Emoji: what is it in simple words

Emoji: what is it in simple words
Эмодзи: что это такое простыми словами In today’s world, most people spend a significant portion of their time on social media to chat with their friends. In the process of dialogue, so-called emoji very often flicker, what is it on social networks in simple words, we will tell you in our article.

Emoji: what it is

First, let’s take a look at what an emoji is. Translated from Japanese, “e” is a picture, “moji” is a written sign. This language of ideograms is universal and understandable to any person, regardless of language affiliation. With their help, the emotions, moods and actions of the publication are conveyed to the reader.

Эмодзи: что это такое

Emoji got its peak thanks to Apple. It was she who provided her smartphones with them so that it became possible to use them not only on social networks, but also in text editors. You don’t need to know what cloud hosting is to understand how it affected internet marketing and everyday life.

Today they can be found anywhere, for example, in public posts or even banners. People make prints with them to create clothes or sew toys for children after them. There are even a bunch of sites dedicated to them.

What is Instagram emoji

Sometimes users of social media. networks, the question arises, what is an emoji on Instagram. The answer is quite simple. Unique character sets result in images that can be much more interesting to describe your emotions to your subscribers.

The list of such emoticons is constantly changing. New shapes are often added to it. Many people save the combinations that they use at all times to make it easier to use them.

Что такое эмодзи в Инстаграм

Usually emoji are used in photo captions. If they are still accompanied by a tag, then it will already be a tool for promotion. Of course, this does not compare with the price of website promotion in Yandex Direct, which is not so high now and quickly justifies the costs.

Also, comments with them have earned great popularity. Compliments or simple messages can be made funnier or nicer. With their help, you can even attract the target audience if you use them in the “About me” column. The same goes for Direct and Stories.

What is emoji on VK

Next, we will consider what an emoji is on Vkontakte. They can be found in the “Messages” tab in a separate block near the email window. Also, users decorate their statuses with them, enhancing the phrase with an emotional connotation.

Что такое эмодзи в ВКонтакте

It is worth noting that by posting you will not be able to use them directly. The text can be decorated with graffiti, posters, polls, etc., but not emoji. They can be applied through the Unicode character table by copying the desired character there. Now even contextual Internet site advertising (/ services / kontekstnaya-reklama) is impossible without this table.

How emoticons differ from emojis

Now we will answer the long-standing question in you, namely, what is the difference between emoticons and emoji. The main difference is that they can be used not only in correspondence, but also in public texts to attract the attention of the audience.

To put it bluntly, this is an enlarged set of emoticons. But emoticons can only express – smile, anger, sadness, and emoji mean actions and states. To some extent, it can be assumed that this is a franchise in business, but only based on emoticons.

What is an emoji in Watzap

Finally, let’s look at what an emoji is in Watzap. A picture can replace a thousand words. Therefore, they have become an integral part of this application. It just replete with its abundance and sets of the most intricate emoji.

Что такое эмодзи в Ватцапе

There are a large number of sites dedicated to decoding all available symbols in Wattsap. This is due to their large number. Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine what e-commerce is without detailed explanations of its unique emoji.

With emojis, you can save time by briefly describing your emotions and actions. You should not bypass them and avoid them. Having tried to send them at least once, it will be difficult to stop. What do you think?

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