Facebook video: how to create to engage your audience?

Facebook video: how to create to engage your audience?

Facebook video is undoubtedly what you need to pay attention to in your social media activities in the coming years. Despite the fact that it is extremely popular, many brands are still unable to prepare engaging video materials. With this content format, quality is much more important than quantity. Below you will find the most common mistakes and tips on how to avoid them.

Before I go to the most important part, here are some numbers that will help convince you to use video materials in social media.

Facebook video: why is it worth it?

According to Cisco forecasts, by 2020, 82 percent of all global transfer will be consumed by video content. Of course, the lion’s share of it is Youtube and VOD services like Netflix. However, it shows a trend that will dominate the coming years. Anyway, the proverb says that a picture is more than a thousand words. So how many words do you need to accurately describe a minute video? Someone reportedly once calculated and it came out well over a million …

Video on Facebook is also the most engaging format of all posts. This is confirmed by Buzzsumo research (777 million posts were examined). On average, such content gained at least 59 percent more engagement than links, graphics or text statuses.

facebook video statystyki postów

Of course, producing a video material costs much more than preparing a graphic in 10 minutes in Canva. Therefore, you should not expect a sudden flood of social media with this format. Brands will not allow themselves to frequently publish content recorded with a mobile phone. Well-done and engaging video content will still be more premium content.

How to create viral content?

How long should the Facebook video be?

The website allows you to upload materials that last up to 240 minutes (4 hours) and weigh up to 4 GB. However, let’s face it. Other websites and services are used to watch such long content. Short formats reign supreme in social media. Just look at the popularity of Instagram Stories, which after all last a maximum of 10 seconds. The above-mentioned Buzzsumo study reported very interesting results in terms of the exact time a Facebook video should last. It turns out that the materials lasting from 180 to 200 seconds are definitely the most committed. And this is quite a big difference if we look at the different ranges in the graphic below.

długość video na Facebooku

Where is this difference from? Buzzsomo does not give a reason or even a hypothesis for this result. Remember that with a survey of 777 million posts, it’s hard to find an “artifact” in the results. But what do you get me for? 180 seconds is the lower limit of the video length if you want to place Facebook ads in it and earn money on them. So maybe the companies and the media, which based their business model on it, put a lot of effort into creating videos that last just 3 minutes. For example, through appropriate editing (which is described in the paragraph below), selecting the most interesting topics, creating a news video for current trends. Thanks to this, such materials gain much greater commitment than others. A large amount of materials prepared in this way can definitely affect the overall results of even such a large study.

I recommend creating a video lasting at least 80 seconds. This is enough time to tell a simple, engaging story. At the same time, we will not get bored with our audience.

Video editing on Facebook

This is the main mistake brands make. It results from a lack of knowledge in marketing departments as well as among agency employees and freelancers who create these materials. Most of them have learned in the past that there has to be an introduction, expansion, and so on in the beginning. The Facebook user doesn’t have time to wait to see what happens next. You only have 3 seconds to show him that it is worth spending more time on your video material. You won’t do it with the above-mentioned introduction. Therefore, it is best to keep the so-called reverse chronology. At the beginning, we show the finale of the story or its most interesting moment. Only then, when the user decides to devote more than 3 seconds to our material, you can try to “squeeze” something more 😉

The biggest mistakes when creating a video

  • not adhering to the above of the mentioned rule of 3 seconds
  • starting the video with any intro or brand / partner logotype
  • no subtitles (most of the video is played without sound)
  • unattractive thumbnail added to video. The most frequently chosen one of the frames, instead of dedicated graphics
  • too long shots and not very dynamic editing

Video on Facebook and using it in advertising

Video materials are extremely effective when it comes to activities at the top of the sales funnel, i.e. building brand awareness. Most Facebook campaigns consist of several stages that are related to each other. The first is to build awareness. People who watched a given video material in this phase, for example in 75 percent, are an excellent non-standard group, who can expect a good conversion in the later phases of the campaign (generating engagement or collecting leads). If you follow the above tips for creating a video also with advertising materials, you will definitely increase the effectiveness of the campaign. You can read more about this on the blog of the Social Tigers agency in the entry “Guide: Optimizing an advertising campaign for conversion”.


What are your experiences when it comes to creating a video for Facebook? Feel free to share your experience in the comments.


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