Facebook page or group, which is better?

Facebook page or group, which is better?

Facebook is considered the biggest social network in the world. Its creator, Mark Zuckerberg, wanted to create a site for his friends while he was in college. Facebook has been around for 15 years, and its popularity has continued to increase among Internet users. Today, this social network not only allows you to chat with people from all over the world, but also to earn money. It is possible to create a group on Facebook or a public page in order to make a profit. In addition, it is important to note that the pages are very different from the groups on this social network.


• How to register with Facebook

• Personal account on Facebook

• What is a Facebook page

• Facebook group

• What to choose to grow on Facebook

• How to promote your Facebook profile

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Page ou groupe sur Facebook, quel est le mieux?

How to register on Facebook

Before you even know how to create a group on Facebook, you have to register with the site. The recording is available to any user able to surf the net. The procedure is simple and takes no more than a minute. Pay attention to the creation of your personal profile and its layout. Current and proven information must appear in the description of the author of the page or his personal account. It’s also important to know how to add an admin to a Facebook group, so they can monitor it and send posts.

Personal account on Facebook

Anyone with a device and internet access can create a personal account on this social network. It is possible to adjust the confidentiality of an account in the Facebook settings. You can also add any Internet user to your friends if they answer yes to your request. The maximum number of Facebook friends is limited for personal accounts, and you cannot have more than 5,000 users. If you want more readers, it is recommended that you create a public page on Facebook.

What is a page on Facebook

A page on Facebook is a profile of a registered user. Anyone can access the page, even those without a social network account. It is possible to subscribe to all pages by clicking on the corresponding button. The administrator of an account can then have access to the list of his new subscribers. Once a user is subscribed to a Facebbok page, they can access all new posts directly from their news feed. An open page is more convenient than a private one because it is possible to have an unlimited number of subscribers. This way of managing a profile on Facebook is suitable for those who want to earn money using this social network. If a page admin wants to remove a subscriber because of bad community behavior, they can access privacy settings and restrict access to a post. Another advantage of pages on Facebook is the ability to add many applications.

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Group on Facebook

It is also possible on Facebook to create groups. Groups are useful for those who want to chat with several friends at the same time. It is necessary to write a current description as well as to correctly choose the size of a photo for a group on Facebook. Groups are like chats where you can share your ideas with any user in the community. The main advantage of groups on Facebook is that they allow you to send a message to multiple users at the same time. It is possible to create groups open to everyone, in which any user can send an unlimited message. Or private chats open only to people invited by the administrator. Once you join a group, all posts will be visible directly on the news feed.

Page ou groupe sur Facebook, quel est le mieux?

What to choose to grow on Facebook

Choose the format of your profile according to the goal you set for yourself when creating your account on the social network. However, regardless of the format selected, it is necessary to promote yourself in order to obtain stable income. It is also important to post interesting content that will grab the attention of your target audience. To do this, regularly check the view statistics, and check your number of subscribers. The most important thing is to post quality content, and if you are using photographs or video content, keep it short, original and well presented. Do not post other authors’ posts on your page. Most Facebook users, like other social networks, don’t like plagiarism. This is the reason why it will not increase your number of subscribers, but on the contrary will reduce it.

How to promote your profile on Facebook

Bloggers often use social media account promotion methods. There are free or paid ones that can increase the number of subscribers and views on a post. The free methods take a lot of time and energy, unlike the free ones. However, paid methods of promoting accounts on Facebook are not always financially accessible to users and especially to beginners. However, there is an effective and accessible method for increasing the position of closed pages or accounts in the Facebook rankings. Just contact the professional service All-SMM. Its specialists know how to increase the number of subscribers quickly and efficiently. Additionally, subscribers are real people, not bot-driven pages. Your expenses incurred while making contact with our specialists will pay off very soon. In addition, this method saves money and energy.

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Although Facebook is not the most popular social network in Russia, bloggers still make money by administering personal accounts, pages or groups there. It’s important to choose the topic of your post or videos, and use the right method of promoting accounts on Facebook.

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