combine Newsletters and Social Media

Email + SMM: 9 Ways to Combine Newsletters and Social Media
Email плюс SMM - 9 способов объединить почтовые рассылки и социальные сети

Social media and email marketing are often opposed to each other. Some sources have argued that mailings will not be needed by 2020 due to the development of social media. By contrast, other experts say email is stronger than other channels in terms of engagement, ROI, and business opportunity.

However, practice shows that mailings and social networks work best together. We will tell you what is the use of the bundle and how to combine these channels.

Why email and SMM work well together

Potential clients of a company can often be found in several marketing channels at once: they sit on social networks, read emails, communicate in instant messengers. It is at the intersection, according to Litmus experts, that effective marketing communication lies. Combining social media and email increases the likelihood of delivering product information to the target audience.

Почему email и SMM хорошо работают вместе
At the intersection of social networks and email marketing lies effective marketing communication with the client. In other words, the user is more likely to receive information about the company’s product

Both social networks and newsletters work with users. Through these channels, the brand communicates with customers and promotes products. Here’s why SMM and email are important to use in conjunction.

Customer support at all stages of the sales funnel. Social media makes it easier to present your brand and build a loyal community. SMM is aimed at a mass audience, so you can get a lot of potential customers from social networks. Email is aimed at personalized communication with users who are already familiar with the product. Newsletters pick up customers who came from social networks and lead them further along the sales funnel.

Effective targeting. A database of customer email addresses is an important tool in the hands of target researchers. With their help, you can find an audience on social networks that will be similar to your customers. Running ad campaigns for these users will be more effective than broader, unspecified targeting.

Greater coverage and growth of users in channels. Someone uses only social networks, someone is more familiar with e-mail. The more communication channels you use, the more users you reach. Plus, both social media and email can attract subscribers for each other. For example, share buttons in mailing lists help to share a letter with your friends on Facebook or VKontakte. And social media signup forms help build email subscribers.

The combination of SMM and email increases the overall reach of the audience and contributes to the growth of subscribers in both channels. In addition, subscribers who follow 2+ communication channels are more loyal to the brand and more likely to be interested in new offers.

Here are 9 ways to combine social media and mailing lists.

How to combine newsletters and social networks

Lead Generation Forms

For Facebook and Instagram – this is Lead Ads, for VKontakte – “Application collection form”: a type of advertising on social networks from which you can get information about the user: for example, email and name.

It works like this: a person sees a post about registration for an event in the feed or stories, clicks on it and fills out the form. A separate beauty of lead generation forms is that in most cases the form will already be filled out – the social network itself pulls up user data.

Contacts from the form are sent to the email newsletter service and launch emails. Accepting contacts and sending emails can be fully automated – then messages will go away on their own, without the involvement of a marketer.

Как объединить рассылки и социальные сети 1
An example of a story leading to a form
Как объединить рассылки и социальные сети
The shape that opens when you swipe up
Как объединить рассылки и социальные сети
Example of Facebook Lead Ads in the feed
Как объединить рассылки и социальные сети
The form that opens when you click “Download”
Как объединить рассылки и социальные сети
Lead form in the VK feed
Как объединить рассылки и социальные сети
The form that opens when you click the “Open” button

The main feature of this format: the user practically does not spend time filling out forms. The data is filled in automatically from the social network.


More than 500 million active users view Instagram stories every day. Other social networks (VKontakte, Facebook, YouTube) are also promoting this format. This popularity of stories can be used to integrate with newsletters and grow your email base.

How to link stories and emails:

Instagram . If your account has 10,000+ subscribers, you can enable the “Swipe Up” function, which will take the user to the newsletter subscription page.

Как объединить рассылки и социальные сети
History with the transition to a third-party site
Как объединить рассылки и социальные сети
Data collection form

If your account has less than 10,000 subscribers, then in stories you can send subscribers for a link to subscribe to a direct or to a profile page.

Facebook. You can integrate email into Facebook stories if you have a business account. Only in it the option of following a link to an external resource is still available.

VKontakte . On VKontakte, the transition to external links is allowed only from stories launched in the ad account. When posting stories from a personal account, you can only insert a link to a post within a social network.

Почему email и SMM хорошо работают вместе0
Advertising story in VK. Go to the site – click “More”

Similar audiences

On Facebook and VKontakte, you can set up a search for similar audiences – people who are similar in some way to your current customers and may be interested in the brand’s products.

To do this, in the desired social network, go to the ad account, select the “Audiences” section and create your own audience – upload the email addresses of your clients. After that, create a similar audience by specifying the desired ratio of accuracy (similarity of criteria of customers and found users) and reach (number of people in the sample). Social media algorithms will suggest an audience for which you can customize your ads.

Почему email и SMM хорошо работают вместе1
The page for creating your own audience in Ads Manager Facebook. To get here, you need to select the section “Client List”

User-generated content

User-generated content (UGC) – user-generated content fits perfectly into email marketing both by itself and in collaboration with social networks. According to the portal TintUo, the use of user-generated content allows companies to save an average of more than $ 72,000 annually (no need to involve people to create it). In addition, customer loyalty to the company increases: 75% of users surveyed said UGC makes content more credible.

User-generated content that can be used in mailing lists:

  • Customer reviews on various platforms (sites, social networks, forums) and by mail of the company.
  • Publications on social networks.
  • User creativity (memes, illustrations, graphics ).
Почему email и SMM хорошо работают вместе2
Example of an email from Glossier with custom content: photo and feedback from social networks. Source


Influencer marketing remains one of the most popular types of product promotion. It has long gone beyond Instagram and YouTube. Other popular platforms include Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok. And the influence of influencers, despite talk about their inefficiency, is growing.

92% of surveyed users trust information from bloggers more than regular advertising. Isn’t there a reason to unite influencers and email newsletters?

How to work with influencers:

  • Create unique content for newsletters.
  • Visually represent the influencer in emails.
  • Promote newsletters through the actions of influencers in social networks – publications, stories.
  • Conduct an account takeover. This is a PR campaign with a guest celebrity running a brand account.

The mechanics of interacting with influencers in email marketing are similar to UGC in that a brand uses content created by an influencer or works it out together.

Почему email и SMM хорошо работают вместе3
Example of a competitive mailing with the participation of opinion leaders (Anastasia Ivleeva, Rita Dakota, Maria Minogarova)


You can also connect social networks and email newsletters through chat bots. And it works in two directions:

Subscribing to a chatbot through a mailing list. The chain is as follows: a letter offering to buy something → a website with a product description → a page with a choice of a messenger to subscribe to a bot.

Почему email и SMM хорошо работают вместе4
Buttons on the site to go to the messenger selection page
Почему email и SMM хорошо работают вместе5
Select a messenger to subscribe to a chatbot

Subscribing to the newsletter via a chatbot. The chain in this case is the opposite: a chatbot on any platform → a call to buy something or get something for free for a subscription → information page → collection form contacts.

Почему email и SMM хорошо работают вместе6
Chatbot message
Почему email и SMM хорошо работают вместе7
Product Information
Почему email и SMM хорошо работают вместе8
Form with email

Email sharing buttons

Links to brand pages will help increase the number of visitors and subscribers on social networks. You can invite the reader of the letter to share the news with friends on social networks or switch to another communication channel.

Email Retargeting

Another option is to use a database of email addresses to build advertising campaigns on social networks. Email retargeting can be used on business accounts on Facebook, Twitter, VKontakte, as well as on Google and Yandex. Integration of email addresses will allow you to search for similar audiences, set up ads for inactive users and, in general, reach out to those who do not read mailings.

Почему email и SMM хорошо работают вместе9
Upload CSV file with email addresses to Google AdWords. After that, we will be able to show these users contextual advertising on the sites they visit. Source

Contests, giveaways and small traditional subscription mechanics

More targeted and smaller-scale ways of interaction between social networks and mailings. For example, you send out a series of emails with information about a competition. The competition itself takes place on the social network: you need to subscribe to the brand page, repost the record and place a photo in the album. As a result, we will get an increase in subscribers and activity in the profile.

Как объединить рассылки и социальные сети 10
An example of a competition where you need to go from your mailing list to social networks

Other mechanics include:

  • buttons for switching to social networks in the footer or header of the letter;
  • posts with a call to subscribe to the mailing list;
  • an offer to subscribe to social networks when unsubscribing from the mailing list.
Как объединить рассылки и социальные сети 11
Links to social networks at the end of the mailing

How SMM + email works for others: 2 illustrative cases

Svoya Kompaniya Restaurant

In 2018, the restaurant redefined its views on marketing and began to develop social media and email newsletters, tying them tightly.

What happened: low user engagement, few subscribers.

What have been done:

  • merged social media and email content strategies;
  • placed restaurant’s social media icons in emails with a call to subscribe;
  • carried out social and email support for the “Roman Holidays” campaign.
    The user had to make an order in a restaurant, register a check on the site, wait for confirmation by mail. After that, he could win over 100 prizes.

The bottom line: After the “Roman Holiday” campaign, 22,000 people signed up for the newsletter. This gave an increase in the base of email addresses by 34%. Mailings accounted for 7% of the restaurant’s revenue.

Full version of the case

Online 3D Visualization School

The head of the online school for 3D visualization of interiors wanted to increase the number of participants registered for the course.

What happened: pages on social networks (Facebook and VKontakte) and a database of email addresses, with people who are interested in 3D visualization.

What have you done:

  • created a school profile on Instagram;
  • increased the number of subscribers in all social networks;
  • launched 3 types of email campaigns: content, reminders of master classes and a series of letters for users who booked but did not pay.
Как объединить рассылки и социальные сети 12
Last day booking letter / Source

Bottom line: 56 people paid for the course in 5 weeks of the campaign. This brought the school $ 15,000. 53 people signed up for the second stream ($ 14,000). Also, there are more subscribers on social networks. The biggest growth was shown by Instagram: +4800 users in the profile.

Full version of the case

Well, this is where we end the article. I hope you find this information useful.

Successful promotion to you!

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