Generation Z: How to Attract a Young Audience?

Generation Z: How to Attract a Young Audience?

We have already told you about the features of generation Y. This time we will talk about the so-called centennials – the youngest generation today. Think teenagers can’t surprise you? Let’s see what values ​​they share and how this information can help your business.

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Who are they and why are they important to my business?

Generation Z are people born in the digital age. The new technological world has expectedly influenced those who have been surrounded by gadgets since childhood.

In Russian realities, those who were born after 2000 can be considered as centenaries. Today, some of them are already contributing to the economy, which means that enough time has passed to analyze the younger generation and identify their features.

Role in Business

… underestimated by many entrepreneurs. Already today, the annual consumption of Generation Z is a significant part of the market:

In addition, centennials are great at interacting with brands on social media. The oldest of them can already earn money on their own, and modern adolescents have access to the financial resources of their parents. Therefore, if your product is relevant for young people, you, like no one else, should know about their values ​​and priorities.

It is also important that the tastes and preferences of teenagers are shaping trends on the Internet. Popular products are spreading among them at a cosmic speed, enabling entrepreneurial stores to make quick profits.

What if my target audience is slightly older?

… then you should consider that next year will begin the third decade for Gen Z. This is not a distant prospect, and in a couple of years you will need to work with them. And the sooner you are ready, the more chances you have to leave your competitors behind.

Gen Z features

Not everything has been said about this generation. However, the world community has already formed the basic features inherent in the centennials. Here’s a list of them to give a more detailed representation of the digital age.

This does not mean that these views and values ​​are alien to other generations. But among Gen Z they are more common than others, and play a greater role in their value system.

See the Internet differently

The ineffectiveness of traditional media for adolescents has long been evident. However, even within the Internet, young people have formed their own habits. Centennials use search engines and websites in general less often. They prefer to search for information on Youtube and receive content through social media. It is more convenient for them to use a set of applications that meet all their requirements and requests, rather than surf the open network.

Prefer texting instead of calling

If you want to communicate with centenaries, do it textually. Don’t actively enforce your callback module.

It is easier to correspond with the support team in the online chat. Place orders – via Direct or messengers. And again, everything is within the framework of familiar applications and platforms. No emails needed.

Welcome to digitalization, but concerned about cybersecurity

It is technology that has profoundly changed the environment that influenced the rise of Gen Z. Teens are surrounded by them all the time, so they know the value of privacy, confidentiality and data security.

Appreciate the social responsibility of companies and brands

Young people are attracted to brands that think not only about profits, but also about the consequences of their activities for society and the environment. Think of Greta Thunberg and her global warming manifesto. Such a bright trend for the environment is a consequence of this factor.

Need new knowledge

Unlike millennials, Gen Z is more likely to see professional growth higher than wages. They want to grow, learn new things and be in demand as specialists. So quality resources related to education will become more and more popular.

They prefer independence

Contacting support is often a last resort. Teenagers are much more interested in FAQ and instructions, thanks to which they can solve the problem on their own.

How to get their attention?

The values ​​have been sorted out. But the question is about interaction. What kind of ad to show? What to focus on? Let’s figure it out, too.

Use non-fictional stories and real people in your ads

Less gloss and more real life. Beautiful pictures don’t surprise anyone anymore. Don’t be creative, but create natural content. This is also one of the current trends that are gaining momentum.

Choose the right influencers

Study bloggers. Pay attention to the content, read the comments. Focus on the level of influence of this blogger and the level of audience engagement in his content. You don’t have to look for the greatest reach. You need bloggers who have high credibility in the eyes of their followers.

Keep communication short and convenient

A short and striking headline is above all. There is no need to write a lot – highlight the main points, interest and complete the sentence with an effective CTA.

Don’t put too many actions in a sentence. Ideally, centennials want to take the targeted action right on the spot: without switching to third-party sites and the like. This means that perhaps you should work on your Instagram profile and process applications directly in Yandex.Direct, and not leave a link to the site in your ad.

Consider teens’ desire to stand out

Young people love personalization. Who do you think are targeted bank cards with an individual design? What about Coca-Cola bottles with names on the labels? Consider examples of successful brands.

Show product value, not price

In the eyes of the new generation, it is not the price and practicality that are at the head, but the idea and values. They don’t want the cheapest product, but one that reflects their view of the world and is produced in an environmentally friendly manner.

Become your client’s friend

Modern users trust classic advertising less and less. Friends and acquaintances are another matter. Don’t impose your services, create custom content to influence your users through their environment, increasing virality. Become a friend of your clients who understands their values ​​and views. Focus not on selling, but on creating a valuable and useful product.


The new generation is already ready to declare itself and dictate its views on advertising and communication. Already today, only the business that can change and adapt to the rapidly developing world remains afloat. And many modern trends look pretty healthy and positive. Becoming a part of this new world is not only beneficial, but also morally pleasant.

Success in your projects!

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