Favor the instagram square format, for better results

Favor the instagram square format, for better results

Why post in instagram square format? Learn the instagram post dimensions and what are the different instagram photo formats.

You’ll find out everything there is to know about the square format of Instagram.

You might be thinking ‘I already know it all’, well read this article to the end. You might be surprised.

What is instagram square format?

Instagram square format is the original format. The one who was there when the platform was launched. It remained the base format until August 2015, before the integration of portrait and landscape mode.

The instagram photo dimensions in square format are 1080px by 1080px .

This format was chosen as the basic format to allow a simplified organization of the Instagram feed . Find out why it is better to favor it.

feed instagram format carre

Why favor this Instagram format?

This format should be favored to better control your feed. Indeed, no matter what format you post in, your photo will appear in square format on your profile .

If you want your entire photo to be visible from your profile, post in this format. Without respecting this publication format, your photo will then be cut.

For a better structured feed , it is therefore important to post in these insta photo dimensions. Find out here how to have a beautiful Instagram feed.

Be careful, however, that using the square format of Instagram will not allow you to be better perceived by the Instagram algorithm.

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Cases where other instagram image formats should be favored:

There are, however, a few cases where it is best not to use it.

If you come for example to post a sunset or a landscape photo. In this case, the square format may ruin the structure of your photo and make it less successful.

Opt instead for landscape mode . This instagram image format is 1080px by 566px .

image paysage instagramimage paysage instagram format carre

Be careful, however, by opting for this format you will take up less space on the instagram feed.

The Instagram square format is also to be avoided if you have taken your photos in portrait mode. If you took your photo in portrait format and are posting it in a square, there’s a good chance it won’t meet your expectations.

In this case, favor the portrait format with an image size of 1080px by 1350px . This will allow you in particular to take up more space on the news feed of your subscribers and therefore increase your visibility .

image portrait instagramimage portrait instagram format carre

But then how to properly post in square format?

How to post in instagram square format?

After reading the first parts of this article, you are probably wondering how to have a good Instagram photo in square format . Here is the answer.

To make your insta photo perfect for your Instagram feed, 3 tips:

– Make sure you take a nice photo.
It might sound silly, but essential if you want to get more free instagram likes.

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There are indeed some important composition rules. Respect them to improve the quality of your shots. Find out here how to take beautiful instagram photos.

– Take your photos directly in square format.
If you shoot with your phone, you can directly select this format.

By doing this, you ensure a photo suitable for your Instagram feed and easy to publish . You also have the option to take your photo directly from instagram.

format carre iphone

– Crop your photo after taking it.
You can do this automatically through the instagram app when you post or an instagram editor app.

However, this option is not the best because as seen above, you could impact the quality of your photo.

As a reminder, you can post your posts from Instagram, but you can also schedule your posts whenever you want via instagram automation tools.

Conclusion: why and how to post in instagram square format?

Now you know why it is better to post your instagram posts in square format . You also know how to do it well so that your feed looks as good as possible.

We hope this article has given you a better understanding of Instagram image formats and improved your account. Keep up to date on Instagram by visiting our blog.

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