Giveaway on Instagram: how to run a contest and attract new subscribers

What is a giveaway and how do I sponsor it? How effective are Instagram contests? Today you will learn more about Giveaways and explore a new way to attract followers.

Want to know how to increase your Instagram followers with contests? You thought about it in time, because this way of attracting an audience is gaining popularity again: bloggers create separate profiles for drawing prizes, which the winner of the give can receive. To participate in the competition, you must be active in the sponsors’ accounts (likes, comments, subscriptions), and sometimes fulfill other conditions. That being said, creating a giveaway is not easy, but after this article, you have nothing to worry about.

Giveaway в Инстаграм: как провести конкурс и привлечь новых подписчиков

How to organize an Instagram giveaway

So, let’s clarify once again what is “give” on Instagram.

Giveaway is a drawing of prizes among the audience of a blogger or bloggers on Instagram.

You can not throw a post with conditions, and add the word “participate”. Before giving a give you need to “warm up” the audience and deal with organizational issues.

Use eye-catching images, a catchy title, and a well-written annotation: half of the success of the competition depends on these things. Don’t forget about the main point that prompts the audience to participate in the giveaways – the prizes!

As a rule, givas with expensive prizes are in demand: luxury brands of clothing and cosmetics, expensive equipment, free provision of expensive services, money directly, etc.

How to become an organizer of such a giveaway? Read the next paragraph.

Giveaway on Instagram: how to become a sponsor

In order to participate in a give as a sponsor, you need to agree on cooperation with another blogger or bloggers. In the days of the internet, you can contact any blogger to discuss his sponsorship in a give. There are even separate sites for this.

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Set aside in advance the amount that will go towards gifts for members.

Giveaway в Инстаграм: как провести конкурс и привлечь новых подписчиков

Give will increase the profile’s popularity through numerous reposts and mentions, if this was part of the conditions. However, no one will give a guarantee that people who came from the give will remain in your subscribers after the end of the competition. As well as there is no guarantee that no one from the new audience will be interested in your account – original and attractive content will help.

Instagram Giveaway Contest: Procedure

So, after the announcement of the give has appeared on the profile page and the audience is “warmed up”, it’s time to create a separate account to which the participants of the drawing will subscribe, they must also subscribe to the sponsors and organizers of the give, and then be active in their profiles. These are the standard giveaway conditions.

At this stage, the coverage statistics will increase, “live” subscribers will come, not fake bots.

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When choosing a winner, use a special application and summarize the results live: this way the participants can be sure of the honesty of the results. It is not necessary to draw one prize, you can select several contestants and come up with a separate reward for each.

Let’s tell you more about the above services for selecting winners.

Services for the selection of giveaway winners

The functionality of such services is to generate random numbers. With their help, you can choose a nickname of a random participant or his serial number.

Giveaway в Инстаграм: как провести конкурс и привлечь новых подписчиков

For example, sites, and others are suitable for your purposes.

Instagram: giveaway features

A giveaway will improve your Instagram profile statistics, however, not all draws are successful. Here are some tips to help prevent unwanted consequences:

  • Before agreeing to participate in the giveaway, carefully read the terms of the competition.
  • Beware of scammers: there have been cases where people have been asked to pay to participate in a give, but the sponsors have not been disclosed.
  • Be prepared that the giveaway account can be copied (information, images, etc.), ill-wishers may try to deceive the participants, impersonating the organizers.
  • The organizers may actually do dishonest things, such as defrauding sponsors and embezzling funds.

Of course, there is no guarantee that you will find yourself in such a situation, because there are cases when giveaways passed without incident.

Giveaway в Инстаграм: как провести конкурс и привлечь новых подписчиков

The main disadvantage of giveaway on Instagram

The main disadvantage of participating in a give is the uncontrolled influx of audience. You can easily subscribe to people who are not interested in the topic of the account. Such an audience leaves immediately after the end of the giveaway, and massive unsubscriptions can lead to a sharp loss of post reach.

Instagram contests: restrictions and sanctions

Often, Instagram perceives a sharp arrival of the audience from the give as a cheat. You need to be careful about participating in such events from your own account, as there may be a risk of blocking. This could be due to the aforementioned subscriber growth or the profile being defined as a contest account.

If done correctly, you can avoid these consequences., / p>

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How to giveaway on Instagram correctly

Here are seven rules to help you maintain your audience and reach, and run your giveaway effectively:

1) Self-conduct.

Do not seek help from outside specialists. It will be much safer to hold a drawing on your own, having studied all the nuances and basics of advertising placement.

2) Study target audience.

Before hosting a giveaway, think about what audience you want to attract to your account. It is important to attract those users who want to stay with you after the draw is over.

3) Researching competitors.

Analyze how the giveaway is for competitors or accounts with similar topics and audiences. Many popular bloggers host giveaways, they have a lot to learn.

4) Search for sponsors.

Advertisers and sponsors should also be searched in accordance with the target audience. Do not go overboard with their number. A large number of sponsors in an environment can scare off an audience.

5) Choice of mechanics.

There are two ways to make a give. In the standard scenario, you pay royalties with sponsors and run ads. All sponsors are indicated in the competition.

When choosing a circular mechanic, sponsors together with you publish posts about the drawing and its conditions, leaving links to other participants, while the need for co-payment disappears.

6) Choice of prizes.

Again, you need to understand what audience you are givingaway to. Prizes must be attractive. To attract more participants, try to make more prizes.

7) Final check.

Discuss all the steps taken with the participants and make changes if necessary. Inform the audience about the giveaway in advance, for example, one week in advance. On the appointed date, summarize live and save the recording. After the giveaway, you can make an announcement in the story or in a post mentioning the winner’s nickname so that the user will receive a notification.

Giveaway в Инстаграм: как провести конкурс и привлечь новых подписчиков

By following these rules, you will be able to make a productive giveaway and keep the audience coming.

Now you know more not only about the specifics, but also the possible risks of such rallies. Follow our advice and engage your audience without negative consequences!

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