Facebook Business Manager users: people, partners and system users

Facebook Business Manager users: people, partners and system users

If you are setting up advertising campaigns on Facebook & Instagram, it is essential to understand how the Business Manager Facebook works.

On the other hand, if you are managing campaigns for other people or companies, it is important to understand how to manage administrative roles and access to resources.

Throughout this article, I will explain in detail what are the differences between the three types of Facebook Business Manager users provided in the company settings namely:

  • people
  • partners
  • system users

1) The people

If you are an administrator of a Business Manager Facebook company, you can grant access to it and various resources to people.

Click on “People” in the bar on the left of your screen then on the blue “Add” button:

You will then be asked to fill in the following information:

  • the e-mail address
  • the level of power to be conferred on the person between “Employee” and “Administrator” level
  • the possible financial role to be given

The next step is to allocate access to various resources already added to the Business Manager Facebook company, to the person whose email address you just entered, namely:

  • one or more Facebook page (s)
  • one or more advertising account (s)
  • one or more product catalog (s)
  • one or more application (s)

Roles offered on a page include :

  • post content as page
  • post and moderate comments as page
  • serve ads for page
  • view all Facebook Analytics and all statistics for this page

  • manage page (administrator access)

Roles offered on an advertising account include :

  • create and edit ads, access reports, and view ads
  • access and view reports
  • view, create, and edit mockups in Creative Hub
  • control account settings, finances and permissions
  • create and edit ads, access reports and view ads

Roles offered in a catalog include :

  • access reports, create and modify sets of items to serve advertising campaigns
  • administrator: control catalog settings and access reports, make changes to catalog items, create and modify article sets to serve advertisements

The roles offered on an application include :

  • can change application settings, test the application and view data analytics
  • can view app data analytics
  • can test app
  • can manage roles, change app settings, test app and view data analytics

An email is then sent to the person you just added, and they will therefore have to give their consent to be part of the Business Manager company.

It is quite possible to remove someone from your Business Manager company later, if needed.

2) Partners

You can add companies you work with, often communication agencies or your clients, as partners on your Facebook Business Manager.

Partner with whom to share resources

After clicking on “Add”, you will be asked to enter the ID of the company with which you want to share resources.

To find the ID of a company, the owner must go to the “Company settings” level and then to “Company information”, as we see below:


Once the username is entered, you can decide what are the different resources and levels of administration that you can allocate to this company among:

  • pages
  • advertising accounts
  • product catalogs
  • applications
  • pixels
  • Instagram accounts
  • offline event sets
  • block lists
  • activities
  • conversions personalized
  • access to prospects
  • domains

Partner to make a request for access to resources

In another context, you may need to request access to the resources of an external Facebook Business Manager company.

You will then be asked to fill in the following fields:

  • the name of the contact
  • the contact email
  • the identifier of the Business Manager to access
  • your function in the ‘company
  • partner function

Next, you will need to request permissions to access the resources of the company in question regarding:

  • pages
  • advertising accounts
  • catalogs
  • pixels
  • Instagram accounts

The Business Manager company that will receive the access request will then have to choose from among its various pages & resources, which ones the company in request can manage.

3) The system users

In most cases, you will need to add people or partners to your Business Manager Facebook company.

System users are the servers or software that need to make API calls to your Business Manager corporate resources.

You will then need to have a Facebook application associated with your Business Manager to add system users.

When adding a system user, you will have two options:

  • “Employee” role: can only access resources for which this one is authorized
  • “Administrator” role: can create system users, allocate permissions, add accounts and more

To learn more about system users, I invite you to browse these resources produced by Facebook:

To go further:


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