Facebook Instant Articles. Part 1

Facebook Instant Articles. Part 1

Instant articles have appeared on the Facebook social network and represent a unique format for writing textual material, enriched with videos and photos available on the Facebook application. In order to read such articles on the News Feed, it is not even necessary to click on the redirect link. In addition, instant articles are also available on the mobile version of facebook and are marked with a lightning bolt.

Why create instant articles

The main reason for creating this type of content is due to slow download issues on mobile pages. It has been shown after numerous analyzes that the average download of a page on Facebook takes about 8 seconds. Facebook instant articles can download a page 10 times faster. In addition, it is necessary to remember that it is better to increase your position in the Facebook ranking.

The developers of the Instant Articles have also included a number of features and interactive tools:

  • Instant zoom on a photo with the push of a button;
  • Instant playback of video recordings;
  • Instant playback of audio recordings;
  • 3D rotating interactive maps;
  • Integration of shares and comments on any multimedia element.

Articles instantanés Facebook. Partie 1

Facebook tested this instrument in May 2015 and the end results were impressive.

  1. This tool was found to attract around 20% more user clicks than regular articles.
  2. Users who clicked on the article spent more time reading it.
  3. The amount of shares and comments on most articles is 30% higher.

In addition, Facebook knows that users with low internet speed read an average of 40% more than other users.

Principles of operation

How to write an instant article on facebook? After a user clicks on a link in that social network’s app, they can just wait 2-3 seconds to enjoy the selected content and items in the mobile version of the site. In this way, Instant Articles allow publishers to optimize their content.

Important point: if a user clicks on the link from their computer, they will simply have access to the site page.

Setting up instant articles

In order to set up an instant article it is necessary: ​​

  1. Go to his professional page.
  2. Open the Facebook Pages application. Here you can view any type of content directly from your device.
  3. Open Instant Article API or RSS. These tools display the content of instant articles in case the user decides to automate the process of posting articles to Facebook Instant Articles.
  4. Install the Instant Article widget on their website or blog. There is also a plugin of the same name under WP.
  5. Submit 10 verification articles to participate in the program.

Articles instantanés Facebook. Partie 1

It is also possible to speak directly to the developers or to call the support team if problems are detected.

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