Finstagram, the parallel reality of Instagram

Finstagram, the parallel reality of Instagram

There is a parallel reality of the version of ourselves that we usually offer to Instagram : we are talking about Finstagram , Finsta for friends. It is nothing more than a second Instagram profile, super personal , very confidential , where it is customary to share private images and thoughts.
Finstagram is a neologism formed by the English words fake (fake, bogus) and Instagram and literally translatable as bogus Instagram. These are accounts created with fancy nicknames with the intention of keeping them secret from prying eyes.
For this reason, accounts are made private by those who decide to create one. In short, a sort of “secret” social network within one of the most popular social platforms.
Finstagram, la realtà parallela di Instagram
Finstagram accounts have a few dozen follower , carefully selected by those who manage it: the goal is to remain as unknown as possible. You decide who enters and who stays out.
Born among American teenagers, it is also becoming popular in Italy not only among teenagers but also among older women.

Finstagram, from appearance to reality

For many young people, Social Media has become a burden, a part of life that must be managed between the creation of perfect content, prying followers and haters.
And it is precisely from this generation that grew up with social media and smartphones that the idea of ​​Finstagram was born, a space where you can feel free from any judgment, from any beauty standard imposed by society.
Many people think that their main Instagram accounts no longer represent the authentic version of themselves, because they are too approved for the Social world.
And so Finstagram was born, a sort of compromise between the desire to be on social networks and the desire to share oneself with a small selected audience in a “safe” space .
This private space allows you to feel free without having to worry about pleasing everyone and for this reason it has caught on especially among women because it is on the latter that the pressures of society are exerted most.
Often the goal is to get away from the prying eyes of the family, which is increasingly present on social networks. A presence that is experienced not only by adolescents, but also by older girls, as invasive of their privacy .
According to some analyzes, fake accounts are created not only by teenagers, but also by adults looking for a “ gray area ” where to share more photos and images truthful and corresponding to their way of being.
In short, a sort of rebellion against social appearances.
Finstagram, la realtà parallela di Instagram

Why create a Finstagram account?

With these premises we can deduce that there are three main reasons that push users to create a Finstagram account:

  • It is private. It is generally a padlocked profile, has a nickname that cannot be traced back to the user’s name and surname and no face appears in the profile picture.
  • It’s #NoFilter. It is a personal account parallel to the official one, which is opened to post content that only some people can see. A space where you can show yourself for who you are and you can post as many photos as you want, without taking into account the palette of your gallery.
  • It has very few followers. While Instagram is the space of big numbers, Finstagram goes in the opposite direction: it carefully selects only the followers it feels safe with.

Finstagram can therefore be considered a small slice of everyday life, a reality within a virtual life , a bit of privacy within a Social Network within everyone’s reach.
How fake can be defined then , if the photos posted are more authentic and representative of a person’s life than those posted on their Instagram?

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