Growing on Instagram with Reels: discover the news of the 2021 algorithm

Growing on Instagram with Reels: discover the news of the 2021 algorithm

Growing on Instagram with Reels: Instagram has announced a new version of the Reels algorithm and will drastically change the way brands and creators use the viral video platform.

The Instagram Reels algorithm will now penalize videos made on TikTok and will instead favor the original content of Instagram Reel.

For brands and creators this represents a new opportunity to reach new audiences, be creative and stand out.

There’s no doubt, to see your Instagram profile take off, you need to focus on creativity. Growing up on Instagram with Reels is possible, find out how.

Growing up on Instagram with Reels: here are the new features of the algorithm

In a recent post, Instagram announced that the algorithm will reduce the priority to content that is visibly recycled by other apps (such as TikTok), as well as to low-quality video content.

Specifically, Instagram said it will make watermarked content or logos visible from other apps less visible in the Explore section of Instagram Reels. This will penalize Reels content in terms of views.

This is an Instagram strategy to prevent creators from cross-promoting TikTok videos on Instagram, a move that’s not surprising when you consider how much competition there is between the two apps.

Instagram also confirmed that it is prioritizing “fun and interesting content” in the Reels’ recommended tips.

New Instagram Reels algorithm: which video to publish?

In light of these changes, brands and creators can update their content strategy to gain an advantage with the Instagram algorithm.

According to Instagram, brands and creators should post videos to grow on Instagram with Reels:

  • Funny (that can attract the attention of users and make them laugh)
  • Stimulants (starting a trend that others can easily replicate)
  • With creative tools like text, filters or camera effects
  • In portrait format
  • With music from the Instagram music library and / or the original audio you create or find on Reels
  • Experiment them! Try something new, be yourself and see what works for you.

Crescere su Instagram con Reels

On the other hand, Instagram advises brands and creators not to publish Reel:

  • Blurred due to low resolution
  • Obviously recycled from other apps (i.e. contain logos or watermarks)
  • Loaded with a border around
  • With most of the image covered by the text
  • Who do not respect the guidelines of the Instagram community

By following these tips from the new Instagram Reels algorithm, you will have a better chance of reaching new audiences and increasing the number of your followers.

As reported by The Verge, the new algorithm is ready to become effective, with a very clear secret. It is not about censorship (or impossibility of publication) of content produced on other platforms (and with the watermark, like that of TikTok), but it is a clear preference towards content created directly on Instagram Reels.

In short, the original videos not produced through the tools provided by Instagram will gradually disappear from the list of contents suggested to users.

crescere su Instagram con reels

A move that should lead, according to the leaders of the social network, to greater traffic on the Instagram platform: if content produced through an external app, such as TikTok, is not recommended, it will inevitably lose views; by losing views, users will be more enticed to create their own content in original form directly on Instagram.

Strategically, this change in the Instagram Reels algorithm is flawless.

Instagram also says it is promoting new best practices on its @creators account to provide Instagram users with tips on how to make content that could be viewed and promoted.

Are you ready to unleash your creativity to create fun and viral Instagram Reels and grow on Instagram with Reels?

Are Reels also coming to WhatsApp?

But the news on Instagram Reels doesn’t end there.

There are also interesting changes for WhatsApp users.

According to what was reported by WABetaInfo, on WhatsApp it will be possible to view the Reels of Instagram directly from chats.

WABetaInfo reported that this news will arrive in the future with an app update , but did not indicate the expected release date. We will surely find out soon.

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