Facebook Instant Articles. Part 3

Facebook Instant Articles. Part 3

For big publishers and big bloggers, instant articles have not only become a medium of expression, but also a great way to advertise and earn money . But what should you know about facebook instant articles?

In addition to additional income, bloggers can also improve the relationship they have with their audience through fast page loading and interactive tools. In other words, the features of instant articles on facebook have many benefits.

Articles instantanés Facebook. Partie 3

What to know about instant articles

  1. Any user participating in the Instant Articles Program has the right to sell advertising in certain articles, thereby generating a profit of 100%. In addition, a user can also receive 30% of the profits on an advertisement directly published through the social network.
  2. Monetization on Instant Items can be turned on and configured with just a few clicks. To do so, simply access the advertising page of the “audience network” service. This service has been designed especially for developers of mobile applications within the Facebook social network. In addition, all the officially approved applications by the network can be found here, as well as many advertising messages to the users. It is possible to sell and run advertising such as banners, or animated advertisements. Remember, the more active your page, the more easily you will be able to monetize your traffic. For a fast and quality result, it is possible to order the purchase of likes on facebook.
  3. When creating an instant article, Facebook will not offer matching Facebook posts. This means that when a user posts an instant article to their page or news feed, the post will not actually be posted to the social network. This detail works on the principle of instant articles – once the reader clicks on the link in the app, the link opens, making way for the instant article. Therefore, the creator does not need to create a post on their own with a link on their page because the social network will embed the instant article directly into the app.
  4. Fast downloading increases efficiency. As studies show, an author takes about 10 seconds to grab the attention of potential readers. Instant articles therefore provide many benefits.
  5. Articles instantanés Facebook. Partie 3

  6. The author can choose for himself the time and type of content. This means that the author has the right to choose which particular article and when he wishes to publish it. It is therefore possible that the blog is designed entirely from instant articles, or only in part. To control the publication process, you can go to the Instant Articles Library tab.
  7. It is possible to add forms and calls to action in articles. Unfortunately, the lack of a registration form is the downside of Instant Articles. However, in April of last year, Facebook gave the go-ahead to introduce subscription forms within Instant Articles.

And you, what do you think of instant articles? Do you use them?

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