Fake Social Media Photos You Could Believe

Fake Social Media Photos You Could Believe

Even the busiest people in the world watch news feeds on their social networks from time to time. Despite the fact that for everyone it is formed “individually”, we come across “eye catching” pictures. And they attract our attention by the fact that usually on them we see something illogical, unreal or “far from our picture of the world.” It might just be fake or real, depending on the situation. Here’s an example.

покрытая льдом Венеция
Ice-covered Venice

Venice covered with ice. Could this happen in a city of canals and amazing architecture? How strong must the frost be there for the water in the canals to freeze. And if you look closely at the color of the ice, then the channel water should be crystal clear. I was in Venice and I will say that this is far from reality. It’s just that one of the Photoshop craftsmen made a montage of Lake Baikal and Venice. It turned out really “beautiful for the eyes”. But not everything you see on the Internet is true. Even if your eyes believe it, you need to always connect your brain and facts. In a word, check the source. Over time, you will learn to understand that you shouldn’t believe everything on the Internet. And in this article I will show you the most famous, fake photos that you took “at face value”.

Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor

One beauty icon in the face of Merily Monroe is good. And two, including Elizabeth Taylor, are even better in one photo. But this is pure Photoshop. Elizabeth Taylor is just artificially added to the picture, despite the fact that everything looks very organic to the eyes. Just imagine what kind of legend you can come up with using this snapshot for the article.

Мерилин Монро и Элизабет Тейлор

Cats rule the world

Seals have always been popular with the Internet population, just like children. But if you hardly surprise anyone with an ordinary cat, then animals with a “non-standard appearance”, so to speak, are becoming popular. In this picture on the right, you can see a wonderful cat face with a white, luxurious mustache. And on the left – the same cat, but with eyebrows. The second option, in the photo with eyebrows, has a much better chance of becoming an Internet star than the first. As you probably guessed by now, eyebrows are just a montage. But you must admit, very delicate work.

Cat with luxurious mustache and eyebrows

Cool selfies in the clouds

Oh, I’ve seen enough selfies over the years on social media. But some simply contradict all the laws of physics. I wonder if there are statistics of people killed trying to take an impressive photo? After all, if you think about how, at a height, a pilot could open a window, stick out a selfie stick and, no matter what, take a selfie? Something here clearly does not add up. And the reality is that the pilot actually took a selfie. But only after landing. And the background of the clouds on the left is just a montage. Fantasy rules the world.


Unique animals

Everyone knows about albinos. They can be people, animals and even plants whose skin, hair or leaves are devoid of pigmentation and have a white color. Probably, this is where the saying about the “white crow” came from. There is nothing contagious about it, it’s just that albinos stand out from the crowd. Albino people usually become models, while animals become rare species. In the existence of a white lion, I probably would have believed if I myself saw with my own eyes. But the absolutely black lion is definitely a fake.

Черный лев
Coal Black Lion

Move the moon in the sky

What are you ready for for likes and comments? How about moving the moon in the photo to create a viral photo. The Parus Hotel in Dubai is fascinating in itself. And if you add to it the effect of a beautiful sky? For example, the moon. Remarkable good combination. But let’s not just add the Moon in the background, but place it where it will cause the “wow” effect. Manfic. This photo will collect thousands of likes, great picture. And now we start to think. To photograph the moon, you need to know the lunar timetable. There are eight key phases of the moon. In this photo, the moon is in the full moon stage. Whether the lunar calendar coincides with the publication date of this photo can also be checked. In addition, special equipment is needed to take a picture of the moon: a camera with manual settings, a telephoto lens, a tripod and a remote control. This is the “maximum program”. Not everyone can afford it. And if this photo was actually taken by a professional photographer, then most likely he claimed his copyright on it. But if in doubt, just show this photo to a couple of good photographers. They will deliver their verdict: either this is Photoshop or you can easily find the author of this photo, wherever he lives.

Violent animal attack on humans

Oh, these storytellers. Remember the video with the girl on the board, driving down the mountain, and a bear running after her? Or, for example, a photo of a wild bear chasing a cyclist. Do you believe this could have happened?

Of course, everything in this life can happen. What are the chances of meeting a swimming moose when you sit quietly in your boat in the middle of the river? 1 to 100 somewhere. And in my city, this situation really happened. A man in a boat in the middle of the Dnieper saw a swimming elk that escaped from the zoo. He went live from his mobile phone and showed this “miracle” to all his subscribers. The news instantly spread across Facebook, and news portals picked up the news. So the elk became the star of the Internet. But unlike this photo, in the situation with the moose, I understand who went on the air or took the photo of the moose, and under what circumstances it happened.

In the case of a photo where a bear is chasing a cyclist, something “artificial” is clearly present. As if a cyclist was cut out from somewhere and “inserted” into the track. The picture has become popular. Only if a bear cannot tell anyone about how he chased a man, then a cyclist would not hide it. After all, such cases do not often occur in life in order to be silent about it. If not a cyclist, then the author of this photo would certainly tell the story of this photo.

Popular photo, but fake

The situation is similar

Very funny photo. Only the guys are real. Users found a red-haired guy on the Internet. He said that he and his friends came to Colorado to find a location for the film. The wilderness inspired them for a staged run away from a bear photo. And the bear himself appeared in this photo later. The joke has become a popular virus. And if it were in reality, then who was the fifth person to shoot this brilliant shot? And the man on the left, with a very happy face, is running from the bear.

Scandals, intrigues, investigations

Celebrities very often become the main characters of holivars. Their every step is under the gun of cameras and live broadcasts. In addition, not everyone understands that the stars are the same people as you and me. But with the difference that make-up artists, hairdressers, designers and stylists work with them. That is why a photo of a “star” going to a store in a tracksuit can cause a wave of comments among the people. Why can’t the star itself afford to relax and go to the store in a tracksuit? On the contrary, it would be very doubtful if the “star” just showed up in the supermarket for bread in full dress.

But how many people – so many opinions. You can’t please everyone. The main thing is to be yourself or correspond to the formed image. But sometimes the reasons for scandalous comments arise out of nowhere. For you to think about Paris Hilton when you see her in a T-shirt that says: “Stop being poor.” Brave and arrogant, capricious and scandalous, arrogant in relation to others. But is Paris really that cynical? In the original, Paris’s T-shirt had the words “Stop being desperate” on it. Do you feel how your perception of her person immediately changed? Immediately breathed motivation and positiveness. But in the first case, the chance of getting negative feedback from users is much higher than praise. Perhaps, the wave of rumors is created by the PR people of the stars to maintain the “name on the floor”, or vice versa – by haters. But in any case, “black PR is also PR.” It’s just that everyone chooses their own option. But some manage to be PR “in white”.

The first photo is fake, the second is real.

Senseless and merciless

Sometimes on the Internet you can stumble upon photos that are absolutely meaningless and illogical at first glance. This is how it is – with a cow lying on a BMW. Everyone has seen a cow in real life, can you imagine how high a cow lifts a leg? Now how about getting on the hood of a car? But people believe that too. In the original, it is just the installation of a lying cow on the grass and a BMW car. Yes, and if you look closely at the photo, you can see winter in the background. And how many cows walk the streets in winter. Now, if there was a cat on the hood, I would have believed it. And so every time Stanislavsky is remembered with his “I don’t believe”. And there are thousands or even millions of such photos.

покрытая льдом Венеция0
Cow on the car


As Mayakovsky said, “ After all, , if the stars light up means this is to whom -something need ? ” So it is with these photos. But common sense always wins. So before spreading something “sensational,” ask yourself a couple of questions about fact-checking. An information filter is as important as personal hygiene. Happy surfing the Internet!

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